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As April draws closer, I’m guessing a lot of us are tense. I know I am. Historically, a lot of copycat shootings happen in April. Most are caught because law enforcement has stepped up since eighteen years ago, but it’s reasonable to be especially nervous this time of year. It’s not only the eighteen-year anniversary, but also Eric Harris’s birthday, which I know has and will tick something people. I think it’s also interesting to note how many school shooters dressed in trench coats or heavy, dark clothes: Dylan and Eric, Adam Lanza, Kip Kinkel, Jason Dean (although fictional), the list could go on. 

One tip I’ve picked up from interviews is this: if you find yourself caught with no way out and are forced to wait until the coast is clear, play dead and cover yourself in blood. Do not move. This has proven to save countless survivors in the past.

Stay safe, make smart decisions, and when keeping Columbine in mind, speak of tragedy gently and respectfully; the family and community’s pain is still very raw, and always will be. Whether you believe there were thirteen or fifteen victims that day, Columbine and the survivors are never something to joke about, or characters you can manipulate.

Saving Miss Delano (Biadore) - Puking Dreams

AN: Hellooo, this is my first fic. There’s not really a point to it and I’m not sure where the idea came from but basically it’s about Adore getting herself into a bad situation and how Bianca will always be there to save her. I didn’t proof read it much so I apologize in advance for any typos. Feel free to give feedback and tell me if it sucks or not. Hope you enjoy!

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Water War

Request: Hey! Could you pleaseeee write an imagine where Joe protects you? I know that’s not very descriptive but I thought that it would be better if you made that part up :) P.S. I loveee your blog!!

Thanks! Hope you like this! 

Watch out for some sexual innuendos ;) 


It was all Caspar’s idea, wasn’t it always? Because 6 damn adults sure don’t decide ruin a perfectly good apartment on a hot day, just because. 

It had all started earlier in the morning. You were lounging with your boyfriend Joe on the couch, in the London apartment the two of you shared with Caspar. The temperatures were reaching record highs and it was just the day the air conditioning had decided to break throughout the whole apartment. Instead of following the flocks of Londoners heading to the pools and the countryside, the three of you had opted to brace the heat from home. So far it was turning out to be a terrible decision, at least until Caspar’s boredom turned into a not-so- genius idea. 

“Lets have a water gun fight!” the blonde yelled sprinting up the stairs. “We can  buy them at Tescos for 7.50! I’ll invite Oli an Will and Weller and Jimbo!” he continued looking excitedly at you and Joe. 

Joe, obviously, agreed with Caspar. Suddenly you had two boys looking expectantly at you. 

“You’re gonna wreck the apartment” you said. 

“Come on babe, what hasn’t happened to this apartment?!” Joe chided “Ice water everywhere, eggs everywhere, balloons everywhere, sex ev-”


“Sorry but its true! As I was saying milk everywhere, boxes everywhere, vodka everywhere… The list goes on and on! Whats a little water gonna do?”

“Fine, as long as you two are okay with it and I’m not cleaning up.” 



A little over an hour later water guns were bought, the other boys were arriving - minus Jim who wouldn’t come because “it’s a stuuupid idea and I don’t want to get yelled at for it.” 

You had changed out of your original white tank and nike shorts to a swimsuit and nike shorts. The important things had been stored away in you and Joe’s bedroom which had been dubbed the “no water zone” or as Caspar and Oli were calling it “The Joe and Y/N both have dick’s up their asses and don’t like fun zone”. 

It was around 2 o’clock that the war started. There were two teams: Joe, Weller, and Oli were the blue team or “The winners” and you, Caspar, and Will were the red team AKA “in your dreams dickheads”.  As soon as the water started flowing it was pure pandemonium. Somehow you found yourself alone and dripping wet looking from any signs of movement in a very very quiet house. 

‘It was all Caspar’s idea, wasn’t it always? Because 6 damn adults sure don’t decide ruin a perfectly good apartment on a hot day, just because’ you thought as you sat in Caspar’s bathtub waiting to shoot whoever came around the corner. 

Suddenly Joe came sprinting into the bathroom yelling “Get down! They’re coming!” 

Your confusion grew when he hopped on top of you, shielding you from whatever and whoever was coming. And that’s when the water started coming. All 4 of the other boys - even the ones on your team - were shooting at you. Or its more like they were shooting at Joe, who was still on top of you, protecting you from the forces of evil shooting water at you. 

The two of you got them back later though, dumping buckets on them while they were trying to dry off. 

After all the chaos had ended and everything was dried off you got a moment alone with Joe. 

“Hey, thanks for protecting me today. it meant a lot that you would get soaking wet for me.” you said, pulling Joe close. 

“Well you do it for me all the time” he replied laughing when you gasped and pushed him away. 

“But really, you’re welcome and i would do it again any day” he said, seriously this time as he pulled you into a kiss. 

The moment was ruined by a shot of water courtesy of Caspar to which Joe replied with a string of swears, a bucket of water, and the sweet sound of laughter in the back. 


Hope y’all liked this! I’m trying to write more so bear with me here! 

xx F

anonymous asked:

Hello i just found your blog and i love it! But i have a question, how do you feel about the members of the fellowship? After all they are some of the easiest characters in the lotr universe to remember. Keep on shit posting!

how do i feel about the fellowship? shit, my man.

legolas is like that oblivious fucking guy who knows jack squat. with a dad like thrands, you’d expect him to at least KNOW how elflings are made. he still thinks an elfling is born every time varda poops

gimli is like the shortest friend you have. fucking constantly angry and will climb a stool to fight you. he and leggles get along because he doesn’t make fun of him for his height.

aragorn is pretty much the guy who’s quiet. not because he’s brooding or being angsty or anything, he literally has nothing to say. he also doesn’t flinch at anything. elrond insisted on breastfeeding him when he was already 8 years old, upon insistence that he was missing out on nutrients. aragorn’s seen everything.

sam is like the mama who’s fussing around everyone. he has to fuckn tiptoe to button boromir’s vest and will insist on tucking legolas, an elf twice his height, into bed (legolas actually really likes it and doesn’t protest at all).

merry and pippin are really high all the time. sam hates taking care of them. boromir carries them around a lot.

boromir. where do i even begin. this is the party hard guy. he INSISTS on bringing vodka everywhere. this man could outdrink god. he’ll take on thirty orcs with a sword in one hand and a bottle of jack in the other. this is the man who died with two middle fingers up.

frodo is like the scared guy who was just dragged into this. why the fuck is he here. who the FUCK is this old man. 

gandalf. fuck gandalf. who else do you think gives merry and pippin their weed.

Once again, as is tradition, Vodka Aunt Gera is here to prep yall for the worst so you can focus on trending “307 REASONS TO FIGHT” tonight and, in the words of our cannibal besties, let irrelevant stay irrelevant:

1. If Eliza doesn’t live tweet tonight, I will be really fucking surprised. I will be less surprised if Bob doesn’t live-tweet with her, but I still will be. The show’s intent to sell Be//arke is clear to me at this point, so they might bring the big guns tonight. I just want all of you to be mentally prepared for that, because for me personally it will be soul crashing. But if anything, it would mean we need to fight harder. The drill stays the same: you see Eliza live-tweeting, you grit your teeth, focus, move on, and trend 307 REASONS TO FIGHT. It’s not about the cast, it’s never been about the cast.

2. If anyone sends hate to Eliza over her live-tweeting for the show she’s a lead in, I will flip my shit. That’s her job, and she’s been silent for far too long as it is, I’m already very impressed with her, so chill. Even such tweets as “I’m so disappointed in you Eliza” can be devastating for her. She’s been incredible to us, fam, repay her with the same.

3. Ratings have to be lower tonight, it’s incredibly important, we might not be making a huge social media impact right now, but the ratings have to stay down. Blackout is still in order. Do not watch the show live, do not engage with the cast and crew tweeting, and for the love of god, DO NOT USE THE OFFICIAL SHOW HASHTAG. Even if you’re criticizing the show’s creative decisions while using their hastag, it will still be a positive thing for them, because every mention counts. This is EXTREMELY important.

4. You might agree with tonight’s trend, you might not agree with tonight’s trend, but there is only thing that matters – WE HAVE TO TREND. We absolutely can’t afford not to trend during yet another episode of Kidz Bop version of Game of Thrones. We have more episodes ahead, we gotta stick it out till the end, we’re already losing.

5. This is for council to consider and for all of you to realize: we have got to have the network mentioned in the next trend if we want sponsors to pull out. Sponsors don’t want to associate themselves with negative publicity so we gotta publicly call out the cw. We managed to trend Calling Out Jason Rothenberg worldwide, we have to do the same with the cw. 307 reasons to fight is a nice inclusive trend that won’t accomplish as much as the direct trend would. BUT I will absolutely join in despite not liking it personally because, once again: WE HAVE TO TREND TONIGHT.

6. The billboards are the greatest idea we could have come up with, and the fact that there will be several of them is even better. If you can, please donate. When we put them up… Sponsors will be pulling out faster than guys not ready to be a dad yet.

7. Most importantly: don’t give up and don’t let the current drama dishearten you. We’ve hit a rough patch. Things were said, blows were exchanged, I spilled my vodka everywhere and had to go get a new bottle – shit happens. I’m surprised we lasted this long without a huge conflict. But now things are seriously getting better and back on track. Of course, if the movement is damaging to your mental well-being, take a step back. No one will be mad at you for taking care of yourself. Always remember that you come first.

Stay strong.

Stay mad.

Stay focused.

We got this, fam. Trend 307 REASONS TO FIGHT tonight, April 21, 7pm EDT. Use Tweetdeck. Download Hootsuite to schedule tweets from your phone. And fight for our people.

The next time we find ourselves in the same room- I’ll laugh and you won’t even flinch. An old friend of mine will arrive and call out my name and you’ll have forgotten it by then and so you won’t turn your head and search for me. That’s how I’ll know that you’ve stopped loving me and on that night, I’ll take 26 shots of vodka and I’ll get another boy drunk off the taste on my tongue and I’ll pray to god, that if he tastes everything, he somehow misses you, because I’ll still love you then and you’ll somehow still be everywhere.
—  Vodka Kisses and Forgotten Love , thewordsyouneverunderstood

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"Morning, sleeping beauty" Therium said, his hello interrupted by a long, unceremonial yawn.

Erin looked at him and looked down, realizing that she was only using a thin shirt. “What sort of… research did we do last night?” She said, noticing boxes of vodka filled chocolate everywhere.