vodka lime and soda


Lemon Lime Soda
Jolly Ranchers
Airhead Extreme Belts
Popsicle Mold

1. Create jolly rancher vodka by dropping candies into small glass bottles and topping with vodka. Allow to infuse until candies are dissolved.
2. Wrap two airhead extreme belts inside of popsicle mold. Pour jolly rancher vodka 1/3rd of the way into mold then top with lemon lime soda. Freeze and enjoy!

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Jamie had many talents and interests. What would he be nerdy about in the modern world? How would Claire find out and what does she think?

We Live For Love

Four o’clock found them at a social club in Little Italy. One of the owners also happened to be Claire’s landlord – Jamie had been skeptical when she’d approached the door, but as soon as they entered she’d been welcomed like one of the family.

So now they sat in the back of the main room, watching a group of middle-aged men play cards and smoke cigarettes and speak occasionally to one of the constant stream of younger men who passed through the door, wanting to have a word or lay a fat envelope on the table.

“Good day today,” Jamie said after a while, idly swirling the dregs of his Jack Daniels in the small glass.

Claire sat beside him, so that together they faced the room. She didn’t speak, but he knew she had heard him.

“I knew it would be hard,” she replied after a while. “But after today, I realize just how much I don’t know.”

“That’s OK. You’re new at this. You’re not expected to know everything right away.”

“But if I want to be successful, Jamie – I *have* to know it right away.” She finished her vodka soda and turned to face him, eyes bright with a heady mix of anxiety and alcohol. “I don’t want to be a novelty act – I want to be respected. I want to be admired. I want people to look past the fact that I wear a skirt and see me for who I am.”

Her eyes watered – he couldn’t tell if it was from feeling or from the drinks. Desperately he wanted to reassure her – but she wasn’t a woman to be reassured. She needed to hear the truth, and as often as possible.

“It’ll be damn hard, Claire.” He held her gaze, trying to give her strength. “There aren’t many women like you – Debbie Harry, sure, and Chrissie Hynde. Maybe Patti Smith. But nobody’s doing what you want to. You won’t fit into anyone’s box.”

“I don’t want to,” she whispered. “I never have.”

Had she been any other woman – or girl – he would have laid his hand on top of hers.

But Claire Beauchamp was different. She deserved more. She deserved better.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered. “Do you trust me to help you in whatever way I can?”

“You haven’t steered me wrong yet,” she half-smiled. “And you helped me find my voice. I’ve been looking for it ever since I decided to do this – I knew it was in me, somewhere. But I couldn’t ever really find it.”

Sensing an opening, he waved to get the bartender’s attention, gesturing for another round.

“How long have you been working at this?”

She picked up two peanuts from the dish between them, waiting for their glasses to be cleared away and fresh drinks set on the sticky vinyl tablecloth.

“About a year now. Ever since I decided to divorce my husband.”

Well then. She had opened the door – but he didn’t want to step through it.

Respecting her.

“I’m sorry.” He took a sip of bourbon. “That it didn’t work out with him, I mean.”

“I’m not.” She squeezed the lime wedge into her vodka soda and stirred it with the paper straw. “I married him when I was nineteen. We argued for most of the seven years before I decided it was over. I sang in the church choir, and then in some small clubs. He didn’t like it. I had bigger dreams than he wanted me to have.”

So she was twenty seven. And here he was at twenty three – giving *her* advice.

How to respond when someone tells you something so private? Better to play it safe.

“Why rock music?”

She looked down at the glass held between her hands. “Why not? I’ve already walked away from everything. What do I have to lose?”

The card table exploded in laughter.

Jamie nudged her knee under the table, and waited for her to look up at him.

“What do you want, Claire? What would make you happy?”

She thought a long, long time before answering.

“To prove to myself that I can do it. That I have what it takes. And I’ll never let anyone else tell me what to do, ever again.”

He lifted his glass to softly clink against hers.

“Then I’ll do whatever I can to make that happen, Claire.”

And then she smiled – and his heart stuttered.

“And what about you, Jamie Fraser?” she asked, tipping back her glass. “What would make you happy?”

“To be recognized as a songwriter, not just a guitar player. I can manage things – not just work as a hired hand.”

“I don’t see you as a hired hand,” she said softly. Almost to herself.

“I’m very glad of it, Claire,” he replied, just as softly. Then stood. “Come on. We’ve got a big day tomorrow. May I walk you home?”

Somewhere in the quiet, dark hours of the night, when Jamie stared up at the paint peeling from his ceiling and listened to Ian’s snores across the room and the bum rifling through the bottles on the street below – the melody sprang, fully formed, into his mind.

He tore off his sheets like a madman, dashed to the bathroom, flipped on the light, and hastily scribbled in the small spiral notebook he kept under his pillow.

Yes – a good, solid chord progression. Rhythm guitars supporting a strong solo guitar, deeper notes allowing a beautiful soprano voice to just float to the top of the composition.

Intro – then verse – and soaring chorus – then another verse, another chorus. Then a bridge, and the chorus. Then a fade out.

He sat back on the closed lid of the toilet, finger tracing the chords on the page. Yes – this would be perfect.

The lyrics would come later. But for now, he had a song. A song for her.

Murtagh FitzGibbons arrived at the Bowery rehearsal space around eleven the next morning, not quite sure what to expect from his musical experiment.

After a ten-minute set comprised of three covers – Blondie, Mellencamp, and AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” – it was clear that Claire Beauchamp had found her voice as a bona fide rock and roll singer.

It was time to call up Joe Abernathy at Chrysalis Records.

The Night Before (SMUT WARNING) - Jai Courtney

This part is set the night before the first chapter, ‘The Morning After’. I wasn’t originally going to do this but I had a feeling that someone would ask me to do it and someone messaged me mentioning that they would like to see what happened the night before :) so here it is!

Word Count: 2159
Read this on AO3 here.
Read the first part here.
Anon message inspiration here

Jai’s feet were resting on the coffee table when you got home. He greeted you with a smile and muted the television show he was watching. “Hey, baby. How was work?”

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Pass Me The Controller

Jack Maynard x the reader

This is my first post so let me know what you think. i could definitely do a part 2 if people are interested or if there is something else you want to see?

My inspiration was the reader has just found out her boyfriend is cheating again and she goes to find her friend Conor but is greeted by his brother Jack who she absolutely can’t stand and doesn’t know that Jack has a bit of a crush on her but pretends like he doesn’t 

I hope you like it!

I knock on Conor’s door. Literally all I want is to rant to him about how much I hate my (now) ex. He is going to tell me he was right but I’m praying he waits to rub it in my face.

When the door opens and I see Jack’s face my heart drops, “Oh, is Conor here?”

“No he’s out sorry, did he say he was going to be here?” He asks, confused to see me.

“No, no I thought he just might be here,” I feel my eyes welling up and my face going red, “it’s ok I’ll see him another day” I turn and walk away before Jack can see any tears.

“Hey! Y/n! Are you ok?” He seems genuinely concerned, “Come in and I’ll give him a call.”

“No it’s fine. I’m fine. I’ll see you later.” I hurry down the hall but I feel him grab my arm.

“Y/n! Come inside and sit down, please. You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong, just come in, ok?” He looks my straight in the eyes, searching my face to see what has made me so upset.

“Fine”, he lets go of my arm and I follow him inside and flop down onto the couch.

He must know why I’m here. Conor has always been very vocal about how much he didn’t like my boyfriend and since Conor and Jack live together, Jack has overheard many conversations about him and the things he’s done to me, ”Do you want a drink?“ He asks awkwardly trying to break the silence. "I have vodka?”

“Only if you drink with me” I tell him. Usually I would never voluntarily spend time with Jack but right now I really just don’t want to be alone and since Conor isn’t here I guess I have no choice.

“You know vodka makes me silly” He tells me, getting two glasses from the cabinets.

“It might make me feel better” I smile, almost laughing. I don’t think I have ever laughed at something Jack has ever said. I mostly cringe or get mad at the stupid things he says.

He sighs sarcastically, “Fine. But only if you tell me I’m not your least favourite person ever.”

I look into his unbelievably blue eyes, “I can honestly tell you Jack that right now you are not my least favourite person ever. I promise.” I can see it in his eyes that he feels sorry for me, “I know you must know why I’m here.”

He sighs again, genuinely this time, "I’m sorry y/n. I don’t know what to say.”

“Neither do I! I don’t know what to say to you, I don’t know what to say to Conor. I don’t know what to say to him. He’s called me a dozen times and sent a dozen messages but I can’t deal with that right now. All I wanted to do was go home and pretend like this isn’t happening but I didn’t want to be alone so I didn’t know what to do other than come here. I’m sorry to bother you-”

“You’re not a bother y/n. I joke about it but I don’t mean it. Especially now.” He seems a little regretful, “Hopefully this makes you feel a little better.” He hands me my drink. Vodka soda with a wedge of lime.

“You remember what I drink?”

“Only because you’re so damn fussy every time we go out” he manages to get a bit of a laugh out of me, “If it would make you feel better you’re more than welcome to take your frustrations out on me.”

“How? Are you going to be my punching bag?”

He grimaces, “Well I was hoping you were just going to yell at me but if that’s what you want …” he sees he’s got another smile from me, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“What’s there to say? He’s an asshole. I completely saw it coming which just makes me a total idiot-“

"That does not make you an idiot” He butts in

“He’s cheated before Jack.” I admit. “And he’s probably done it more than the two times I’ve caught him. I went back to him knowing he was a cheater and look where it got me.”

“Man some guys are such idiots. Who would actually be mental enough to cheat on you?”

“You would be surprised.”

“I don’t get it though! You’re unbelievably talented and successful not to mention absolutely beautiful, I mean if you weren’t a total bitch you’d be the whole package!” He grins.

Usually his jokes like these make me want to punch him but they’re actually making me feel a little more lighthearted. It’s a strange feeling being comforted by a guy I thought I hated. ”I think I take back what I said about you not being my least favourite person.“

He rolls his eyes, "you need another drink, you’re still grumpy” he says as he takes my glass from me.

“You better not get me drunk and take advantage of me Maynard!” I call back after him.

“There are worse ways this night could end” he grins, pouring more vodka into my glass, topping it with soda and handing it back to me. I catch myself blushing at the thought of spending the night with Jack.

“Tell me about your pathetic love life then. That might make me feel better.” I laugh.

“It will make you feel better because it’s practically non-existent.” He admits.


“I wish.” He starts to blush, “I’ve been off my game. I met one girl a while ago that I kinda can’t get out of my head and it’s messing with me.” He’s fiddling with his glass and staring at the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so uncomfortable.

“Aw poor jack can’t get laid.” I remark sarcastically, trying to cheer him up.  

“Shut up. It’s not that.”

“What is it then? Just work your usual charm and you’ll have her in no time.”

“That’s the thing, it’s not working. In fact it failed pretty badly.”

“No!” I exclaim sarcastically, “But how?”

“I don’t know. She’s not really like the other girls.”

“She actually has a brain?” I snigger

“You know let’s go back to talking about your cheating boyfriend.” He shuffles around on his seat, still looking nervous which is very unlike Jack.

“No, tell me more about this mystery girl!”

He finally looks me in the eye, “I’m not going to do that”

“Aw come on! My boyfriend just cheated on me! I deserve a bit of gossip, even if you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, you hate me and I’m not telling you because she doesn’t want to know me like that so I’m moving on.”

“Good luck with that”

“Now do you want to sit here and feel sorry for yourself or do you want to have some fun?”

“Elaborate please”

“I’m going to teach you how to play Fifa” he gets up and changes the channel on the remote and hands me a PlayStation controller, “you’re going to be terrible and it’s going to make me feel better.”

“Hang on, i thought we were trying to make me feel better?”

“Oh no.” He smiles, “now that you’ve made me talk about the love of my life who will never love me back I need some cheering up. Come on pick up the controller.”

Built for Longing - Chapter 12

Chapter: 12/?

Characters: OFC - Anna;  Actor!Tom Hiddleston (plus others)

Genre: Romance, angst, humor

Warnings: slight anxiety attack

Author’s Note: OK this chapter is a little long but it has a few weeks of action in it. I hope you enjoy it! As always feedback is welcome and appreciated! Please let me know if you want on or off the tag list :)

Disclaimer: This is an Actor!fic. It holds no basis in reality. But come on, you knew that. I also make up some stuff about scheduling and different jobs. So, just go with it.

Read all the chapters in Built for Longing here

Chapter 12

Anna and Tom spent the majority of that week apart. Tom was so busy with meetings, press, and business dinners, that he wouldn’t get back to the hotel until after 9 or later each night. When Tom got to the room, Anna would be there waiting for him with either a drink or boiling water for tea, depending on the type of day Tom had. They would talk about their days, have a cuddle, and just enjoy the little time they had together before Tom had to leave again.

Tom was doing so much press there wasn’t a day that went by that his name wasn’t in some sort of gossip article with a myriad of different rumors. Anna was still in her media blackout, but Luke and Tom’s American PR team were in contact with him about certain things that Tom thought necessary to tell Anna. Some of the rumors were absolutely ridiculous, such as Tom had gotten Anna pregnant and that’s why he was staying with “a banker”. Anna had a fun time telling everyone in her life that she had an IUD and that if she were pregnant she would probably die so Tom needn’t stay with her since both her and their unborn child would die anyway. No one but Anna found this funny. Some were more hurtful though, people saying she was using Tom for fame or for his money. Since their debut together had come out of nowhere, being public so quick seemed like an obvious play for Tom’s wealth, the press obviously not knowing the true story of their overly long courtship.

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(Per Jelly Bean Vodka)
4 oz. (180ml) Vodka
Handful of Jelly Beans
(Per shot)
¾ oz. (22ml) Jelly Bean Vodka
¾ oz. (22ml) Lemon Lime Soda

1. Create jelly bean vodka by placing a handful of beans in base of small glass bottle and filling with vodka. Allow to infuse overnight.
2. Pour vodka halfway into shot glass and top with lemon lime soda. Enjoy!

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I bought some Absolut Lime for my friend Molly’s birthday (we both constantly drink vodka soda lime when we’re together so it made sense) and my crappy backpack managed to unzip itself and caused the bottle to slip out and smash at my front door as I was trying to reach for my keys. Basically I went wailing and half crying to my next door neighbours door (who always happens to be my friend who works with me) and buzzed him to come down where he found me in tears surrounded by all the shopping bags I’d been struggling to carry and a steam of vodka trickling down the pavement. You know when something crap happens and you just need someone there? Yeah that. He said when he came out that he thought that I’d had some sad news like someone died and instead it was just me crying over vodka. Just a heads up what I’m actually like in real life.

I Knew You Two Would Get Along (SMUT)

 - smut where Dan and you meet at vidcon, drink and hook up/end up together  - SMUT WHERE DAN AND YOU MEET AT VIDCON, DRINK AND HOOK    UP/END UP TOGETHER AND SPIN THE BOTTLE WITH DAN (SMUT)
 - Smut at vidcon or spin the bottle
 - Smut at vidcon or proposal at vidcon. Hope you’re doing better :)
 - The Dan vidcon smut
 - Smut where Dan and you hook up at Vidcon!


warning: SMUT

It had been a long few days and although you were tired, it was an amazing experience to meet so many of your supporters. Vidcon was at an end and as always, a big party was planned for all of the youtubers where everyone can drink, catch up and plan future collaborations.

“I can’t wait for you to meet them!” Louise squealed in excitement. You hadn’t met many other youtubers, but you had been in a few of Louise’s videos. You had both gotten ready for the night in her hotel room, having a few shots before heading to the party.

The hall was crowded, music loud and air hot from all the dancing bodies. Louise took your hand and pulled you through everyone until you were met with a group who instantly greeted Louise.

“Guys this is Y/n! Y/n, this is Zoe, Alfie, Joe, Tanya, Jim, Phil and Dan!” Louise called over the loud music.

You smiled and said hello to each person, but there was something about the last man that made you speechless. You couldn’t take your eyes of off him, his dark eyes so captivating and his height both intimidating and endearing. As he lifted his beverage to his lips he sent a wink in your direction. Oh god… Had he caught you staring?

“I’ll get us a drink” you tell Louise before heading to the bar. As you waited to be served you look back to the group, only to find Dans eyes already on you.

“What can I get you?” The bar tender questions.

“Just two vodka lime and sodas please” you order as you pass some cash to the well suited man.


As the night goes on, the group become more and more intoxicated, and it didn’t help that Dan kept buying your drinks. At some point the both of you had started talking and now you were both sat on a  sofa, leaning on each other and giggling like teenage girls.

Dan’s hand was placed on your thigh in mid conversation and eventually he began to rub up and down, creating a fiery sensation on your skin. Conversation stops and you find yourselves staring into each others lustful eyes, a smirk across Dan’s face as he leans in closer to your ear.

“You’re gorgeous, you know that?” Dan purrs. You instantly blush and giggle at his comment but soon gasp as Dan’s warm, plump lips connect with your neck.

He pulls you even closer as he continues, kissing, sucking and biting at the skin of your neck. The only time he stops is to bring his lips up to your own.

Dan pulls you onto his lap, allowing you to feel the prominent bulge in his dark skinny jeans. As the kiss becomes more heated, you naturally begin to rock your hips back and forth.

“Get a room you two!” Joe calls out.

“My rooms close” you inform Dan, bringing a smirk to his lips as he stands, holding a hand out for you to take.

The walk back to your room was short but seemed to last forever as you both stumbled around in your drunken states. The moment you were both inside, your body was trapped between the wall and Dan’s tall body as he kisses you with more passion than you thought possible. He brings a hand between your legs as he rubs over your clothed core.

“Dan, please” You couldn’t handle any teasing, you needed him, and it was clear he needed you too.

As you moved to the bed, both of your clothing seemed to have disappeared and soon you were both bare on the bed with Dan’s body hovering over you.

“You sure you want this y/n?” Dan questions, needing your permission before going any further. You almost instantly grant him permission.

Dan smiles before his head ducks down to place sloppy, drunken kisses on your neck. You can feel one of his hands snaking down your body and you gasp loudly as he begins rubbing your clit.

“Oh my- Dan!” you moan as quietly as possible, feeling a little embarrassed. He removes his hand and before you can complain about the loss, one of his long fingers is sinking into your sex.

“So wet. Is this all for me sweetheart?” Dan groans. All you can do is moan in reply, your back arching from the bed as his smooth voice only makes it all the more pleasurable. Almost too soon, Dan removes his finger, bringing it to his lips an tasting the wetness left on his finger. “mmm” He moans in approval, loving your taste. Dans hand once again travels between the both of you, but this time taking hold of his cock as he pumps himself whilst lining up with your entrance.

“You sure Y/n?” He asks once again, making sure you are completely happy with everything.

“Positive” you reply with a smile. Dan leans down and kisses you softly as he slowly thrusts into you. You both let out a groan of pleasure and your nails dig into the back of Dans shoulders.

His thrusts start off slow before he quickens the pace. It was clear that neither of you would last too long as the pleasure was overwhelming. “Fuck, you’re so fucking gorgeous” Dan whimpers above you, and all you can do is moan out his name.

“Dan.. Close” You try to warn as you feel your climax building. Dan sits up straighter on his knees and lifts your legs up onto his shoulders, wanting a full view of your body as he starts pounds into you with so much force the the bed head is hitting the wall as your body bounces up.

“Shit!” you call out. Dan tries his hardest to keep his eyes open, but its a struggle has he is close too.

“You gonna come for me baby? You gonna cum?” As the words leave his lips you take it as permission and let go. Dan slows down and his thrusts become sloppy as your walls clench around him, bringing him to his own high. He thrusts a few more times, riding out your highs before he pulls out and collapses beside you.

“fuck… that was amazing” Dan says breathlessly

“It was” you agree.

Dan turns onto his side and places a few soft kisses on your face, and one on your lips. He wraps an arm around you and pulls you into his slightly sweaty chest.

You hear your phone go off, informing you that you got a text message. You roll over reaching for it and see the the message is from Louise. As you read the text, you can help but giggle which spikes Dans interest.

“What are you laughing at?” he questions with a smile on his face. You pass him your phone as you place your head onto his chest.

Okay, I knew you two would get along be jeez! Could you keep it down? (I totally shipped you guys. You can thank me for introducing you later)’


Corn Syrup
Pink Sugar
1 ½ oz. (45ml) Vodka
½ oz. (15ml) Kinky Liqueur
2 oz. (60ml) Pink Lemonade
Splash of Lemon-Lime Soda
Blow Pop
Bubble Gum

1. Rim martini glass with corn syrup and pink sugar.
2. Infuse vodka with bubblegum.
3. In a mixing glass with ice, add bubble gum vodka, kinky liqueur, and pink lemonade.
4. Pour into martini glass and top with lemon-lime soda.

#vodka #martini #lemonade #bubblegum #blowpop #candy #pink #cocktails #drinks #cocktail #drink

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Monday was such a fucking bad day for reasons that I don’t want to go into here.


I was bartending and this lady asks me for a vodka soda, up, with two slices of lime.

I ask her what kind of vodka she would like and if she would like it in a martini glass or a rocks glass. (People ask me for both all the time so I just like to clarify.)

She helpfully repeats that she wants a vodka soda, up, with two slices of lime. But much slower this time. Pausing in between every word. Like it will help me understand. Grinning this horrible lemon-sour pucker grin as if she’s doing me a favor by speaking slowly. 

So, I make her drink with a vodka we’re trying to get rid of, because she didn’t specify and I put it in a rocks glass because the martini glasses are all the way at the other end of the bar and also fuck her. 

I bring it to her and she’s facing away from me, holding a card out, waving it in my face. 

I set her drink down and ask loudly if she would like to close out or start a tab.

She ignores me.

I ask again, more loudly.

The person next to her taps her on the shoulder and points to me. 

She turns to me, shoves the card in my face and turns back around.

I ask her a third time if she would like to close out.

She practically yells, “YES! JESUS!” at me. Like I am annoying her. 

I close her out and try to hand her the receipt to sign, quickly giving up and just setting the paper, pen, and her card next to her drink. I begin talking to another customer right next to her.

She interrupts my conversation with the other customer by snapping her fingers in between us and half shouting, “HEY! HEY! Ummm excuse me!”

I give the new customer the “I’m so sorry please excuse me so I can deal with this raging cactus-dildo of a human being” look and turn to the woman. 

“Where is the ice in my drink?”

“I’m so sorry Ma’am. I thought you ordered it ‘up’”.

“Yes. I did. And yet, there is no ice, in. my. drink.”

*actual flames can be seen behind my pupils*

“I’ll fix that for you right away.”

Zero. Dollar. Tip.

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Omggg I love soda water. Plus you can infuse it with citrus fruits or anything you use with water it's amazing❤

I know it’s my absolute fav!
Also for any of you that like to get a lil wasted every now and then but are scared of the cals in alcohol vodka with soda water and a slice of lime is a yummy low cal drink 🍹

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Ok, then, this is my prompt, I hope it's ok for you :) I would like a Dramione drabble in which the characters play the Truth or Dare game (with sexy and explicit questions, answers and challenges), maybe, in a party. Characters: Hermione, Draco, Ron, Harry, Ginny, Luna, Pansy, Astoria, Blaise, Neville and Theodore. Rated: M. And it has a Dramione ending, of course.

NSFW beneath the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Have shots instead of cocktails. Or have cocktails based on clear liquors (vodka/gin) that darker ones (whisky/amaretto). A good low calorie drink is a vodka lime soda - vodka is low in calories, soda water is free, and the lime is usually a shot of lime juice (calories but makes it drinkable) and then you can enjoy a drink with your friends as opposed to just having shots.

Thank you! I will drink vodka with some diet soda. <3


It wasn’t a common thing you did, but in the rare occurrence that you agreed to go to the club you were never prepared for the touchy hands of drunken strangers.
No matter how many times it happened, you couldn’t get used to it.

You would have said no, but it was your friends birthday and it would have been rude to decline. And you knew the moment he gave you the pout, there was no denying him. There was something about those big, chocolaty eyes that got you every time.

You parked the car and made your way to the entrance of the club. As you stood in line, you decided to text your friend and let him know that you were there.
You couldn’t help but observe the others in line, most already intoxicated from pre drinking elsewhere. Once you finally reached the security, you handed them your ID, looking into the camera as they scanned your card.

“Head on through, sweetheart” the security guard smiles as he hands you back your Id and pointed behind him. A girl placed a stamp on your arm, giving you a welcoming smile before bidding you a goodnight.

As soon as you looked to the doors, you were met by those damn chocolate eyes.

“Happy Birthday, Dan!” you say as you walk up to him and wrap your arms around him.
“Thank-you! And thanks for coming! You look beautiful by the way” Dan speaks as he holds you tight, returning the hug. You can tell he has already been drinking as his voice is louder and he smells of vodka and other spirits.

With his hand resting on the middle of your back, Dan lead you into the club and straight towards the bar.

“What do you want to drink?” Dan almost yells over the loud music

“Just a vodka, lime and soda” you reply just as loud while you begin to pull money out of your purse.

“I’ve got it don’t worry” Dan says, stopping you from paying while he tells the bar tender his order.

“It’s your birthday Dan! I should be paying” You say, but Dan is already passing over his money.

“Yeah, it’s my birthday, so let me do what I want!” he replies with a wink.

You both sit on a lounge and drink glass after glass of alcohol (in which Dan hadn’t let you pay for once) until you are both a bit more than tipsy.

“So where are all your other friends?” you ask Dan

“Dancing I think” Dan says, making you both laugh.

“Speaking of, I’m gonna get us some shots then we should dance!” Dan says with a beaming smile as he jumps up, grabbing your hand and pulling you along.
Dan orders at the bar and gets you both a tequila shot. You both put some salt on your hands before looking at each other.

“Ready?” Dan asks, and you nod a yes in reply.

“one, two, three!” and on three you both lick the slat off of your hands, down the shot and quickly suck on the slice of lime.

Dan laughs as you screw your face up, feeling the heat of the alcohol filling your body.

“Now lets dance!”

Dan takes your hand and pulls you into the more crowded part of the club, and somehow you both end up stood in front of the Dj. The alcohol takes over and you find yourself stood next to Dan, swaying your hips to the bass of the music.

Your muscles tense up as a pair of hands take hold of your hips and you feel the front of someone pressed against your backside. It seems like only 2 seconds before Dan sees whats happening and warns the guy to back off.
The guy ignores Dans threats, flipping him the rude finger before retiring his hand to your hip.
Dan glares at him as he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you in front of him and away the the stranger.

“Thank-you” you mouth back at Dan with a thankful smile.

You dance for a while longer, but the touchy stranger from earlier returns and pulls you into his body, groping at your bottom.

“HEY!” Dan yells over the music, staring down and the guy.
when he ignores Dans warning, Dan loses his temper, pulling you away once again and giving the guy a shove. When the guy tries to reach for you again, Dan goes in for the punch. The moment his fist makes contact with the guys jaw, security are pulling Dan outside.

“He was groping my girl!” Dan tells the security, you blush as he refers to you as “his girl” while you follow them out.

“Okay sir, but we have a no violence tolerance here so you are going to have to leave” the say, letting go of his arms once they are outside in the parking lot.

“Fine but I need to get Y/n-“

“Im here Dan” You say, stepping out from behind the security.

They leave you and Dan alone in the parking lot, while Dan lets out some frustrated groans.

“Of fucking course, I try to stop some guy from groping girls and I’m the one who gets kicked out! yeah, makes so much fucking sense!” Dan is now yelling, not at you, well, not at anyone really. He faces the ground while quickly pacing back and forth. He only stops when he feels you taking hold of his hand.

“Thank-you Dan… For looking out for me” You say softly, hoping he would calm down.
“Ill always look after you… you mean so much to me” Dan replies, a lot softer, as he pulls you into his chest, holding you tight.

“Im sorry your birthday was ruined” You say into his chest.

“It wasn’t ruined, I got to drink and dance with you. Theres only one thing that could make this night better”

“And what would that be?”

“A birthday kiss from my crush”

“Who’s your crush?”


anonymous asked:

So Humanitarian MM had a Norway trip , stayed at KP for 2 mths, pregnancy engagement wedding rumours, is a accomplished actress , works harder/ does more charity work than Kate/ much more beautiful , PH so much more in love than ever before . Who's buying this. MM paying your PR for BS ha ha . Vintagesoul pass the vodka I have lime & soda / snacks . Felix passing you a VB cheers. Lmfao

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Anon this is the best I have ever seen. All these Rags are saying so many lies which don’t add up and also she met him in Toronto at Soho house through Eugene and not LA like they mention. 

I thinks we all need a big drink because it gets funnier with alcohol I will ask @avintagesoul1967 to pass the vodka around and thanks for the VB and also I will shout VB’s for all the anons here.

Have an awesome day and enjoy the show and the drink.



It was quite a lovely article I loved it , maybe a bit too much info about her schedule. Like I always suspected the York girls may not be working royals, but they seem expected to help out their family duty wise, not that the girls seem to mind. Unfortunately the press rather paint them as lazy. I hope that harpers bazaar does a day in the life of Princess Beatrice of York next.

By Laura Brown and Photographs by: Alex Bramall; Fashion Editor: Hayley Caine 

The spirited, art-loving young royal juggles her family obligations with a very modern career. 

Eugenie of York is sitting in the TV room of her family home, Royal Lodge, in Windsor Great Park. It’s the definition of comfy cozy, with family pictures scattered around and Norfolk terriers wandering in and out. Eugenie, 26, the younger daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, has just completed a shoot for Bazaar in the lodge’s sitting room. During the week, however, she lives in London and works as an associate director at the contemporary-art gallery Hauser & Wirth. Before returning to London in 2015, she spent two years in New York as a specialist at the online auction house Paddle8. Art is in Eugenie’s bones as much as the monarchy.

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