One of my favorite mixes to listen to while drawing~

Do you like Halloween? Are you a fan of VOCALOID and/or UTAU? Then consider checking out the 2017 VOCAUTAU HALLOWEEN PARTY! 

Inspired by some of the incredible collaborations in the community, this collab will be centered on the spooky, unsettling, Halloween-themed original songs to celebrate the best time of year– Halloween! 

If you’re interested please check out the Read More and reblogs are very much appreciated! 

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Rana: I’m sorry for malfunction there-cough- anyways..

Rana: I try not to think about my age it too much. not really a big deal to me. but apparently to everyone– the fans,vocaloids and UTAUs find it to be a big deal. and it bothers me now and then

Rana: Miku herself when she first met me even called me a “fetus baby

Rana: but I will agree a bit that it’s weird that I’m 0 years old. But everyone can make their own opinons and think-even myself of which age I think I should be and/or look like.

Rana: but either way on my official profile it will say and always be that I am 0 years old.

Rana: even if I get to my first birthday and anniversary, I’ll still be and technically 0 years old.


Here it is, the 2017 VocaUTAU Halloween Party Collab! View the full size image here (careful it’s huge)

Thanks to all our applicants and to the 31 artists who helped bring the collab together! The list of the artists and the songs can be found here and are credited based on the alphabetical order of their songs (going from L to R). 

Happy Halloween everyone and see you next year!

anonymous asked:

On the topic of Vocaloid, have you heard the song Close To You? I highly recommend it, especially Flower and Ritsu's versions.

I think I’ve heard it.

(looks it up)

Oh, yeah, I’ve definitely heard it. XD

I like this version •u•