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so I did this tag on twitter where you get a character name and you have to talk about the points you keep in mind as you draw them so…here’s a compilation of everyone I did.

In order starting from top left corner: Default Oliver, Gardenia, Kaai Yuki, Fukase, Streetie (my Oliver variant), Kasane Teto, Gumi, Tone Rion, and Yohioloid

AH-Software Vocaloid Headcanons

SF-A2 Miki: Cute asf, D.va, definition of pop star, totally not a robotic alien

Yuki Kaai: Soooo cute, smol and innocent child, keep her safe, don’t let her talk to strangers, is trained fite you with a knife if needed, please don’t make her have to use it

Hiyama Kiyoteru : Yuki’s Dad, even if its not canon, he is her father, a great teacher, a totally different person when you take off his glasses, looks hotter without them

Nekomura Iroha: Mina Sako Arigato k-k-k-kawaii~, hello kitty nerd, hello kitty aesthetic, would stab you in the back, crazy cat lady

Yuzuki Yukari: Adventure Time nerd, owns a Finn the Human body pillow, plays video games, owns a YouTube channel, “dammit Gumi”, actually good at math

Tohoku Zunko: Loves mochi, will help a country I need, kindheart and sweet, great at archery, fire emblem nerd

Macne Nana: has no idea what’s going on, has a good soul, passionate, wants to give everyone happiness and love, really fun to hang out with (kinda the like they guy who made this post sorta)

Macne Nana petit: Sassy ass motherfucker, has a resting bitch face, eats at Smug Wendy’s, doesn’t give a fuck, smart(ass), plays Splatoon, favorite squid sister is Marie

Get spooky with Halloween Vocaloid songs

These songs have less of blood and/or suggestive themes:

Full Course for Candy Addicts by Machigerīta-P (Miku)

Moonlit Bear by mothy (Miku)

Hyperventilation Dance by Nashimoto-P (Miku)

Splatter-Party by かめりあ (Miku)

Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses by ハチ さま (Miku)

Dance of the Dead by Kikuo (Miku)

Dark Woods Circus by kokuto_yu-ki (Miku)

Oblivious Pumpkin by Pinocchio-P (Miku)

Sadistic music factory by cosMo (Miku)

Wide knowledge of the late, Madness by マチゲリータ (Miku)

Kagome, Kagome by Kamiyanagi (Miku & Luka)

Rotten girl grotesque romance by 大川さんの炒め物 (Miku & Luka)

Greetings From The Bottom Of The Well by Machigerita (Miku, Luka & Meiko)

Circus Monster by Circus-P (Luka / Miku version)  

Song for Great Satan by Nanka P (Rin)

Happy Halloween by Junky (Rin)

An Immortalist With a Spurting Blood Traveling Mood by KagomeP (Rin)

Trick and Treat by Inukai (Rin & Len)

Black cats of the Eve by Mayuko (Rin & Len)

Karakuri 卍 Burst by Hitoshizuku-P (Rin & Len)

Master of the graveyard by mothy (Rin, Len & Meiko)

Dummy March by momocashew (Oliver & Len)

Pumpkin March by momocashew (Oliver)

Hide and Seek by mianamaxi (MAYU)

Carnival by otetsu (Gumi)

Dreamer Eater by yukkedoluce (Gumi)

Pandemic by 融合P (Gumi)

Rugrats Theory by Crusher-P (Kaai Yuki)

Bad∞End∞Night by ひとしずくP (Vocaloid 8)

Crazy∞Night by ひとしずくP (Vocaloid 8)

Twilight∞Night by ひとしずくP (Vocaloid 8)

Never∞Ending∞Night by ひとしずくP (Vocaloid 8)

The spookiest Vocaloid has to offer, but also kinda disturbing:

The Fox’s Wedding by Masa (Gumi & Miku)

Bacterial Contamination by mathru (Miku)

Breaking Things into Pieces by きくお (Miku)

Fear Garden by slept (Rin)















Credit to Likeacharly for drawing my Avatar (The picture used in the headers)

Note: I was going to add “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, but I felt that song wasn’t exactly appropriate for halloween. It’s definitely creepy, but the meaning behind it isn’t something I think should be taken lightly. Look it up if you want, but I’m not going to add a link.

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