vodka soaked gummi bears

Seventeen as things I've ate while I was fucked up

S.Coups: grilled steak over rice only I smothered it in bbq sawce
Junghan: The apple I smoked out of
Joshua: just bread. Plain white sliced bread
Hoshi: jack in the box tacos
Wonwoo: A McDonald’s cheeseburger except with a hot n spicy patty in there
Mingyu: an entire box of Frosted Flakes
Woozi: gummy bears but they where soaked in vodka.
Dokyum: a can of sweetened condensed milk (aka lechera)
Jun: that time I ate half an edible brownie, then forgot I ate it and ate the other half then a whole other one. I thought I was dying
Seungkwan: an entire carton of goats milk
The8: a packet of hot cocoa mix. Just the powder. I don’t know why.
Vernon: an entire pizza with honey mustard.
Dino: half a stick of salami.