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The Signs as Liquor
  • Aries: vanilla rum
  • Taurus: strawberry shortcake vodka
  • Gemini: cinnamon tequila
  • Cancer: whipped cream vodka
  • Leo: raspberry vodka
  • Virgo: passion fruit rum
  • Libra: cotton candy vodka
  • Scorpio: fireball whiskey
  • Sagittarius: lime tequila
  • Capricorn: absinthe
  • Aquarius: peach schnapps
  • Pisces: cherry brandy

Okay so I work at a pretty big British pub chain (if you’re from the UK you’ll probably be able to guess where I mean)
So for context, there’s three bars over three floors in our particular pub and I was working on the ground floor. I’m serving a customer and a man starts to shout for me. I say “I’ll be right with you, I’m just serving someone else right now” I mean it’s pretty obvious I’m serving someone but whatever. Literally before the change hits the other customer starts screeching at me again.
“Yes sir how can I help you?” Baring in mind there are several people to be served before him???
“This drink is wrong it smells like caramel, smell it!! Taste it!!!”
“Sorry sir I can’t taste it because I’m working, but I agree it smells of caramel. What did you order?”
“I ordered vodka tonic!”
“We don’t serve caramel vodka, we serve vanilla?”
“Yes well I don’t want it, change it”
“What can I get you?”
“Absolut vodka like I bloody asked for!”
“Yes I heard that bit, but what with?”
“Absolut!” He’s getting really pissy by now and I’m getting annoyed too
“What mixer sir? You had a mixer with this drink, what was it?”
So I get him his replacement (while I’m doing that, the girl who served him originally tells me he actually ordered vanilla vodka, watched the order on the screen and said it was fine when she read it back to him??)
I give him it and then he kicks up a fuss about wanting slimline tonic.
“I wanted slimline!!!”
“Sir there are no bottles of slimline on this bar”
Obviously then he cuts me off and hits me with the “oh well you’d better go and search for one then shouldn’t you?”
Why do people feel the need to be so aggressive? All he had to do was explain the drink was wrong without being a prick and I would have got him his drink without the resentment??

Hogwarts house preferences : alcohol

Gryffindor: cocktails - fun, tasty. Gets you drunk fast but literally tastes like juice, meaning you usually drink far too much and end up forgetting how legs work by the end of the night.

Ravenclaw: red wine - rich and sweet. Gets you drunk in the classiest way possible. Doesn’t matter whether you’re just trying to spice up your Friday night reading session or whether you’re at a house party. #WineForAllTimes2017.

Slytherin: whiskey - bold, quick. Gets you SHITFACED after 20 minutes, often results in a few arguments but they all end in laughs (which is a big deal to you feisty lil beans)

Hufflepuff: vanilla vodka - strong, sweet. Gets you messed up in the best way possible, tastes like the “perfectly normal cakes” you eat in the common room. Except those “perfectly normal cakes” are not normal. Don’t tell Professor Sprout that you’re all alcoholics.

Cake Batter Milkshake

Ingredients & Measurements:

  • 3 cups Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 cup Ice
  • 3 shots Cake Vodka
  • 1 shot Amaretto
  • 2 tbsp Cake Mix
  • ¼ cup Sprinkles
  • Whipped Cream


In a blender combine ice cream, ice, cake cake vodka, amaretto & cake mix. Blend until smooth and well combined. Using a spoon or spatulas, stir in sprinkles. Pour shakes into serving glasses, top with whipped cream and garnish with additional sprinkles.

((I don’t even know what to say here, if I’m completely honest.  It might seem like a lot of rambling as I go forward.  I haven’t really had a moment to take it all in yet.  But death is a weird thing for me and it just hasn’t hit me fully until now.  You can ask me on my mod blog about it.

@askrustynail is one hell of a guy.  That must be said.  It cannot go unsaid.  Rusty is one of the very few that have been around as long as I have in this community.  And he is without a doubt deserving of a place on the Mount Rushmore of Tumblrpon.  Not only for his unique blog and his fun character, which is how we were introduced to him.  But for his kindness, his brilliance, his giving spirit.  That is what I and anyone who’s met him in person will take away from him.

I first met him at Trotcon 2013.  It was where I got my first jar of honey vanilla vodka from him.  It wouldn’t be the last jar I would get either.  I will fully admit that it wasn’t my favorite drink.  I did sample it from time to time, but I enjoyed sharing it with friends just as much.  I took the jar I got at Bronycon ‘15 to an Illini tailgate and shared it with my college buddies there.  Daniel said it was one of the best drinks he’s ever had in his life.

I still have the jar he gave me at Trotcon last year.  I plan on sharing it with everyone when we get back together this year, in a toast and tribute to him.

Rusty is a genius at mixing drinks.  He helped Wiggles and I out immensely during King Pirate Power Hour at Trotcon last year, serving as the unofficial bartender for the panel.  He got me to sample a drink that was basically hot sauce with alcohol in it.  It took me by surprise, but it was good.  He made that panel a lot more fun.

Rusty is hilarious too, and is outstanding at dishing out puns.  I know all you guys think I’m really good at it (for some reason), but Rusty was a pro at it.  During Punanel last year with Sam, I invited Rusty to come on it.  He stole the show for that hour and had people roaring with laughter.

Most of all, Rusty has a kind heart and spirit.  He’s always willing to help people out.  He’s always able to sense when people are in trouble or stressed and give them a calming presence.  And you could talk to him about anything too.  One of the last times we chatted in person, Rusty and I were talking about public radio and what I could try to do to get our station’s name out there more.

It’s going to suck to go to Trotcon or Bronycon this year, and not see him there.  There’s going to be an empty feeling, and everyone is going to wish he was with us for one more round or one more conversation.

I know this is going to sound cliche, but we can’t take life for granted.  Rusty is only one year older than me, and he’s not going to be with us anymore.  That’s just not fair.  He was taken too young from us.  I know I’m going to try and make a better effort to reach out to friends old and new, because I wish I had chatted with him more outside of conventions.  We should all strive to live life like he did.

And my heart goes out to @technomod.  It’s not fair for Rusty and Tech didn’t get to live the rest of their lives together.  We’re all thinking about you and want to help you in anyway possible.

So here’s to a last call with Rusty.  I’ll miss you good sir.  I’ll see you on the other side for drinks and arguments over football.))

I was grocery shopping today and was gonna pick up the ingredients to make one of the many wonderful recipes that @askrustynail has made for me over the years….



a wiggles calls for honey and vanilla vodka but I DRANK ALL YOUR DELICIOUS HONEY VODKA ALREADY

and idk where to find godvia liquor for a spock

THIS WILL TAKE SOME INVESTIGATION and i guess a visit to like an actual store instead of just going to fresh marketttttttt


▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ These are freakin’ cute and delicious…MINI ICE CREAM CONE SHOT GLASSES! Click on the link in my bio to watch us make them!

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One Night Stand

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Summary: Funny how you can meet the love of your life and have the best thing in your life all because of a one night stand
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One Night Stand | One Night | One Pt. 1 | One Pt. 2

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Aries ~Fire Breathing Cocktail

~ thai chili syrup, pink peppercorn, raspberry puree, Bacardi DragonBerry, lemongrass 

Taurus ~ Espresso Martini

vodka, coffee liquor, espresso, mocha sprinkles

Gemini ~ Smoking Hooka Blue Caterpillar Cocktail

malibu rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, blue sugar

Cancer ~ Your  very own fairy godmother

pink lemonade, coconut rum, cool whip, icing sugar, plum, syrup

Leo ~ Birthday cake martini

marshmallows, sprinkes, vodka, amerello, strawberries, oreos, honey, chocolate liquor 

Virgo ~ Hippie Juice

watermelon vodka, coconut malibu rum, pink lemonade, water, strawberries

Libra ~ Love Potion

pink lemonade, raspberry sherbet, sprite, vodka

Scorpio ~ Witches Brew

DragonBerry rum, blue curacao, creme de banana, lime juice

Sagittarius ~ Aurora Jungle Juice

tonic water, vodka, pink lemonade, cinnamon

Capricorn ~ Velvet Snowflake

vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, white chocolate, cake sprinkles

Aquarius ~ Galaxy Lemonade

bacardi, raspberry liquor, lemonade, grenadine, blue curacao

Pisces ~ Sea foam Sangria

blue heaven punch, lemonade, blue curacao, citrus


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The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake 🍦🍦🍦

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