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Sen onun tavsiye ettiği tüm filmleri izlemiş, sevdiği tüm şarkıları dinlemiş, etkilendiği tüm kitapları okumuşsun da o sana bir kez sormamış.

do you ever think about Aaron Dingle??? and how strong he is?? how brave and strong and wonderful he is for standing up to that shitbag sperm donor and testifying against him and getting justice????? because i think about it a lot and i’m so fucking proud of him and i’m in awe of that bravery. 

During repairs in Columbine shortly after the shootings, the Science room that coach Dave Sanders died in was completely gutted and remodeled. The floor tiling was removed, as well as several desks and the ceiling tiles.

During the shooting, Sanders sustained two entry wounds in his shoulders through shots fired by Dylan Klebold. Despite this, he managed to crawl into a nearby science room and then collapsed. Student Aaron Hancey came to help and kept him talking through photos of his wife and kids. However, major help arrived too late and he died in the school. He was the only teacher who died in the massacre.