vodka thursdays

Floral GF Things

Aaaah…a concept:

Hinata is a homebody. Enjoys herbal tea and reading with long skirts and oversized sweaters.

Ino is a socialite. Enjoys mixing vodka and whiskey Thursday till Saturday. Comes home drunk, peeling out of her leather pants and crop top.

They don’t pressure the other to change. Hinata stands at the bathroom doorway as Ino plucks off her eyelashes and drunkenly wipes off her makeup while she slurs about her night out.

“A guy bought me three drinks,” she laughs. “Jokes on him! I have the best girlfriend at home — waiting on me. Aren’t I lucky?”

“Yes,” she smiles.

Ino grins. “I want to take a bubble bath but i might drown alone. Will you take one with me?”

“Of course.”

“And tell me about that book too. I wanna know.”