vodka is my valentine

I'm so over this 'fuck a feeling thing'.

I want someone to take care of me, I want to take care of someone.

I’m so over being single.

But at the same time I like not having to answer to anyone, and I’m still scared I’m going to get hurt again.

I’m willing to take a risk though because I’m actually lonely as fuck.

Too bad no one wants to be with me.

Ohh dee well. 

Gonna need to get real drunk this weekend to erase the fact that I’m back to celebrating Valentine’s day by myself. 

Let’s see.. drinks at Applebees and maybe a box of wine Friday. Pudding shots, flip cup, and hard liquor on Saturday… and both nights with my sistaus? Throw two fraternities into the mix on Saturday, and yeah, I think that’ll do. Plus dinner Thursday with some galpals.

My valentines day summed up
V - Vodka
A - Alone
L - Lots of pizza
E - Endless scrolling on tumblr
N - No sleep
T - Tons of movies
I - Internet
N - Nothing to do
E - Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind
S - Sexless
D - Deathcore music
A - Acoustic Guitar
Y - Yet another day the same