vodka and soda


Corn Syrup
Pink Sugar
1 ½ oz. (45ml) Vodka
½ oz. (15ml) Kinky Liqueur
2 oz. (60ml) Pink Lemonade
Splash of Lemon-Lime Soda
Blow Pop
Bubble Gum

1. Rim martini glass with corn syrup and pink sugar.
2. Infuse vodka with bubblegum.
3. In a mixing glass with ice, add bubble gum vodka, kinky liqueur, and pink lemonade.
4. Pour into martini glass and top with lemon-lime soda.

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Be careful what you order... Part 4
  • [Later on in the night]
  • Ron: [slurring a bit] okay! what about him?
  • Draco: Marcus Flint? Even I know that a Bloody Mary means someone's hungover.
  • Blaise: He's right.
  • Draco: and I swear that's not because He was out with me last night at the Three Broomsticks until 3am.
  • Ron: sure sure...
  • Theo: And I Know I'm right in saying that Dean Thomas drinking water means he's pissed he's responsible for apparating Finnigan Home tonight after he's had too many of those Vodka Sodas.
  • Blaise: [nods] and Finnigan is planning to get as drunk as the Bulgarians... though still values his sleep clearly.
  • Draco: okay.. I think we got everyone.
  • Ron: except Blaise...
  • Blaise: what?
  • Theo: You switched to Martini's like an hour ago.
  • Blaise: so?
  • Draco: So that doesn't work unless you're wearing dress robes.
  • Ron: Yeah! EVERYONE knows that. [laughing] Mr Bond.
  • Blaise: who now?
  • Theo: International spy right?
  • Ron: YES!
  • Draco: [To Theo] I'm sorry what?
  • Theo: [shrugs] I like muggle films. So sue me.
Be careful what you order... Part 3
  • Blaise: give me a hard one!
  • Draco: There's a Vodka Soda in Hannah Abbot's hand?
  • Blaise: She just wants to get drunk. Probably had a bad day...
  • Ron: How about Viktor Krum and the Bulgarians?
  • Blaise: hmmmmm.... Muggle Energy drinks.. probably mixed with Vodka... They just want to get drunker than everyone else... as fast as possible, Also they don't want to sleep tonight.
  • Ron: What about..... Padma Patil and Susan Bones?
  • Blaise: Fancy cocktails. Trying to pretend that they're more interesting than they actually are.
  • Theo: Oliver Wood drinking Whiskey.
  • Blaise: He doesn't know anything about Scotch.
  • Draco: Roger Davies drinking... Bourbon I think?
  • Blaise: Doesn't know there's a difference between Scotch, Whiskey or Bourbon. Probably someone who just points at the bar and says 'gimme that one'
  • Draco: Idiot...
"Did you like your punishment?"

-mature content

“Controlla! Controlla! You like it when I get aggressive. ” I sing while I wine my hips on this guy behind. I’m honestly just feeling the moment. I look good tonight in Balmain dress. It fits my hips and breast perfectly. I don’t know why Justin isn’t drooling on me. But, it’s whatever. I’m turning the fuck up and I am feeling it. The dj turns the song to One Dance by Drake and that’s when everybody goes crazy. I start to get even more turnt. After having that Vodka soda I just got in the zone. The man behind me started getting even more crazy as my movements increased.
“Y/N, let’s go.” I hear behind me as I dance. I turn around and see that it is Justin.
“No, I just got hype, Justin. Lighten up we haven’t been out in a while.” I say as I slow down my hips to the rhythm of the song.
“Fuck it.” Then I feel my body get lifted off of the ground and I immediately know it’s Justin. I’m so out of it intoxated that I can’t even fight him. So, I just let him carry me. As he gets outside paparazzi are taking pictures and flashing their lights at us.
“Justin baby, put me down.” I plead.
“No. I need to show you what dancing on other guys does to me.” He says as he carries me to the car. When we get to the car he throws me into the back seat and he hops into the drivers seat. He pushed the keys into the ignition and he drives to a nearest alley.
“Justin where are you taking us?” I say while looking up at him.
“Just shut up. You are frustrating me. ” Justin says while slapping the back of my thigh.
“Ohhhhh! Justin is getting handsyyyyy.” I say slurring. I’m so tipsy, but it feels good.
“Oh you want to see handsy.” He pulls the stick shift into park and he climbs up out of the front seat and moves to the back seat.
“So, how was your little dance with the guy in the club?” He asks me while licking his lips and looking down at me.
I just giggle he looks so good right now, lawd save my pussy ‘cuz it’s screaming for him.
“Oh stop, Justin. It wasn’t that serious. ” he pulls his shirt off and starts to pull of my shoes.
“Get on your stomach, Y/N.” Justin demands as he pulls down his pants.
“No. I like it like this.” I say teasing him.
“Oh so you want this the hard way.” He forcefully pulls me up and turns me around. I loudly giggle. Then he pulls my dress up and smacks my ass really hard.
“Uhhhh!” I moan really loudly. I love when he gets aggressive, but let’s not tell him that or he won’t let me cum.
“Don’t. Play. With. Me.” He says every word and follows it with a smack on the ass. “You. Are. Mine.” He growls in my ear. The heat from his breath gives me chills and makes me get goose bumps. I’m hella horny and he needs to speed this up. The stinging on my ass increase the pleasure I am feeling and I am getting more horny as the time goes on. The then takes off my dress and he rips the strap by accident.
“Justin this is Balma-” I get cut off by him spanking me again.
“Don’t speak unless spoken to. You want to play hardball, then that’s what you’ll get.” he turns me back over and pull down my panties with his teeth. Oh god. I’m about to get some tongue action. He trails kisses down my thigh.
“I’m gonna show you who you should be wining on.” He then kisses my pussy.
“Ahhh!” I scream out as soon as he kisses me. Then he parts my pussy with his fingers and licks my entrance. He slowly goes up and down my walls and begins to suck on my pussy. He goes to my swollen clit and swirls his tongue around. He then leads his tongue back down and sticks it into my hole. He rotates his tongue around. I scream out in ecstasy. Oh my this feels amazing. My pussy is crying. I’m dripping wet. I arch my back, but he pushes me back down.
“You like that, huh. Y/N?” He says while he sucks on my clit.
Out of breath I reply, “Mmm… Yes I do.” Then he pulls away and stops. No. I was slowly reaching my climax and he stops.
I know what game he is trying to play and I won’t let him win. So, I pretend not to be affected. He then pulls down his Calvin Klein boxers and that’s win Big Willy decided to spring free. Damn Daddy. That’s all I have to say. He inches towards my face and puts his dick in my face.
“Suck.” He demands. I quickly lick up and down his length. I slowly swirl my tongue on his tip and then I begin to slowly swirl and suck on his tip. He wants to tease me. I will tease him. I slowly push my head forwards and take as much if him as possible into my mouth. I gag a little bit as he thrusts inside of my mouth. His dick is hitting the back of my throat, but I will be fine. I slowly pull my head back to give him a handjob, but then I realize that I have to tease him.
“Uhhh…” He says when I pull him out of my mouth. “Oh so you want to play?” He pulls me down, so that I am lying comfortably on my back. He puts his fingers in my mouth and bends down to kisses my forehead. “Let’s play. ” he pushes in my vagina forcefully. I cry out in pure pleasure.
“Ohhhh!” I yell. He starts off fast. You hear skin slapping skin. He is biting his bottom lip and muttering curse words.
“God damn, Y/N. You feel amazing around me.” Justin says in between thrusts.
“Mmm” I moan in response. I slowly start to shake and squirm. He is going at a regular pace. His dick is pushing on my walls. It is rubbing the back of my pussy it feels like heaven as his dick thrust in and out of me. I feel him in every part of me. Oh fuck. My toes are starting to tingle. And I feel it all down my spine. I know I will cum soon. The Justin pulls out. Fuck he knows my body, so well. I hate him. He won’t let me cum.
“You thought you were sneaky, huh?” He lifts me up on my knees and pushes me forward, so know I am in a doggy position. He bends forward and licks my butt hole. He is being so kinky. After I get really moist and juiced up he sticks his tip inside of my ass. He slowly creeps all the way inside and then he pulls out teasing my ass. He pushes in and pulls out. He continues to hit the g-spot that is up my ass.
“Ahhh!” I yell everytime he punds in me.
“Oh god, Y/N” he pulls in and out repetitively too make sure I am comfortable with anal. Which, I definitely am. Then he picks up then past. Feeling him inside me is so foreign. The feeling if anal is insane. It feels so weirdly good. At first it stings, but the as his dick rolls in and out of my ass and slowly hits the spot it feels amazing. I pushes my hand underneath me and I start to fumble with my clit. But, Justin pushes my hand away and pull it to my back. Now I am restrained. He pushes in and out and I start to feel even more knoted and Justin is getting more sloppy with his thrust we are both really close, but I need to olay this off. Justin spanks my ass really hard increasing the tension in my stomach.
“Fuck, Y/N.” He says while he spanks me.
“I love you, Justin.” I am trying to sweet talk him, so that I can cum. He realizes what I am doing and he removes himself from me.
“Don’t play games with me, doll.” He sits in the seat and pulls me on top so that I can ride him. He slides his dick on top of my clit to my entrance. He does this repetitively until he pushes himself in. I slowly bounce trying to upset him. I hate that he keeps on interrupting my cum. But he lifts me up slightly and begins to pound upwardly inside of me. He hits the spot every thrust lord does it feel amazing. Justin’s hips work like magic I swear. He pounds into me as I scream his name then he pulls out of me and brings me to my knees, so that I suck him off until he cums. But, he won’t cum unless I do. So, when I go on my knees I just stare up at him.
“Y/N, is there a problem?” Justin asks while he plays with the tip of his penis.
“ You want to cum, well so do I. ” I star up at him while I am on my knees behind the front passenger seat.
“You don’t get to cum. You made my dick jealous and now you can apologize. ” He says to me as he slowly pushes my head towards his dick. I huff and slowly start to bob my head on his dick. As suck really hard and strong. I lick and swirl my tongue around. I’m working my Y/N magic on his ass. Then his dick begins to twitch between my fingers. So I take my fingers and I squeeze his tip. I lick his tip and I suck his balls. Until he erupts and moans out loudly and slowly his dick sways side to side.
“Good Job” he says out of breath. “Did you enjoy your punishment?” Then he pats my head and he gets dressed and hops back in the front seat. I stay naked because I have a trick up my sleeve. As he starts the car and slows out of the alleyway. I part my pussy with my fingers and I start to play with my clit. I can make myself cum. Take that Justin.

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Pcap Night Cap..

As I’m finishing my vodka and cream soda I decided I wanted to see the man behind the Doctor before heading off to bed…why…well just because he is a delight to see.

Okay and maybe a bit of Capaldi that is reminiscent of his character Malcolm Tucker

Oh and how can I resist some Capaldi leaning

NIghty Night and Kissy Kiss My Dear Followers

Zodiac as Drinks

Aries: Whiskey

Taurus: Coca-cola

Gemini: White Wine

Cancer: Hot Cocoa

Leo: Vodka

Virgo: Sprite/7-up

Libra: Lemonade

Scorpio: Red Wine

Sagittarius: Water with Lemon

Capricorn: Rum and other hard liquors

Aquarius: Green Tea

Pisces: Milkshakes

Pokemon Frozen Cocktails

Eevee: Cake vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s, Chocolate eclair ice cream bar, chocolate syrup

Vaporeon: Rum, Malibu, Blue curacao, pineapple juice, Sprite

Jolteon: Tequila, Red bull, Margarita mix, Lemon juice, Sprite, Salt rim

Flareon: Fireball whiskey, Peach schnapps, Iced tea, Lemonade, Dash of strawberry syrup (for colour)

Espeon: Strawberry vodka, Hpnotiq Harmonie, Chambord, Cranberry juice, Sprite

Umbreon: Bourbon, Coke, Lemon juice, Orange juice

Glaceon: Rum, Blue curacao, peppermint schnapps, Lemonade, Soda water, Sugar rim

Leafeon: Tequila, Peach schnapps, Lime juice, Ginger ale, Mint, Honey, Drop of chocolate syrup

Sylveon: Cake vodka, Strawberry vodka, Bailey’s, Strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, Cream, Strawberry syrup

studying in a group
  • Max: teaches those who're struggling. makes sure no one's brought weed/alcohol. makes sure everyone gets it. reads everyone's elses notes just so she's sure with hers.
  • Chloe: is struggling. goes with the flow. always suggests for a break. is munching on something the entire time. knows victoria's got vodka and wants to have some of her soda too.
  • Warren: reads his notes & textbooks out loud. strays off topic sometimes to discuss a movie. makes really punny jokes based on the topic. helps max explain hard topics
  • Victoria: quizzes the others. gives out really hard questions is texting someone while studying. secretly has vodka in her soda.
  • Nathan: complains most of the time, but can sometimes answer victoria's questions. comes to the session half-drunk. falls asleep. has weed in his bag but doesn't bring it out because max.
  • Kate: refers to/writes her own notes. is quiet. chuckles at warren's jokes. assists max in teaching the others. lends her notes to everybody.
  • Rachel: studies in a corner with earphones in. highlights a lot. points out wrong explanations. listens to max's explanations to make sure she's teaching the right stuff.