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“The Hanson Family, Californian through and through, have built a distillery in Sonoma wine country and are making vodka out of local grapes. They believe in checking quality and hand crafting so much that the labels are all signed and applied by the three Hanson sons. We wanted the brand to reflect the hand finished aspect of the product and stand out as a Californian icon.”

Stranger & Stranger is a packaging design company specializing in the alcoholic drinks industry. We research, name and register brands worldwide. We design bespoke bottle shapes, labels, closures and all secondary packaging. We also create all marketing support material and environment dressing. Last but not least, we supervise production to the highest standards.

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Цветочная водка в линейке Absolut

В семье Absolut пополнение. Теперь там есть водка с ароматом и вкусом граната и гибискуса. «В последнее время все больше и больше барменов добавляют в коктейли цветочные ингредиенты», — сказал Эрик Горовиц (Eric Horowitz), старший бренд-менеджер ABSOLUT, Pernod Ricard USA. «Ярко выраженный вкус HIBISKUS понравится тем людям, которым успела надоесть водка с кондитерскими ароматами и тем, кто ищет чего-то более изысканного без сахара и консервантов».

Новый продукт отличается кисловатым вкусом гибискуса, который подчеркнут сладкими нотками граната. Согласно пресс-релизу, водка оставляет мягкое послевкусие со сладковатыми фруктово-цветочным привкусом. Водка хорошо сочетается с клюквенным морсом или красным грейпфрутовым соком. Все ингредиенты напитка натуральные. ABSOLUT HIBISKUS будет продаваться в бутылках объемом 1л, 750мл, и 50мл по цене $21 за 750мл.


Vodka artwork:

Over the last 10 years Vodka has become increasingly popular within young adults. Over this time graphic designers and the use of graphic design has become more popular within creating the art work of Vodka packaging.  As shown in the examples above, the packaging for Vodka has now become more stylised to the flavour of the drink, due to Vodka having a wide array of flavours now than it did 20 years ago. In the top left image, the style of packaging is neat and professional therefore reflecting the image of the drink/flavour.

However, in the bottom image there is a wide range of various designs for different flavours. This shows that modern day Vodka is not sold only for the flavour but also the design of the packaging.

The image on the top right has a blue colour scheme which mirrors the cool, sharp taste the drink will provide. It gives it an enticing feel, making the audience want to buy it. It gives off an attractive glow that catches the eye and giving the audience the idea that they themselves would become that exciting after consuming the tasteful drink. The text is simple and bold, making it stand out and showing it doesn’t need complex style to sell itself. All of these bottle designs show different design but reflecting the general them that vodka products are now sold through their style and not the product.