vodka collins

Alan Merrill アラン・メリル Vodka Collins  ウォッカコリンズ  band tour of  Japan. Young Guitar magazine Oct 1973 edition.

Jacket design by Noko Ohno 1971.                                                          ノコオーノ(NOKO OHNO)ブランドサイト デザイナー:大野


Helium Hag” by Alan Merrill. Glam rock.

Words and music Alan Merrill

© Tugboat Music Ltd. (ASCAP)


My song “Sands Of Time" in the background of a Japanese television drama “Zenryaku Ofukuro Sama” circa 1975 starring Kenichi Hagiwara (Shoken) and Ryoko Sakaguchi. 

The song “Sands Of Time"  was composed by Alan Merrill with Japanese lyrics by Hiroshi Oguchi, founding members of the band Vodka Collins. The song was on our EMI album “Tokyo-New York" 1973 and was the band’s first hit single, released in 1972.


The band Vodka Collins’ 1990Practice Of Silence” reunion tour, after a 17 year hiatus.

Band members (top photo) left to right:  Cheryl Lee Poirier, Janique Svedberg, Adriana Kaegi, Donnie Kisselbach, Alan Merrill, Hiroshi Oguchi, Shinohara Nobuhiko, Robin Lemesurier.
Photos by Yuji Hashimoto, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.


Murasaki Japanese Sake Bar, late night in Chicago, May 21st, 2010 - Japan music scene stars Alan Merrill (Vodka Collins) and Eddie Ban (Golden Cups) jamming. Bass player Masayoshi Kabe (Golden Cups / Vodka Collins) and his young daughter and friends enjoying the music until dawn. Photo by kind courtesy of J. Izumi. Alan and Eddie were previously speaking and performing that afternoon at a symposium on Japanese rock music (Group Sounds) history at the University of Chicago kindly hosted by author and professor Michael K Bourdaghs .