vodka collins

It seems that I got a lot of good images of The Misha.
So it’s going to take me some time to edit them properly besides, as we know tomorrow will be a good amount of better quality images.
But, anyway I thought this is an important image to urgently share with everyone.
Behold!! Dom!Misha and the eyebrow thingy . 😓
Yes, he es a real celestial being, and it’s here to sexually frustrate all of us.


Alan Merrill live in Japan solo acoustic performing his 1972 hit composition “Sands Of Time” (EMI) in Japanese at the Shinjyuku Harmonic Hall, Tokyo Japan. The show was Nov. 8th, 2014.


Helium Hag” by Alan Merrill. Glam rock.

Words and music Alan Merrill

© Tugboat Music Ltd. (ASCAP)


Alan Merrill and “Radio” a song from his solo album “Snakes & Ladders” 2012.