Buncha huevembers I missed, here’s 19-23. Featuring dark and not-so-dark Sutos, a smol Houseki No Kuni fanart and a Miku, I used to be primarily a vocaloid artist.. Barely anyone, including myself, remembers that. TwT



200,000 more views till TEN million!! (^^)

#81 - “I never understood why some people get angry towards Miku, if you don’t like her don’t listen to her songs. Listen to your favourite Vocaloids songs and covers, buy your favourite Vocaloids’ merch. Why do people constantly feel the need to say ‘Miku sucks and my favourite Vocaloid needs more attention’. Crypton is a company at the end of the day and if Miku is the ‘most popular’ they are going to use that to earn money. So stop spreading hate.”