vodka inferno

I really love the comic that @putridvodka​​ is working on and their version of Zenny-baby is SUCH A SWEET BEAN. I had to draw their version of human Zenny and my version of human Zenny having a good ol’ PARTY-YATTA. 

By the way, one of the best parts of our Zennys hanging out is the height difference. Mine is the hansom tawl, theirs is the adorababy smol. They look like brothers! :D

By the way, @putridvodka is such a sweetie-pie. They’re a super nice, awesome individual. Can’t wait to see where the comic is going. :D

Hello, world! 

I really have to draw circles better lol, my human Zenyatta cosplay is in the works! The make-up is inspired by @putridvodka and the Hidden AU Genyatta comic that they created.

Please please PLEEEASE check it out and support the artist. I am in love with art and the story. 

Thank you for inspiring me and many others with your work @putridvodka @vodka-inferno and you’re super nice soooo that’s big plus :3


I can’t get enough of this music the last day or so. Diablo Swing Orchestra. My new music obsession C: 

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“Saved by her grace, Oh so fair without a lock of hair
grabs her by the waist, lifts her high above
says: Behold my love!

With you, I’ll never be lonely
without you I’ll never be sane
for you, I shall conquer the oceans
for you, I’ll just leave them again

Absinth love affairs, we fill our lungs with hyms of
pride and poverty and we shall overcome
bring her into our hearts of tar and stone
until that warm embrace will come”