Month of Song Challenge

There are hundreds of VocaUTAU fans and users out there that wish that someday they could write originals and become a producer themselves. But there’s even more things we come up with to hold us back- things like “I have too many things to do,” or “I don’t know enough about music.”

This challenge is for all of you people, who want to write songs but think they can’t. Because even if you think that you’ll never be able to write songs like all of your favorite Vocalo-Ps, you CAN create this entire great thing of your own to be proud of.

So what is the challenge?

Drop everything for a month to focus on writing an original singthesis song.

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Rana: I’m sorry for malfunction there-cough- anyways..

Rana: I try not to think about my age it too much. not really a big deal to me. but apparently to everyone– the fans,vocaloids and UTAUs find it to be a big deal. and it bothers me now and then

Rana: Miku herself when she first met me even called me a “fetus baby

Rana: but I will agree a bit that it’s weird that I’m 0 years old. But everyone can make their own opinons and think-even myself of which age I think I should be and/or look like.

Rana: but either way on my official profile it will say and always be that I am 0 years old.

Rana: even if I get to my first birthday and anniversary, I’ll still be and technically 0 years old.

voca-utau replied to your post: voca-utau replied to your post: voca-u…

I’m actually quite surprised she’s still with him at this rate. Judging by her last post she must’ve had at least SOMETHING going through her mind about dumping him. I cant wait to see Amy and Sally’s reactions to his “Revamp” of the blog.

Oh believe me, I’m sure she’s thought of it. If that were me I would have dropped him after Mod Knux got kicked off… I’m really glad some of the mods got out when they could.

The reaction to the “theme” is going to be absolute gold. xD

random title wheeeeeeeee

I’ll take a break of drawing for a while ;;; School assignment attacks lol

Also idk why i post this though

….click for fullviewdrawings from grade 5,6, grade 7to8(June2010) until May2011. And here i am ok full of VocaUTAU and Touhoutards…… There’s still more of them but mostly doodles, not enough spaces and embarassing OTL.Looks like i didn’t improve at all blargh. ;n;*runsssss