Hands All Over (II)

Summary: Zhi Zi Zhi Shou, Yu Zi Xie Lao: To hold hands and grow old together.
Thirteen times Matt Murdock touched your hand- and the one time he didn’tcouldn’t. A drabble series.

Matt Murdock x Reader

For @howlingbarnes birthday challenge “Languages of Love”

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The second time, this one counted. It was, on the surface, a complete accident. Matt told himself this each time he recalled the incident, although he couldn’t be sure it really was. At least, not to him.

They were sitting at Josie’s, at one of the high-top tables, all four of them circled around. There were glasses on the table, clanking each time Foggy or Karen or Y/N took a drink and sat it back down. It echoed in his ears, louder than the noise going on around them.

The bar was full of people, more than usual even for a Friday night. People winding down from their day jobs, trying to relax in the one place no one could tell lawyers apart from construction workers, from gas attendants and fry cooks. They were all laughing at something Foggy had said, a joke at his own expense, as Foggy was want to do. Foggy was on his left, his arm bumping into Matt whenever he reached for the scotch glass sitting between them. Karen, her boisterous laugh spilling out into the room, drawing attention of anyone within a five foot radius (but she didn’t care, no, because Karen was happy, for the first time in a while, and no one was going to take that from her.) They were celebrating a victory, having just won Y/N’s case, and celebrating a new friendship that had formed along the way.

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💕The Pink Man 💕

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fuck all your ABC's, alphabet boy

title: fuck all your ABC’s, alphabet boy

word count: 2495 words

tw: smoking ©, talk of suicide (J), throwing up/bulimia (V), brief mentions of homophobia (A, Q)

summary: Blue is a color of lost things and blue is also sadness, a feeling of missing something you can’t quite pinpoint. (also known as an alphabet of Dan missing Phil.)

disclaimer: no i dont own dan or phil but yes i do own the writing omg

a/n: so…….. hi,, this is mY FIRST FIC PUBLISHED ON THIS ACCOUNT pleasE DONT HATE ME and please dont hate this or think im an emo (im not i promise). help. thanks 2 @danestnotonfire for proofreading this & being my smol beta && also thanks 2 @cinnamonrolldaddy fOR HELPING ME W THE title omg (its from alphabet boy by melanie martinez). so. yeah. pls tell me what u think of this and give this attention or ill cry a lot. thanks. 

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