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What if the Spencer that met Wren at the airport is actually OUR Spencer, though?

I know that we’re all assuming that, due to her characters behavior, as well as the timing and odd placement of the scene, it had to have been a twin at the airport. But what if it’s the reverse?

Do you guys think it’s possible that Spencer’s twin was the one to have come back to Rosewood (essentially taking Spencer’s place) after the time-jump and the real Spencer – OUR Spencer, has been working alongside A.D. as some kind of double agent? Perhaps she’s in hiding…

…If she is working with A.D. willingly or otherwise, maybe it really was Spencer that Hanna saw in 7x01 (without the bangs). Rewatching that scene again, what stands out to me is how loving she appears and how the friendship between the two girls is emphasized. If Spencer is a double agent, she’d know pieces of information that Hanna did not (explaining the A.D. name slip) and could have been trying to gather intel from Hanna so that A.D. could eventually let her go. I also find it especially important that Spencer encouraged Hanna to try and find a way out of captivity after Hanna revealed that she did not know who killed Charlotte!

And y'know what? I think we’ve witnessed quite a few scenes like this over the course of the season!

One scene that will always stand out to me is the one shared between Spencer and Toby in 7x10! Spencer was supposedly on “lockdown” yet made a trip to see Toby for the sake of saying one final goodbye to him before he left Rosewood. While her clothing in this scene raised eyebrows (she was wearing a top that had been seen on her in a previous episode) I think that it was actually a clue for the audiences to pick up on. Like Hanna’s “dream”, Spencer was wearing an outfit we’ve seen her in before which makes the interactions appear significant.

ANYWAY - The reason why I think that it was the REAL Spencer that visited Toby was because of the book she gave him as a parting gift. He immediately recognized it as having been the same book that she had on her nightstand for years. I think that was crucial – Spencer was/is trying to send Toby a message. One that could help differentiate herself from her twin. Then, out of desperation (and potentially because she still harbors feelings for him) asked for one last kiss to say a final farewell. And just like he recognized the book, he remembered her kiss.

I think the Spencer at the airport could also be OUR Spencer for several reasons. One is the vodka soda – or the Wrencer drink, so to speak. Iconic to Spencer and Wrens interaction in 1x02, I think the choice of beverages in this scene was symbolic. The OTHER reason, which many people believe to be suspicious is the fact that she requested that Ezra wouldn’t tell anyone about seeing her and Wren. This could be taken in either way - that this was the twin OR that this was Spencer. (I’d honestly love both!) HOWEVER, if my theory is true and OUR Spencer is working as a double agent against A.D., this request could be a means for her to maintain her cover and remain unquestioned.

What do you guys think? Could this work?

Our Bodies (M)

Pairing:  Namjoon x Yoongi x Jooheon x Reader

Genre: Smut, Tattoo(Artist)!AU

Word Count: 9,7k

Warnings: Rough sex, FOURSOME, Punishment Kink, slight Over-stimulation, mentions Alcohol, mentions Tattoos, and well everything that a foursome includes.

“Hm… which tattoo shop is still open?”

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Animal - Jack Maynard Smut

Summary: “So grab me by the neck and don’t you ever let go, mess me up so good until I’m begging for more”

Word Count: 5317

Warnings: Sex, Oral Sex, Dirty Talk, Swearing

Requested: Yes!

Author’s note: This is the first time I’ve ever written smut, besides that tiny thing in the Conor imagine I posted last night, so please please please let me know how you like it. Also this is the longest imagine I’ve ever posted whoops.

Originally posted by mrs-jack-maynard


“You’re going to shatter that fucking thing if you’re not careful.”

You whipped your head around at the sound of your best friend’s voice, having not even realised that your grip on your glass had become worryingly tight. You gave him a sheepish smile as you looked up at Conor’s face, so different to that of his brother’s, and yet with the same piercing eyes that seemed to draw you in every god damn time. “Dunno what you’re on about,” you mumbled as you turned back to where you had been looking before, unsurprised at the lack of change in the scene in front of you.

“Just go and bloody talk to him,” Conor groaned as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders comfortingly. He had watched you and his little brother dance around your feelings for each other for the better part of two years now and he was getting right sick of it. All those secret glances when you thought nobody was looking and avoiding each other when the other had someone of the opposite sex around, it was beyond ridiculous. He had thought that after you and Jack had kissed at the Christmas party last month, that things would finally improve but they hadn’t, your relationship had merely shifted from ‘just friends’ to ‘just friends with benefits’ and as much as he was thankful that you were finally getting laid and working out some of that aggression, he could see how much it was hurting you, and he wasn’t okay with that.

“And cock block the master? I don’t think so,” you scoffed bitterly, your fingers tightening around the base of your glass again. You knew that the situation you had going at the moment wasn’t ideal, but it was Jack.  You had waited so long for him to see you as more than his brother’s best mate and now he did but it was non-exclusive. You knew that you should respect yourself enough to get out but you couldn’t, if this was all that you could have with him, then that was what you would have. It hurt though, being with him between the sheets and then seeing him with pretty girls in the streets.

“Alright that’s enough!” Conor’s voice almost shocked you into dropping your glass, you looked up at him with wide eyes as he pried the glass out from between your fingertips and placed in on the table behind you before offering you his hand. “Come on,” he urges you, wriggling his own fingers teasingly, “You and I are gonna go get a drink, and then we’re gonna go and dance, and you’re gonna forget all about my little brother and his tiny dick,” he smirked at you, making you laugh slightly before placing your hand in his and letting him tug you back towards the bar.

Truthfully, you had often wondered whether you were chasing the wrong Maynard. Conor had been your best friend for the better part of the past three years and you spent a lot of time together. He was handsome and charming and hilarious and sweet when he wanted to be, and you had drunkenly hooked up before so you knew he was a good kisser. Somehow though, you knew it just would be right. Because every single time the thought crossed your mind, you thought of Jack and you just couldn’t fathom being with anyone else.

Conor led you to the opposite side of the bar, far away from where Jack was currently chatting up some pretty blonde with double d’s who would plaster the news of their hook up across twitter/Instagram/snapchat/etc tomorrow. You could never take your eyes off of him, and especially not when he looked as unfairly gorgeous as he did tonight. It wasn’t until his eyes flickered to yours and that signature smirk spread across his face that you looked away, refocusing on your best friend and the alcohol in front of him.

You let out a loud groan when you noticed that Conor had ordered a round of tequila shots each for the both of you. Tequila had always been the one alcohol that would send you under the table, having been your university room mates poison of choice; any other alcohol and you could generally hold your own but Tequila was the one which would have you yelling drunkenly at Jack within the hour. “Conor, really?” you whined at your best friend, “You know Tequila is my weakness, I’ll be all over you in an hour,” you joked, having already accepted your fate as you picked up the shot.

Conor shrugged, “If that’s what happens, then it happens, no regrets,” he winked at you before picking up his own shot, the both of you throwing the shots back before slamming the glasses down on the bar. You grinned at him as you noticed his face twisting into a grimace at the taste of the tequila, knowing full well that he had only chosen the liquor in order to get you drunk. You could already feel yourself lightening up at the alcohol pumping through your veins. “Feel better now?” he asked you as he chugged back the vodka and soda in his hand, obviously keen to rid his mouth of the foul taste.

You let out a small giggle as  you nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning up to kiss his cheek lightly, “Thank you,” you whispered to him, before holding out your hands, “Come on then!” you said loudly, “Thought you promised me a dance, Maynard?” you grinned at him, your smile growing as he slipped his hands into yours, tugging you into him for a tight hug before pulling you in the direction of the dance floor.

You refused to look behind you to where you could feel Jack’s eyes burning into your backside; if he wanted to use you and then throw you away then fine, he wasn’t the only one who could draw attention on the dance floor, and you were going to make sure of it, besides, was it just you, or was Conor looking particularly good tonight?


Across the bar, Jack could barely believe his eyes. You never drank tequila when you went out, you always skipped out on it when the boys organised shots, so why on earth would you down four shots with Conor? And why the hell were you letting him drag you onto the dance floor right now? The only person who you ever dance with when you went out was him, he was the only one who you let put their hands on you.

Had you looked that good when they had gotten there? Had that dress always hugged your frame that fantastically? He gulped down the remainder of his joke and tried focusing on the girl in front of him, she had caught his eye when he’d come up here before, with her large chest and long curvy legs, but the longer he looked at her, the more he noticed the flaws in her appearance. Her eyes were dull and surrounded by too much eyeliner, they didn’t sparkle like yours did, he couldn’t see the emotions flash through them like he did in yours when you would lay in bed with him and tell him stories about from before you’d met him and the boys. Her lips were flat and looked sticky with lip gloss, they weren’t plump and red like yours always seemed to be, even more so after he had been kissing you.

He tried to pay attention to her, tried to focus on the way her lips moved, tried to imagine the way they would wrap around his cock like yours had this morning when he’d had you in the shower, but he merely cringed at the thought of her touching him like that. His eyes flitted over to where he could see you and Conor on the dance floor and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head, rage pumping through his blood stream and making him nearly blind with unadulterated fury.

You had your back to Conor’s chest as you guys danced to the overly loud EDM song which was pumping out of the speakers, your head was thrown back against his shoulder as you giggled at something that he was saying into your ear. Jack had no clue what his brother was saying, but he was pretty sure that whatever it was, wasn’t innocent. He clenched his fists together at his side as he watched Conor’s hands slide down to your hips, knowing god damn well that you didn’t wear proper underwear under that particular dress because of visible panty lines.

He snapped when he saw Conor’s head drop down and press to the crook of your neck, right where Jack knew that special spot was, the one that would drive you absolutely wild when Jack latched onto it. He was ditching the girl and surging across the bar towards the dance floor before he could second guess himself; all he knew was that he needed to get between the two of you before you ended up in Conor’s bed by the end of the night, because you were his.

It was a reasonably small and cosy club that the gang had found themselves in tonight, as opposed to some of the bigger ones that they frequented, so it didn’t take long until Jack was in front of you, and wanting to knock that dumb smirk right off of his older brothers face. You didn’t notice that Jack was there until he was right in front of your face, but as soon as he was, you barely registered that Conor was even there. A smile lit up your entire face that had Jack’s stomach doing backflips, you were so happy all of the time, how on earth could he even consider someone else?

“Jack!” You squealed as you wrapped your arms around his neck tightly, having to stand on your tip toes to wrap them around him properly. You could feel the warmth of him seeping in through your clothes as you buried your face into his neck like you always did. “Conor was just telling me the funniest story!” you giggled as you pulled back, whipping your head around to confirm the story, only to find that Conor was nowhere to be seen, “Hey where’d he go?” you pouted as you turned back to face Jack, only to find he had a peculiar look in his eye that you couldn’t quite decifer.

You also realised for the first time how close you were to him, “What happened to that girl?” You asked him curiously as he pulled you into his body, his arms wrapped tightly around your lower waist, “Looked like you two were really hitting it off,” you commented as your arms wrapped around his neck loosely, one hand tangling in his blonde strands as the other lingered around the hem of his shirt, the very shirt you had torn off of him this time last week.

Jack chuckled slightly as he bent his head down to be closer to you, “Why? Is someone jealous?” he asked, his mouth hot against your ear as his warm breath washed over your neck, making you subconsciously press yourself closer to him. You bit back a moan as he tugged on your ear lobe with his teeth gently before pressing a kiss to the spot behind your ear. He pulled back to gauge your reaction and wasn’t surprised when he noticed you rolling your eyes, despite the deep and dark blush on your face.

He brushed his lips against your jaw bone softly, barely even a whisper of a kiss against your skin, “You know you’re the only girl for me,” he murmured against your skin, dragging his mouth across your jaw and down your neck slowly, occasionally using his teeth to nip at the spots he knew were sure to set you off. He smirked against your skin when he felt your breath hitch, latching his mouth onto the special spot and giving in a particularly hard suck.

You chuckled breathlessly, using the hand that was in his hair to pull him away from you, “Last time I checked, this,” you gestured between the two of you, “was non-exclusive, that’s what you wanted, right?” you asked innocently. You were riling him up and you knew it, for some reason, he was being all weird and possessive and you were gonna revel in it for as long as you possibly could. You let out a squeak when he used his arms around your waist to haul you into him, your hips pressed together tightly as he growled into your ear.

“Don’t pretend that this is just sex, you know it and I know it, so don’t give me that shit,” he hissed against you before sinking his teeth into that special spot and making you throw your head back, your nails digging into the exposed skin of his shoulder as you pressed the whole length of your body against him, feeling his hardness press into your stomach firmly as he rutted against you.

Letting out a frustrated huff, you used your hands to tug his head up harshly, both of you breathing heavily as you looked at each other, his cheeks already red with the arousal that was pressed against your stomach, as well as the dampness that you could feel pooling in between your legs. “So are you just gonna talk shit or are you gonna actually do something about it?” you challenged him with a raised eyebrow. You knew exactly how to bait him, the same way he knew how to drive you insane.

He let out a low growl as he yanked you into him, his hands caged around your face as he kissed you harshly. You moaned into his mouth softly as you gripped his shirt in your hands, nipping at his bottom lip playfully as he kissed you with a bruising intensity. You let out a soft gasp as one of his hands slid from the back of your neck, down to your ass, squeezing you roughly. You felt him smirk against your mouth as your mouth fell open slightly, slipping his tongue in between your lips and deepening the kiss.

There was no denying it, the boy knew how to use his mouth, he was a phenomenal kisser, and was even better at using his mouth on other areas of your body. Right now you weren’t concerned about his mouth though, you were more interested with the rather hard appendage that he was currently grinding into your hip. The boy was hung as hell, and there was no getting around it. Memories of this morning came flashing through you like a flood, the memory of waking up with his head between your thighs making you whimper into his mouth, that boy knew all of you secret spots and was not shy about any of it.

Smirking, he pulled back from you, biting his lip at the sight of you looking up at him with pupils blown wide and lips swollen and bright red, the memory of you looking up at him from between his legs this morning making him swallow back a groan. He pressed his mouth against your ear again, “C’mon, let me take you home, you know I’ll make it worth your while,” he groaned into your ear, sending a sharp surge of pleasure shooting down your spine. Pulling back to see your reaction, he let out a relieved breath of hot air as you nodded quickly, his hand latching onto yours and tugging you behind him as you both made your way out of the sweltering hot club.

The tight grip that he had on your hand did not escape your notice as he pulled you out of the club and into a cab outside, letting out a deep breath as he slumped against the seat on one side. “What in the hell has gotten into you?” you demanded, crossing your arms over your chest as you turned your body to look at him, furrowing your eyebrows together tightly as you moved your eyes over his physique. You didn’t want to stay on one part too long, otherwise you’d become distracted by the different parts of his body that reminded you how beautiful he was.

You let out a squeak as he wrapped hand around your waist, hauling you over to his side of the cab abruptly and burying his face in the crook of your neck, “Didn’t like it,” he mumbled into your neck, humming contently as your hand reached up to run through his hair softly, your nails scratching against his scalp softly as he nuzzles his nose against the juncture of your neck and shoulder. “Didn’t like seeing Conor with his hands all over you,” he mumbled again, lifting his head up to look into your eyes that were wide in shock as you listened to him intently, your heart bashing against his chest. “You’re mine,” he whispered, his mouth pressing against your jaw again as you nodded blindly.

“Yours,” you mumbled hoarsely as his mouth moved down your neck again.





You didn’t remember how you made it from the cab to Jack’s apartment, partly because it happened so fast that you could barely blink, and partly because you had spent most of it with your mouth glued to Jack’s neck. As soon as you crossed the threshold into the apartment, both of your clothes were flying off, leaving a trail behind you both of your heels, Jack’s shirt and belt, with his shoes ending up somewhere near the kitchen. Before you knew it, you were flat on your back on Jack’s extremely plush bed, with Jack kneeling at the bottom of the bed and smirking at you.

Rolling your eyes, you propped yourself up on your elbows on the bed, balancing your weight on them as you cocked your head to the side slightly, “I’m not gonna magically transform into a perfect ten, y’know,” you chuckled softly, “This is as good as it’s gonna get, Maynard” you smirked. He simply shook his head at you before pushing your legs apart, your tight dress moving up and over your hips as he settled his body between your thighs, much like he had this morning.

He kissed a line across the top of your panties as his hands hooked behind your knees and dragged them over his shoulders, opening you up to him. You collapsed onto your back as he placed open mouthed kisses to you through the thin lace of your panties, your hands weaved into his hair as his mouth continued on it’s way down, placing kisses down your upper thighs before switching sides and kissing up the other thigh, just avoiding the place where you needed him the most.

Using his teeth, he dragged down your panties slowly, his nose brushing against you softly and causing you to let out the most pornographic sound you had ever heard in your life. He smirked up at you from between your thighs, discarding your panties behind him as he spread his hands out over your hips, holding you open to him as he physically licked his lips, oh this boy was going to be the absolute death of you.

Starting at your knee, he began placing feather light kisses to your inner thigh, slowly making his way up to the apex of your thighs where you laid bare and ready for him. “Such a good girl for me,” he murmured against your skin, “Always so ready for me,” he mumbled as he dug his fingertips into your hips, hard enough so that you were sure that you’d have matching bruises in the morning.

“Jaaaaack,” you whined, bucking your hips up in an attempt to create some friction, “Hurry U-ohhh,” a moan ripped out of your mouth as he suddenly licked a strip from top to bottom, the tip of his tongue flicking against your clit as he slid one finger inside of you.

You felt the pleasure began to build as he latched his mouth onto your bundle of nerves, sucking and flicking his tongue against your clit as he set a steady rhythm of pumping his finger in and out of you.

You slapped a hand over your mouth as you moaned even louder, your nails digging into his scalp and causing him the hum against you, the vibrations going through you like shock waves. You whined and bucked your hips against his face, desperate to go over that edge, causing him to wrap his arm around your waist to hold you in place as he added another finger into the mix.

Curving his fingers up to brush against that specific spot inside of you, you tugged on his hair harshly, making his smirk against you as he picked up the pace, pumping his fingers into you faster and making sure to press firmly against that spot every single time.

Finally, you could feel the coil of pleasure in your stomach begin to tighten almost painfully, your thighs shaking around his head as you threw your head back, “Oh oh my god, Jack! I-I’m g-gonna, oh! I’m almost there!” You moaned out loudly, trying to buck your hips up. Jack curved his fingers again, focusing on just rubbing against that spot until you were coming like a tidal wave. Your back arched up off of the bed as you fell apart beneath him, riding out the last waves of your orgasm until you were shaking, pushing him back as you tried to catch your breath.

Once you managed to regain your breath, you pushed yourself up again, intent on returning the favour, only to find Jack having already discarded his tight jeans and crawling up towards you. You never got used to seeing him like this, he was big but not too big and perfectly thick, in other words, the boy was hung as hell and you drooled slightly every time you saw him naked.

He crawled up over you, pushing your dress up your body and peeling it over your head as he went, his mouth pressing a line of hot, open mouthed kisses as he went. You didn’t object when he pulled your dress over your head, nor when he unclasped your lace bra and latched his mouth onto your nipple, dragging his teeth over it gently as his hand tended to the other one.

Your hand reached down between you, wrapping around his girth and beginning to pump him up and down. Jack let out a grunt as he grabbed onto your wrist burying his face in your neck as he pulled you off of him; that was different, Jack never said no to a hand job or blowjob. He chuckled against your skin as he brought your hand up beside your head, lacing it with one of his as he brought his head up to look at you. “I’m not gonna last if you put your hands on me,” he chuckled softly, brushing his nose against yours with unfamiliar gentleness as he leaned down to kiss you, dragging the tip of his cock up to rub against your clit, and sending a jolt of pleasure through you.

Biting your lip, you lifted one of your legs to wrap around his hips, you pulled him forward until he was right against you. Smirking, he wrapped his hand around your thigh, hooking the other one around his hips as he entered you in one smooth thrust. Throwing your head back at the feeling of him fully inside of you, you let out a loud moan, arching your back and wriggling your hips in a silent plea for him to move. He seemed to catch on as he braced his hands next to your head in a push up position as he set a quick rhythm straight up.

You dug your nails into his back as you arched into him, dragging them down his taut skin as he attached his mouth to your sweet spot, working on leaving a sizable mark on your neck as he hiked your leg up even higher on his waist, scraping his teeth against your neck as he gave a particularly hard thrust, his fingers digging into your thigh harshly.

“Ugh you’re so fucking tight,” Jack groaned into your ear, his breath hot against your neck as he snapped his hips against you even harder than he had been before. He let out a strangled grunt when you tightened around him, your walls squeezing him tightly as he picked up the pace, his hand wriggling between you two as his thumb pressed against your clit again.

You let out a high pitched moan as he slammed into you, knowing from the way he was quivering inside you, that he was nearing the peak. “Come on, baby, I’m almost there, go over the edge with me,” he grunted in your ear, the wet sound of skin slapping together filling the room, both of you covered in a thin layer of sweat as you bit your lip.

Using a brief lapse in his attention, you flipped him onto his back, arching your spine as the new angle allowed him to slip in just that little bit deeper, pressing harder onto that specific spot inside of you. Bracing yourself with your hands on his chest, you began bouncing up and down, moaning at the new feelings surging through you.

You moved faster, feeling the ball of fire in your stomach coil up even tighter as you picked up the pace, all you needed was that little push, and you’d go off of the edge with him. You let out a loud high pitched scream as his thumb pressed against your clit for the third time, white spots exploding behind your eyes as your second orgasm of the night hit you like a freight train. It wasn’t long until Jack was following after you, his hips snapping like pistons into your own until he was letting out a guttural grunt and holding your hips to his as he exploded inside of you.

You collapsed forward onto his chest, covered in sweat and coated in the combined juices of you two as he slowly slipped out of you, softening against your thigh as he wrapped his arms around your tired and clammy body. You rested your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in and out softly as you attempting to recollect yourself. You traced patterns onto his chest with the tip of your nail as you felt his chest still heaving up and down underneath your hand.

You had heard once that, if you have absolutely mind blowing sex (like you’d had just then) then the best thing for you to do, was not talk to the guy afterwards, so as to let him get his bearings back. With that in mind, you crawled out of his arms and made your way into the bathroom to clean up.

As you looked at yourself in the mirror, your mind went back to earlier tonight, had he been jealous of you and Conor? If so, why? It had been his idea to keep the arrangement as no strings attached, friends with benefits only. Why was he suddenly being so boyfriend?

That thought remained on your mind as you tugged his thrasher shirt over your head, your favourite of all his shirts, and padded back into his room, expecting to see him zonked out on the bed. You were not expecting to see a fully coherent Jack Maynard sitting up in bed and twirling your panties around in his hands.

Blushing, you hurried over and pulled them out of his grasp, pulling them back up your legs quickly before taking a seat next to him on the bed. He smiled at you dopily, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear gently, “You look beautiful in my shirts,” he mumbled softly, his smile widening when you blushed deeply but leaned into his hand nonetheless.

Biting your lip, you looked up at him again, “Why didn’t you take that girl home with you tonight?” you blurted out before you could stop yourself, your curiosity getting the better of you.

“Why does it matter, Y/N?” he asked as he looking down at his lap, remembering when you had been on it fifteen minutes ago. He hadn’t expected you to ask him that, not after you guys had just had the best sex you’d ever had before.

“Because you were totally into her, and then you ditched just to make sure I wasn’t going to hook up with Conor!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air in exasperation. Jack was a master at avoiding direct questions and had been for as long as you’d known him, it was one of the things that made him so alluring to girls your age.

“Because he’s my brother!” He fired back, his expression twisting into a scowl at your persistence, “You have a club full of guys to choose from and you pick my brother?!” he sneered, crossing his arms across his chest in a huff.

“All I would have done is kiss him, and that shouldn’t even matter to you! You’re the one who chose this arrangement, not me!” you screeched, running a hand through your hair in agitation, “So tell me why you went home with me and not her? Because I’m easy? Because you don’t have to worry about me being a pain the next morning?” you badgered him, knowing that you were getting too worked up but being too far gone to stop it. Your words were spewing out of your mouth at an alarming rate and you couldn’t stop them.

“She wasn’t you, okay?!”

To say you were shocked at his words would have been a vast understatement.


He took a deep breath before looking at you again, “She wasn’t you, and the more I looked at her, I compared her to you and realised that I was being a fucking twat to you,” he sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair and making you bite your lip as his biceps tensed slightly. “You deserve the world, Y/N, you deserve a guy like Conor or Oli who can give it to you,” he muttered, avoiding your glance.

You let out a small laugh, unable to believe what was happening, Jack actually wanted you for more than sex.

After unsuccessfully trying to capture his gaze, you crawled into his lap, sitting back on his thighs as you hooked your hands around his jaw, dragging his head up to look at you and almost melting at the vulnerable look in his eyes. “Jack,” you said softly, your thumb rubbing against his jawbone gently, “You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted, I wouldn’t have agreed to any of this if it were any different,” you giggled. “So if you want to be with me, then I’m right here, but if you don’t, then I’m probably just gonna keep wanting you,” You told him in a soft voice, sure that your own vulnerability was shining through at that moment.

He let out a soft laugh before yanking you forwards and wrapping his arms around you tightly, “How could anyone possibly not want to be with you?” he grinned as he pressed kisses all over your face. You giggled loudly as he rolled you onto your side, tucking the blanket around you as he pressed a small kiss to your forehead.

You couldn’t help the smile that spread over your face at the action, so this is what it felt like when the person you wanted, wanted you back.


Lemon Lime Soda
Jolly Ranchers
Airhead Extreme Belts
Popsicle Mold

1. Create jolly rancher vodka by dropping candies into small glass bottles and topping with vodka. Allow to infuse until candies are dissolved.
2. Wrap two airhead extreme belts inside of popsicle mold. Pour jolly rancher vodka 1/3rd of the way into mold then top with lemon lime soda. Freeze and enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

does wren's first scene in 7b take place in an airport? if so ... remember the creepy A ending where A was in an airport changing the radley visitors passes, whilst drinking a vodka soda ??

SUCH A GOOD CATCH! See the similarity! 

There is so much evidence that Wren messed with Mona’s visitation rights (Eddie Lamb, saying to Hanna he was almost reprimanded for letting her visit Mona, providing CeCe with visitors passes to see her), and now the scene where “A” is doing it mirrors Wren’s returning scene?! Woooow. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Something i said loong time ago..

But I wish they would make one last episode accept the finale with all the endings woth A, uber A, AD and show us who was doing what exactly. Like bottle spinning when it pointed on aria and somebody turn it for spencer. There were two ppl there. And then we actually can see who it was in the same exact scene. Who was drinkijg vodka soda with a straw, who was wearing alison mask and emily mask. Even scenes how toby entering this small cafe/restaurant while called pretty eyes. But as A not when spencer was waiting for him. I dont care anymore about Wren coloring this picture, i dont care aboutany other shady things. Just please show us who and when was doing what you already showed us wothout an answer!
Anyone with me on this??

you should know she is prone

pairing: daveed diggs x reader 

request: @wellillbedamneddiggs: either an angsty Daveed x Reader with lots of pining (but a happy ending!) or something super kinky? Like size kink/blowjobs/face fucking/facials?

summary: reader is an ensemble replacement in hamilton who befriends daveed while also trying to suppress her overwhelming sexual attraction to him

warnings: NSFW! alcohol, swearing, clippng lyrics, semi-public sex (?), dirty talk, face-fucking, size kink, and a whole lotta smut. get ready. 

word count: 3,501

a/n: title from clippng “body and blood.”don’t expect new fics every day, but this prompt took me and wouldn’t let go until I finished it. drunk diggs is really fun to write. if you have requests/comments/other concerns or anything, shoot me a message! part two is here

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Poldark returns: Aidan Turner on nudity, being single and why he's a technophobe

As the famously ripped and glowering Cornish copper miner, Aidan Turner has put the sex back  into Sunday nights. Over a large vodka, he talks about getting  naked, those pecs and playing Poldark
Just before I am due to interview Aidan Turner, his PR sends me an email to let me know that he has grown a beard – presumably in case I fail to recognise the actor fully clothed or not wearing a tricorn hat.
Poor old Turner is so defined by that scything scene that he likes to grow his beard when not committed to playing Ross Poldark – which doesn’t happen very often, given the BBC has just commissioned a fourth series and Turner says they are all tied in for five.
‘I’m not a big fan of shaving,’ he explains to me when I finally find him – fully clothed in a bomber jacket, T-shirt and jeans, minus tricorn, hiding in the corner of a dimly lit hotel bar in Mayfair. ‘It sucks. What’s the point? What is the point?’ I mention something about it being uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of a man with a beard.

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97 with tree bros?

#97 “Are you trying to flirt? Because you’re embarrassing yourself”


Evan Hansen didn’t like being a legal drinker. Being a legal drinker meant that Jared dragged him out to clubs. This meant getting hit on by boys and girls alike and Evan did not like getting hit on.

So that’s how Evan found himself in the corner of the bar, looking around and still nursing the same vodka soda for an hour. But Jared was having none of it, Evan looked like a loser and he was going to help

“Flirt with one person tonight Evan, just one and next time I try to force you to a club I’ll allow a no!” Jared’s proposition didn’t seem too bad. A little bit of awkward flirting and he wouldn’t have to go clubbing next weekend.

Evan glanced around the room, no one seemed to catch his eye. Until he saw a man on the other end of the bar. He had long dark hair and seemed to be dressed all in black. Evan took a shaky breath as he approached the stranger.

“You need something?” The stranger didn’t glance up from his drink. He seemed to be avoiding all eye contact with anyone. He was content with looking at his drink from what Evan gathered.

“Um…yeah.” Evan felt the moisture on his hands. He was nervous, of course he was nervous who wouldn’t be nervous in this situation? “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?” Oh yeah that’s what you go with Hansen, god you’re so dumb.

The stranger turned his head and gave Evan a weird look. “Are you trying to flirt or something? Cause you’re just embarrassing yourself. Especially with that pickup line.”

“Look I’m sorry.” Evan sighed and sat down beside the long haired. man. “My friend said if I flirted with someone tonight he wouldn’t force me to go clubbing with him next weekend.” Evan shrugged. 

“Whose your friend?” The stranger asked. 

Evan pointed out Jared’s frame and the stranger pinched the bridge of his nose, but a smirk was also evident on his lips. 

“Alright tell you what, you get your friends attention and I’ll fucking plant one on you. Get him off your back.” The stranger’s features seemed more sharp as his face split into a devious smile.

“O-Okay.” Evan pulled out his phone, and ‘accidentally’ texted Jared. He made awkward conversation that seemed out of character just to make Jared worried or wonder what was going on.

Evan glanced back at Jared’s figure to see him looking around. Finally he glanced in the pair’s direction and the stranger, true to his word, smashed his lips into Evan’s. The kiss was wild, frantic even but it was not a terrible kiss.

When the stranger pulled back he sighed. “Hope that keeps your friend off your back.” The stranger downed the rest of his drink.

“I’m Evan Hansen by the way.” Evan stuck his hand out. Evan could feel someone’s eyes boring into the back of his head but he assumed it was Jared and opted out of turning around.

“Connor Murphy.” The stranger, or now Connor introduced. He shook Evan’s hand firmly and ordered two shots of tequila. “You’ve ever been drunk before Hansen?” Connor questioned.

“N-no.” Evan shook his head.

“Then you better get ready for a wild fucking ride.” The devious smirk once again gracing his lips.

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Jamie had many talents and interests. What would he be nerdy about in the modern world? How would Claire find out and what does she think?

We Live For Love

Four o’clock found them at a social club in Little Italy. One of the owners also happened to be Claire’s landlord – Jamie had been skeptical when she’d approached the door, but as soon as they entered she’d been welcomed like one of the family.

So now they sat in the back of the main room, watching a group of middle-aged men play cards and smoke cigarettes and speak occasionally to one of the constant stream of younger men who passed through the door, wanting to have a word or lay a fat envelope on the table.

“Good day today,” Jamie said after a while, idly swirling the dregs of his Jack Daniels in the small glass.

Claire sat beside him, so that together they faced the room. She didn’t speak, but he knew she had heard him.

“I knew it would be hard,” she replied after a while. “But after today, I realize just how much I don’t know.”

“That’s OK. You’re new at this. You’re not expected to know everything right away.”

“But if I want to be successful, Jamie – I *have* to know it right away.” She finished her vodka soda and turned to face him, eyes bright with a heady mix of anxiety and alcohol. “I don’t want to be a novelty act – I want to be respected. I want to be admired. I want people to look past the fact that I wear a skirt and see me for who I am.”

Her eyes watered – he couldn’t tell if it was from feeling or from the drinks. Desperately he wanted to reassure her – but she wasn’t a woman to be reassured. She needed to hear the truth, and as often as possible.

“It’ll be damn hard, Claire.” He held her gaze, trying to give her strength. “There aren’t many women like you – Debbie Harry, sure, and Chrissie Hynde. Maybe Patti Smith. But nobody’s doing what you want to. You won’t fit into anyone’s box.”

“I don’t want to,” she whispered. “I never have.”

Had she been any other woman – or girl – he would have laid his hand on top of hers.

But Claire Beauchamp was different. She deserved more. She deserved better.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered. “Do you trust me to help you in whatever way I can?”

“You haven’t steered me wrong yet,” she half-smiled. “And you helped me find my voice. I’ve been looking for it ever since I decided to do this – I knew it was in me, somewhere. But I couldn’t ever really find it.”

Sensing an opening, he waved to get the bartender’s attention, gesturing for another round.

“How long have you been working at this?”

She picked up two peanuts from the dish between them, waiting for their glasses to be cleared away and fresh drinks set on the sticky vinyl tablecloth.

“About a year now. Ever since I decided to divorce my husband.”

Well then. She had opened the door – but he didn’t want to step through it.

Respecting her.

“I’m sorry.” He took a sip of bourbon. “That it didn’t work out with him, I mean.”

“I’m not.” She squeezed the lime wedge into her vodka soda and stirred it with the paper straw. “I married him when I was nineteen. We argued for most of the seven years before I decided it was over. I sang in the church choir, and then in some small clubs. He didn’t like it. I had bigger dreams than he wanted me to have.”

So she was twenty seven. And here he was at twenty three – giving *her* advice.

How to respond when someone tells you something so private? Better to play it safe.

“Why rock music?”

She looked down at the glass held between her hands. “Why not? I’ve already walked away from everything. What do I have to lose?”

The card table exploded in laughter.

Jamie nudged her knee under the table, and waited for her to look up at him.

“What do you want, Claire? What would make you happy?”

She thought a long, long time before answering.

“To prove to myself that I can do it. That I have what it takes. And I’ll never let anyone else tell me what to do, ever again.”

He lifted his glass to softly clink against hers.

“Then I’ll do whatever I can to make that happen, Claire.”

And then she smiled – and his heart stuttered.

“And what about you, Jamie Fraser?” she asked, tipping back her glass. “What would make you happy?”

“To be recognized as a songwriter, not just a guitar player. I can manage things – not just work as a hired hand.”

“I don’t see you as a hired hand,” she said softly. Almost to herself.

“I’m very glad of it, Claire,” he replied, just as softly. Then stood. “Come on. We’ve got a big day tomorrow. May I walk you home?”

Somewhere in the quiet, dark hours of the night, when Jamie stared up at the paint peeling from his ceiling and listened to Ian’s snores across the room and the bum rifling through the bottles on the street below – the melody sprang, fully formed, into his mind.

He tore off his sheets like a madman, dashed to the bathroom, flipped on the light, and hastily scribbled in the small spiral notebook he kept under his pillow.

Yes – a good, solid chord progression. Rhythm guitars supporting a strong solo guitar, deeper notes allowing a beautiful soprano voice to just float to the top of the composition.

Intro – then verse – and soaring chorus – then another verse, another chorus. Then a bridge, and the chorus. Then a fade out.

He sat back on the closed lid of the toilet, finger tracing the chords on the page. Yes – this would be perfect.

The lyrics would come later. But for now, he had a song. A song for her.

Murtagh FitzGibbons arrived at the Bowery rehearsal space around eleven the next morning, not quite sure what to expect from his musical experiment.

After a ten-minute set comprised of three covers – Blondie, Mellencamp, and AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” – it was clear that Claire Beauchamp had found her voice as a bona fide rock and roll singer.

It was time to call up Joe Abernathy at Chrysalis Records.

Baby Do You Love Me (Sebastian Stan)

Summary: Another “Baby Do You Love Me” but with Sebastian this time! Shaking things up slightly, but it’s a little similar. Feat. Civil War cast x

Words: 732


Baby do you love me is a game where you have to go up to someone as ask “Baby do you love me” and the other person has to reply “Baby I love you but I just can’t smile” without smiling or laughing. Enjoy x

Originally posted by ohhseby

Robert loved a good party for any film release and it was paramount every key cast member turned up. You, Scarlett, Elizabeth and Emily all turned up together, with short, casual party dresses donned on you all. Scarlett’s makeup was a true masterpiece and the rest of you marvelled at her beauty. Being Scarlett, she was very modest about the whole thing, commenting her makeup artist and commending the rest of your makeup. Eventually, as you all turned up to the party together, Chris, Sebastian and “Mackie” all congressed over to you, informing you all about the group over in the corner. Robert, Paul, Don, Tom, Chadwick and Jeremy were all conversing over the bar table, sipping on the vodka sodas, Tom only having a lemonade of course. “Should we go over?” asked Chris, pointing over and leading the way, taking Scarlett’s hand with Mackie coaxing Elizabeth and Emily, one each in hand. “Should I?” asked Sebastian turning to you, holding out his hand. Already flattered and internally panicking, you leant onto his hand, him walking you over as if you were royalty. “Are we made of china now?” you laughed, turning to see him smiling gleefully, his eyes squinting. “Aha, possibly. I gotta say though, I’m not exactly great at this posh kind of stuff.” Sebastian replied, looking to you in response. “And you think I am?” you laughed, joining the rest of the group.

Most of you had settled down now, sitting around, lounging on chairs and the odd hammock. You sat with Scarlett and Emily, Elizabeth deciding she would sit with Jeremy who she was newly friends with, because of the film. Just leaving his conversation with Sebastian, Mackie arose from his seat, about to propose something to the group. “In on honour of this glorious film, how about a few rounds of Baby Do You Love Me, and we’ll see where the night takes us?” chanted Mackie, winking to Sebastian cleverly before turning back round to the group. “We make a film and to honour it you want to play that?” laughed Robert. He was right, it didn’t really make any sense, but it was Mackie, so it didn’t have to. “And? You’ll love it! Come on, I’ll go first!” he pounced, wandering round the circle until he arrived at Sebastian’s feet. It was obvious they would both attempt to play it on each other, as they were the mischievous ones on set. You had to admit, Sebastian was super cute, especially when he got a suited up, and it worked wonders on your imagination, but you had to keep that at bay. Within seconds, before Mackie had even begun the phrase, Sebastian broke out into a perfect laughter, his eyes scrunched up.

As he circled the group, your breath hitched as he neared you, passing slowly and breathing out in relief. For a split second, you thought you were clear, and you wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassment; that was until he turned back around. Smirking blissfully, Sebastian neared you and stood directly above you. His smile was perfectly beautiful… almost masterfully crafted. Taking a short, sweet intake of air, you prepared for the round. “Baby girl, darling, sweet cheeks, pumpkin pie, cupcakes and cream and a cherry on top…” he began, already sparking laughter from the rest of the group. “Do you love me?” he asked, kneeling down before you, small sincerity in his tone. “Baby I love you but I just can’t smile,” you replied, nibbling on your lip to distract yourself from smiling. Instantly, Sebastian pounced onto your lips, a subliminal warmth cascading over you. Pulling away and biting your lip, he smirked miraculously, knowing he had you round his finger. “Don’t bite your lip like that, it does stuff to me…” he whispered, repetitively glancing down to your bottom lip. “Fuck it,” he crashed onto you, feeding a hand through your hair and standing up to get higher over you.

Gasping for air as you broke away, you panted, “Baby I love you, but fuck it I smiled,” Giggling, you melted under the purity of his eyes, glancing around the group to see them all standing up and clapping. You shied away slightly, retreating behind your hands and ducking your head. “See, I said it was a good game,” he whispered in your ear, turning back round to the crowd of applause.

Came Here to Forget

Jack slammed his hand against the bar on the door. There was music playing loudly, but he could barely hear it over his own racing thoughts. He sat himself on a bar stool and ordered a shot of Fireball.

Tonight, he was here to forget.

Sure, plenty of people came here to forget, but he had had his heart broken for the fourth time this year. By the same guy.

It was the same thing over and over. “I hate you, get out,” then a week later it was, “I messed up, I love you.”

Jack hated that he was head over heels for this guy, yet he was being used like a fucking toy.

He downed the shot with ease, running his fingers through his faded green locks and sighing. His eyes were red and his head ached. Jack twisted around and people watched, seeing nearly everyone being lovey-dovey with their partner.

A couple shared a fruity looking drink, booping each other on the nose and giggling.

“Augh..” he muttered under his breath. He settled on staring out the window by the door.

Suddenly someone pushed open the door with as much, if not more, anger as Jack.

Jack watched as this man shoved his hands in his pockets and made his way across the bar. As he took a seat next to Jack, he slid his hands over his head and groaned.

Jack felt a little self conscious. he knew he was a crying blubbering mess, and it was just his luck the last seat this..fairly handsome man could have taken was next to him.

The Irishman wiped at his cheeks with his already tear stained sleeves, trying to make himself look like less of train wreck. As he did, the man next to him looked up.

He had tired looking grey eyes and hair that had been bleached some time ago. It hung down the slightest bit, framing his face nicely, Jack thought. His hand rubbed over his stubble covered jaw, and Jack bit his lip.

Jack made eye contact and smiled weakly.

“Hello..” he said quietly, “are you feeling alright?” The grey eyes crinkled as he forced a smile.

“I should be asking you..” he cocked his head, and it took Jack a moment to figure out what he wanted.

“Oh, uhm, the name’s Jack.” he held out a sweatshirt sleeve covered hand.

“Felix,” the man said, taking Jack’s small hand in his larger one, “now really, Jack..are you okay?”  

Jack shrugged as the bartender brought him another shot.

“I’ve had my heart broken more times than I’d like to admit..” he murmured, “by the same guy.” he hesitated as he said “guy”, afraid he’d get ridiculed for his sexuality.

“Oh jeez..” Felix muttered as he sipped the vodka soda he’d ordered. Jack nodded sheepishly.

“I just really like him.” Jack said, fidgeting with his sleeves, “and I keep falling for his stupid little acts.” Felix clicked his tongue.

“To hell with him. Or anyone that fucks with someone as adorable as you.” Jack froze a little, chewing on his lip. He looked at Felix, a blush and a smile on his face.

“Oh, I-I didn’t mean that that way, I’m sorry..” Felix muttered curses under his breath, his face turning pink as he sipped his drink. Jack smiled a little more, but said nothing.

“So..why are you here tonight, Felix?” he asked quietly, “I told you why I’m here.” Felix stared at his drink for a second before answering.

“’s complicated..” he muttered, “I was with this guy, and..well I never really loved him that much, and I met this girl at the train station on my way to work. She sat next to me and we got to talking. She was really nice, not to mention gorgeous, and we ended up seeing each other nearly everyday. She had a similar work schedule as me, and we talked about the coolest things and..ah fuck I’m rambling..” he shook his head and sipped his drink. Jack put his hand on Felix’s arm.

“N-no, go on. I’m listening,” he said, giving a lopsided smile. Felix pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth.

“Are you sure you wanna hear me blab on and on?” Of course he did. Jack nodded.

“I-I’m a good listener,” he said, pulling his hand away and fidgeting with his sleeve again, “it might make you feel better if you talk it out.” Felix looked at him for a second, tired grey eyes meeting ones that matched perfectly. Then he continued, swiveling around to meet Jack’s knees with his own.

“I..well, like I said, she had a similar work schedule, and I started to develop a bit of a crush on her, and I thought at the time she liked me too..” he trailed off and sipped his drink again. Jack folded his hands in his lap. “One day on the train we talked about relationships and how we wanted to be sure we found the right person. Then she took a vacation from work and I didn’t see her for a bit. During that time, I decided I was going to break up with my boyfriend.”

Jack nodded, watching Felix politely. He couldn’t help but study his face as he talked. The soft dusting of freckles, how cute his nose was, the way his eyes crinkled when he was thinking. His lips looked soft, Jack noted. The black shirt he had on was tight, and Jack could see his muscles ripple as he moved.

He swallowed, looking back up at Felix’s face.

“I got home after work that week, and sat my boyfriend down, telling him I needed to say something important. He said he had something to tell me as well.” Felix took a deep breath, sipping his drink again. Jack could tell it was hard for him to tell this story.

He smiled reassuringly as Felix turned back to him.

“I told my boyfriend that I had met someone I enjoyed being around, and that I didn’t really feel that strongly about him..I-I expected him to cry or something, but he just laughed it off and..and told me he had been cheating on me a-anyway..”

“That’s fucking cruel.” Jack said, quickly reaching out to wipe tears from Felix’s face. Felix looked at him, and Jack quickly retracted his hand. “S-sorry.”

“No no, it’s fine,” Felix smiled, “thank you..” Jack blushed as Felix continued. “As if it couldn’t get any worse..apparently the person he’d been seeing was..was the same girl I’d met on the train..” Jack’s mouth dropped open, his hand flying up to cover it.

“Fuck..” he muttered.

“It’s a small world, isn’t it?..” Felix murmured. Jack bit his lip as Felix edged forward on his seat, their knees pressing together. “He texted me about an hour ago..a photo of him and the girl kissing. He just wanted to rub it in my I came here.” Felix leaned his head in his hands.

He was so close to Jack, that he could have just kissed the top of his head.

But he refrained from doing so.

They sat there in silence, Jack settling his hand on Felix’s knee and rubbing his thumb across it until Felix lifted his head.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, Jack..” he mumbled, “I’m a mess.” Jack shook his head.

“N-no, it’s absolutely fine. So am I. Don’t you feel a bit better now that you vented?” Felix nodded slowly.

“Yeah, I guess..” he looked at his watch, “oh Jesus it’s late..” Jack pulled out his phone.

It was 1:24 am.

“Fuuckkkk..” Jack dragged out the word, sighing.

Felix insisted on paying for Jack’s drinks, as payment for “making Jack listen to him ramble like a bubble blowing baby”. Jack honestly didn’t mind. He could have listened to Felix ramble for another three hours and then some.

They walked out together, fingers brushing up against each other. Blushes found their ways to both of their faces.

Felix fished his keys out of his pocket and unlocked his car.

“Where’s your car?” he asked Jack. Jack chuckled lightly.

“I ah..don’t have my license actually. I walked here.” Felix looked at him wide eyed.

“No way in hell are you walking home at this time of night..Or day, whatever. Not on my watch. Get in.” He opened the passenger side door. Jack shook his head.

“Isn’t there a rule about not riding with strangers?” Felix rolled his eyes.

“Jack, I know you don’t know me that well, but please, trust me when I say I’m concerned about you.” Jack blushed.

“I-I mean I guess it wouldn’t hurt..” he sat down in the car, Felix shutting the door gently behind him. Jack buckled his seatbelt as he got in the car and started it.

What was the worst that could happen? Murder?

“So, uh, where do you live?” Jack bit his lip, then explained to Felix how to get there as they pulled out onto the street.

“Oh shit, Felix wait a second..” Felix drove back into their parking space, slightly alarmed at how panicked his new friend sounded.

“What is it?”

“My-my boyfriend..well ex boyfriend, is having a party at house. He texted me on my way here..” Felix looked at Jack, complete worry taken over his face.

“Fucking asshole..” he muttered, looking away, “I-do you wanna come to my place then?..” Jack played with his sleeves.

“I-I dunno..I don’t want to be a burden on you, Felix.” he murmured, “You just met me, I’m sure you have stuff to do.” Felix shook his head and grabbed Jack’s hands before either of them knew what was happening.

“Jack, you will not be a burden to me. I want to help you. Please, come to my house, you can stay the night and I’ll drive you home in the morning.” Jack looked at his hands that had been taken into Felix’s, then back up at the man in front of him.

“I-if you’re sure..” Felix smiled, relief showing on his face.

“Thank god.”

They drove in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. They would look at each other now and then, giggles and blushes being shared.

Felix pulled into his driveway and Jack whistled softly.

“Nice place.” he said as he opened the door. Felix pushed a hand through his hair and shrugged.

“Thank you.” he murmured. He unlocked the front door and let Jack in first.

Felix took Jack’s sweatshirt and hung it in the closet next to his coat. Jack kicked off his shoes as a pug came to greet him. He laughed, getting on his knees and talking to the dog as if it was a baby.

Felix chuckled, “that’s Edgar.” he said, “He loves people, but I’m pretty sure he was sent from hell to watch over me or something.”

Jack burst into a fit of giggles as continued to pet the dog before standing up.

He turned to face Felix, not realizing how close he actually was to him. Their faces were just inches apart. Jack blushed, but didn’t back away. Felix’s hand suddenly connected with Jack’s hip, and he pulled him closer. Jack’s eyes fluttered closed and he leaned in, their lips meeting in the middle.

He wrapped his arms around Felix’s neck, pressing their bodies together. Felix smiled into the kiss before disconnecting it to breathe.

Jack’s face was red as all hell, he was sure of it.

“I-wow..” he breathed. Felix bit his lip; he suddenly looked embarrassed.

“I’m-I’m sorry, Jack..that was uncalled for..” he let go of Jack, the Irishman immediately feeling the loss of heat. “I shouldn’t have-”

Jack grabbed Felix’s hand and put it back on his waist, quieting him.

“Don’t stop..” Jack whispered, leaning into his touch and closing his eyes. He felt Felix lean in again, this time kissing him a little harder. He brought his hands to Jack’s butt, squeezing gently as he picked him up with ease. He backed Jack up against the wall. Jack laughed lightly, wrapping his legs around Felix’s hips. He ran his slender hands down Felix’s shoulders and arms, feeling each muscle ripple as he moved.

For some reason, he couldn’t put his finger on it, he felt extremely safe in Felix’s arms. His cares seemed to melt away as he kissed this stranger he met at the bar.

They parted slowly, foreheads still touching. Felix’s smile grew as he stared at Jack with those beautiful blue eyes. He was a little out of breath, but in a good way.

“Are..are you sure you wanna do this?..” he murmured, looking down at Jack’s lips, his eyes not daring to travel any further. Jack squeezed Felix’s sides with his thighs and smiled softly.

“Would I have stayed if I didn’t?”

With that their lips collided again, Felix letting out a soft groan as Jack ran his fingers through his hair.

Suddenly, Felix pulled back from the wall, Jack’s arms wrapping around his neck again. Felix started up the stairs to his bedroom, kissing Jack’s neck as he did. Jack threw his head and giggled, making Felix grin.

Kicking the door open with his foot, Felix placed Jack on the bed, climbing on top of him. He laughed, his deep baritone voice rattling Jack’s chest as he kissed him.

“You’re so cute..” Felix mumbled as he kissed up Jack’s neck. Jack hooked his legs around Felix’s waist.

“Thanks..” he murmured. “You’re not too bad yourself.” Felix continued kissing Jack’s jaw, carding his fingers through Jack’s faded green hair tenderly. The Irishman closed his eyes and smiled softly. He tipped his head back as Felix’s kisses moved his shoulder.

His hands began to slide down Jack’s slender figure, stopping at the hem of his shirt. He pulled away, looking him straight in the eye.

“I-is this okay?” he asked, fingertips lingering on Jack’s hips. Jack nodded and sat up, allowing his t-shirt to be slipped off and tossed to the floor.

Hands touched his shoulders, snaking down his bare torso. Jack shivered, grinning sheepishly as he did. Felix chuckled.

He pulled away, looking Jack up and down, studying every last detail of him as he smiled. Jack covered his face with his hands.

“Stop staring’..” his voice was muffled by his hands. Felix reached over and removed them from his face, kissing each hand as he set them down.

“You’re so gorgeous, Jack..” he said soothingly, adjusting himself so he was sitting in Jack’s lap. Jack looked away, blushing. Felix took his chin in his hand and kissed him, cupping his cheek with the other hand.

“Take this off..” Jack mumbled into the kiss, fumbling with Felix’s shirt. Felix smiled and slipped off his shirt, tossing it to join Jack’s. As he pulled away, Jack let his mouth hang open a little at how well-built Felix was.

“Christ..” he whispered, running his pale hands down Felix’s tanned torso. He bit his lip and closed his eyes as Jack toyed with him. “I got lucky tonight, didn’t I?” he muttered into Felix’s neck, kissing it sweetly. Jack heard him laugh softly as he continued to litter his neck with kisses. As Felix arched his back, Jack felt his erection press against his stomach.

“Fuck, o-oh god,” Felix’s hips came to life, and he rolled them against Jack. The Irishman fell back onto the bed, pulling Felix with him. Sitting himself on Jack’s hips, Felix fumbled impatiently with Jack’s jeans, finally sliding them down his legs and throwing them to join the other clothes on the floor. He then slipped out of his sweatpants and attacked Jack’s neck again, leaving them in their boxers.

“Shit-ah fucking hell..” Jack rutted his hips up into Felix’s, desperate for friction. To his relief, Felix returned the favor, pressing himself against the boy beneath him.

Nails dug into his back, leaving red marks in their place as they dragged down. Felix kissed Jack again, slow and sweet as he rolled his hips at a perfect rhythm. The Irishman moaned into the kiss, a string of curses leaving his lips as he felt himself getting close.

Everything that had happened to these broken-hearted men was gone, replaced by pure pleasure. Jack’s head felt light, and Felix’s lips on his were the only thing he was focused on.

“Fuck, I’m so close,” Felix growled as he hid his face in the crook of Jack’s neck, “fuck, fuck, fuck..”

“Ah god, I’m gonna cum, Felix..” Jack shut his eyes, his hips moving on their own accord now. His cheeks were hot, every fiber of his being on edge as he held onto Felix.

“Do it, cum for me, Jack.” he felt himself tip over the edge, leaning down to kiss Jack hard. As Felix slowed down, the Irishman arched his back, moaning louder than he intended.

“Ah fuck!” his hips jerked up a few more times before they both collapsed, Felix on top of Jack, breathing heavily.

“Mm, Jesus Christ..” Felix murmured as he turned over to look at Jack.

“Yeah..” Jack muttered, smiling at the man lying next to him. There was silence for a minute, both of them staring at each other fondly.

“Hey..” Felix lifted his head and reached out to run his thumb across Jack’s cheek, “thank you.” Jack propped himself up on his elbow, bumping noses with his counterpart.

“Fer what? Invading your house at 2 in the morning and cumming on your bedsheets?” Felix laughed.

“No no, as much as I enjoy the fact that you came on my bedsheets,” Felix pulled Jack’s head towards him, both of them laughing a little as they shared a kiss. “thank you for trusting me. Thank you for helping me forget..” Jack kissed him again.

“I was gonna say the same thing..” he murmured. Felix moved so he was lying on the bed, and he pulled Jack into his chest.

Jack closed his eyes, snuggling himself into Felix’s shoulder and sighing. “Thank you for letting me stay here.” he said quietly. Felix draped an arm over Jack’s waist and pulled the blanket over them.

“Thank you for staying.”

A/N this is a re-write from a since deleted blog of mine, so if you noticed that, please don’t bash me for it. thanks. hope you enjoyed otherwise!

Not your type.

Riley laid flat on her stomach across her bed, mindlessly flipping through a vogue magazine as her best friend aggressively went through her wardrobe, leaving no shoe un-turned.

“I don’t get it.” Maya mumbles under her breath, “how on earth is it that you go to the Fashion Institute of Technology and yet your closet has no fashion.” She huffs throwing one of Riley’s scarves on the floor.

“Looking for anything specific?” The brunette asks, though truth be told she had zoned out 15 minutes ago and couldn’t for the life of her remember why the petite girl was rummaging through her clothes.

“Something nice?” The blonde states but the way it sounds comes off as more of a question. “I don’t know. The guy I’m seeing tonight is kind of boring? Okay, maybe not boring per say but he’s kind of this goody-goody, he’s in med school I think? Super polite, you know the type.”

“Yeah, I do.” Riley raises her eyebrow, “And he doesn’t sound like yours.”

“He’s not.” Maya smirks. “I figure I can mess him up a bit. Make him more fun, maybe a little dangerous.”

“Or, and hear me out on this one, you can date someone you actually like.” Riley offers, finally sitting up from her bed to inspect the damage her friend had caused.

The entire contents of her dresser and closet were sprawled out on the floor, making the carpet underneath it barely noticeable.

“The guys I date suck.” The blonde pouts, “Besides, they’re always so predictable.”

“That’s because you have a very specific type.” Riley rolls her eyes, “Musician or Artist. Super sexy and always super emotionally unavailable.”

“Which is exactly why I’m going out with this guy.” Maya reiterates. “- and usually I wouldn’t know what the hell to talk about with someone like him but that’s exactly why you’ll be there.”

“What?!” Riley stands to her feet, crossing her arms over her chest. “Nah uh no way not going to happen.”

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(Per Jelly Bean Vodka)
4 oz. (180ml) Vodka
Handful of Jelly Beans
(Per shot)
¾ oz. (22ml) Jelly Bean Vodka
¾ oz. (22ml) Lemon Lime Soda

1. Create jelly bean vodka by placing a handful of beans in base of small glass bottle and filling with vodka. Allow to infuse overnight.
2. Pour vodka halfway into shot glass and top with lemon lime soda. Enjoy!

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“Hey bud, what can I get for you?” the bartender asked me over the pumping music of the club.

“Vodka-soda,” I shouted, “Oh, and hey, can I use your body for the rest of the night?”

“Huh?” he asked me.

“Can I use your body for the rest of the night?” I asked, very clearly this time. He still couldn’t hear me over the bumping bass line of whatever dance remix the DJ was playing at the time.

“Uh, sure?” he said, and he went about making my drink. He was oblivious to what he was agreeing to, but it was enough of a confirmation for me.

“Great!” I said.

I leaned in towards the bar, closed my eyes, and projected myself forward. I threw myself out of my current host and flew right into the bartender’s ear. It was the most convenient spot for me to enter. 

The bartender might have given a bit of a shudder as I took control of him, but that’s all anyone who happened to have been watching would have seen. At this point, I’d gotten very good at making my hops look as seamless as possible from the outside.

I took a glance down at my hairy, shirtless torso and gave my abs a flex. Nice. I pulled from the bartender’s memories and figured he only had about another couple of hours on his shift. If everything went well, I’d collect all his tips by the end of the night and hopefully pick up some hot drunk stud from the club for a good fuck at either my place or his. 

If the guy I took home was hot enough, I’d probably hop into his body the next morning.

The Night Before (SMUT WARNING) - Jai Courtney

This part is set the night before the first chapter, ‘The Morning After’. I wasn’t originally going to do this but I had a feeling that someone would ask me to do it and someone messaged me mentioning that they would like to see what happened the night before :) so here it is!

Word Count: 2159
Read this on AO3 here.
Read the first part here.
Anon message inspiration here

Jai’s feet were resting on the coffee table when you got home. He greeted you with a smile and muted the television show he was watching. “Hey, baby. How was work?”

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