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gay pda warning, but I love elli so much. We’ve been watching Prometheus and having strawberry vodka and lemonade and her cooking which reduced my stress levels tremendously

Damon was dying for a drink since he landed on the island. The flight was too long and he somehow got motion sickness. He didn’t get why, but it happened. Now that he was more relaxed he made his way down to the sandbar. It wasn’t crowded as he sat down on the barstool ordering himself a strawberry lemonade vodka. He didn’t really look at who was sitting down next to him as he rubbed his forehead, “And get them a drink on me,” He mumbled.

Brain Chemistry

So I got to chatting with asreoninfusion after my post about my crack story. She made it sound way less bad-ridiculous. (I tried to send you a response from my cell phone, but I have no idea if it sent or not. Either way thank you for that!) I figure that if I find it funny, there’s probably at least one other person who will be amused by it too. That’ll make it all worth it.

There is no excuse for this. None at all. It’s pretty much fluffy crack with a light seasoning of ASGZC. It may or may not have been written under the influence of some delicious strawberry lemonade vodka. It all started because of this post from imaginetheotp. Really, if you don’t read the story, go look at that post. The video is so very worth it.

For some reason I pictured Genesis as the one trying to sleep and Angeal as the one that’s awake. Please enjoy the following.

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