Japanese lesson: Valentine's day ♡

デート (deeto) - date
彼氏 (kareshi) - boyfriend
彼女 (kanojo) - girlfriend
イチャイチャ (ichaicha) - flirt
口説く (kudoku) - to hit on
萌える (moeru) - to have a crush
愛 (ai) - love
恋する (koi suru) - to love
告白する (kokuhaku suru) - to confess
抱く (daku) - to hug
恋い乱る (koimidaru) - to be lovesick
キッス (kissu) - kiss
大好き (daisuki) - I like you a lot.

付き合ってくれる? (tsukiatte kureru?) - Will you go out with me?

Less learning more emerging

I’m just gonna keep it short and charming. Too much dependency on text books and class, not enough putting things to practice. Too much learning new things, not enough revising and practicing what you know. Too much insecurity about what you don’t know, not enough awareness on what you actually can. 

I cannot STRESS THIS enough. You have the tools. YOU GOT THIS. The text books have taught you well. You know how to language, now get out there and have fun! Here, have some ideas on what you could do to passively improve your language skills (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Listening/speaking: listen to songs and sing along. Look up the words you dont know and give yourself a cookie for every sentence you comprehended just by listening. (Guys, this is LITERALLY how I learned Mandarin).

Listening: Watch vloggers on youtube, watch movies without subtitles. Seriously, don’t be naughty and put subtitles in target language. You can do without. You can improve your reading comprehension somewhere else. This is for listening. Again listen to more songs. 

Speaking: Get yourself a language parent. Find a friend (online) who will help you practice. Don’t let them correct you, like every mistake, but ask them to actually talk to you like you’re a baby and they are the parent. Be serious about it. Both of you. This helps heaps (I practiced with my baby cousins Mandarin nanny and it really helped). Start with easy topics: tell them about your day, your hobbies, then gradually upgrade.

Speaking/reading: This is funny. This is for nerds only. Pick a topic any topic. Do some research on it, but only in target language. You are only allowed to use target language resources. Or you can use other resrouces do what you like, lol. And present your findings in your target language to yourself. Or your dog. Or your (language) parents. Its just for fun. But it helps so much. because you need more words for the same thing. So youre gonna learn synonims, yeaaa buuddy

Reading: Just read anyting. Start with easy blogs and magazines. Gradually update to the real deal like literary prose, news papers and articles.

hmmm, for the rest idk anymore tips.. If you have any let me knoww! What is your learning style? Do you have any ideas? LETMEKNOW

BTW, I am not a benny lewis. There is no right or wrong way to learn a language. There is only your way. That sounded pretty spiritual huh? 

Nossa garota, o que está havendo? Onde estão seus planos? Suas metas e promessas? Quando prometeu lá atrás que não permitiria ninguém ultrapassar a linha perigosa. É, parece mesmo que foi a pior promessa já feita, quem manda no seu pequeno coração é voc… Não, ninguém o comanda, a não ser ele mesmo, e isso é o perigoso. Veja só agora, estás ai, fazendo o oposto do que havia gritado a si mesma. Gritado? Ele tapou seus próprios ouvidos pra não te permitir entender e aprender. Então vive menina, vai vivendo um dia de cada vez. O tempo demora, mas cura, e o que tiver que ser, vai ser e ponto.
—  Kionara Karla
Cozy voc in Luxembourgish

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(mas) Kuss - kiss
(mas) Film - movie
(mas) Pullover - sweater
(mas) Kappkëssen- pillow
(mas) Kaffi - coffee
(fem) Strëmp - socks
(neu) Buch - book
(fem) Decken - blanket
(fem) Rascht - nap
(mas, fem) Kamäin, Schminni - fireplace
(fem) Kaz - cat
(mas) Stär - star
(mas) Téi - tee

(fem) Käerz - candle

duuss, mëll - soft
delikat - delicate
séiss - sweet
bequem, confortabel - comfortable
waarm - warm

këssen - to kiss
emäermelen, drécken - to hug
sech këmmeren ëm - to take care of sb
sech leeën - to lie down
kuschelen, schmusen - to cuddle
liesen - to read
schlofen - to sleep
raschten - to rest

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Happy Halloween! Here’s some black vampires from the Twilight Series!

Laurent, Zafrina, Senna, Mary and Henri!

[Undertronic] Hex

Hex is allied with Chronos on a business level (until future events with Xephyr arise) and often works along side Seris.
Seris is also a mercenary, but his nature is diplomatic and acts more like Hex’s advisor while not in combat.

An idea with mercenary ranks came up this week o3o Corporations could recognize high valued mercenaries based on their rank (which is earned through their service and the jobs they take). Chronos’s rank will be slightly lower than Hex’s, and Seris’s rank will be lower than Chronos’s.

Also Hex’s eyes are a bit different than my other OC’s eyes in this drawing. I’m experimenting with different modes for my OC’s, and Hex is currently in slight “Feral” mode. Here’s some info:

Disciplined - The most tame mode, their daily basis mood.
Feral - When very agitated, wanting to prove a point, threatened etc. Thoughts are more irrational and is associated with strong emotion.
Bloodthirsty - Only Xephyr can currently reach this mode. Thoughts are extremely irrational. Judgement is so clouded that recognizing others around oneself becomes near impossible. Returning from this mode is very difficult.

*very slowly preparing for the comics, takes a lot of planning* ouo
And yes, Hex has an official Voc now. His voice is one of my favorites, I’ve been working with it for the past week x3