if anyone ever calls brendon untalented im just going to show them this

Random Thoughts on Unclean Vocals (screaming)

If I could be anything in the world, and knew I could do it successfully for a living I would want to scream in a band. I’ve always had dreams where I am up in stage with a band and screaming my heart out to lyrics that meant a lot to me. I honestly want to learn how to scream, not to become a part of a band but because I admire it and I would love to be able to do it one day, just for fun.
Personally to me screamers get the most message out to me, they just have such a talent that I admire so highly. For example David Stevens from WCAR. He is an amazing screamer (my personal favorite) and within his screaming such strong messages are passed along.
Those were just my thoughts on screaming.(:


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