Rana: I’m sorry for malfunction there-cough- anyways..

Rana: I try not to think about my age it too much. not really a big deal to me. but apparently to everyone– the fans,vocaloids and UTAUs find it to be a big deal. and it bothers me now and then

Rana: Miku herself when she first met me even called me a “fetus baby

Rana: but I will agree a bit that it’s weird that I’m 0 years old. But everyone can make their own opinons and think-even myself of which age I think I should be and/or look like.

Rana: but either way on my official profile it will say and always be that I am 0 years old.

Rana: even if I get to my first birthday and anniversary, I’ll still be and technically 0 years old.

“Sometimes I remember that There used to be a BIG controversy over ‘Kasane Keko’ within the UTAU/Vocaloid fandom, there was even an illegal nanami model edit. All we really know is she was like a fakeloid version of an utauloid- one of the first I think.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t invested, i mean, it was so odd to see an UTAU ripoff rather than a vocaloid one- especially from an up-rising producer like Circus-P.”

Artist: Circus-P