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anonymous asked:

For the Eric Dylan asks, all. Cool thanks.

First off - I just spent a good 10 minutes copying those questions down so I could answer them for you, then I looked up what grade I’d be in the US system. I hope you’re damn grateful.
Rampart - not sure, I don’t feel shit so I feel as safe at home as I do on a train track or roller-coaster.
Arlene - my journals. One of which police have kms. I only had that one at thw time I was arrested so I bought a few new ones today.
VoDkA - Gecko
REB - nope.
BMW - walking, or skateboarding but I can’t skate for shit.
Screwdriver - vodka, McDonald’s strawberry lemonade, strawberry juice, mango juice.
Sparky - my foster carer has two dogs, but I’m against the idea of having pets
Rocky - isn’t it obvious? Geckos!
Trenchcoat - my combat boots and leather jacket
Journal - if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore
Pipe bomb - idk, someone who actually likes me and doesn’t pretend to make “me feel better” because I don’t care about that shit
Sunglasses - no
Hurt - Estranged (Guns N Roses), Du Riechst So Gut (RAMSTEIN), Diary Of An Unknown Soldier and The Lost Battalion (Sabaton, these songs go hand in hand and I can’t listen to one without the other), probably some others I can’t think of right now
Pulp fiction - Natural Born Killers
Natural Born Killers - Eric and Dylan
Basement tapes - to die
KMFDM - I’m learning Deutsch :)
Dylan - neither
Eric - I consider myself to be an aggressive person, however I don’t feel the anger behind it
Everlasting contrast - Eric, Dylan, and myself are the only true Gods, the Crimson Three, if you will.
Combat boots - self-awareness
Camel reds - yes
Natural Selection - yes, there aren’t many gods are there?
Wrath - all my clothes are from primark lol
Columbine - 10th grade, or in the English system, year 11
Clinky Clank - offensive ones

my hands hurt now

anonymous asked:

hey roo can you give me drunken advice. im in love w/ my best friend, he means everything to me. i think he likes me, too. but i'm terrified to ask in case it ruins everything. what should i do. also im currently drinking strawberry lemonade vodka so twins

omg i LVe vodka, it makes everything nicer,,, in regards to ur best friend: drunk me says: if something as important as being honedts will ruin the relationship, hes not that true of a frie nd anyway. sober me would probably say to take it slow and look for signs of reciprocation. currenylu tho bciuh??? go for it. u will regret it if u Dont

Brain Chemistry

So I got to chatting with asreoninfusion after my post about my crack story. She made it sound way less bad-ridiculous. (I tried to send you a response from my cell phone, but I have no idea if it sent or not. Either way thank you for that!) I figure that if I find it funny, there’s probably at least one other person who will be amused by it too. That’ll make it all worth it.

There is no excuse for this. None at all. It’s pretty much fluffy crack with a light seasoning of ASGZC. It may or may not have been written under the influence of some delicious strawberry lemonade vodka. It all started because of this post from imaginetheotp. Really, if you don’t read the story, go look at that post. The video is so very worth it.

For some reason I pictured Genesis as the one trying to sleep and Angeal as the one that’s awake. Please enjoy the following.

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