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This song, The Dream Eating Girl on the Sands, was made by widely known producer Hachi, famous for the showstopping Matryoskka(which has been cosplayed by every cosplayer ever) & Panda Hero

And BY GEORGE, it needs more love.

While the vocals aren’t stellar, they’re pretty good for Hachi’s first time using Luka.  The lyrics are simple & sweet, as is the song structure(although the translation is a bit odd NVMD,firebreathfishslap suggested a better translation & has been put up here to see).  The twinkling piano combined with the rock & roll guitar & drums make it sound like a rock infused lullaby, and the moments of calm in this are a nice break from the moments of full on sound.   The song paces itself & takes time to sing it’s tale, but it doesn’t feel like it drags when you hear it & would just lose its effect if it went the regular way of going fast.

What can I say other than it’s just a really good bedtime song?

Do you ship anyone in Vocaloid?


I always though MeikoXKaito was cute, and think GakupoXMiku & LukaXKiyoteru is cute as well.  I don’t mind non-hetrosexual parings though, and don’t mind at all if Miku is paired up with Kaito or Luka. *shrug* 

What do you own of Vocaloid besides the software?

I have a few bootlegged key chains of Miku, Rin, Meiko Sakine, & Kaito, along with a Gumi sticker & the buttons I mentioned earlier.  What d'ya have? :)

P.S. Aww, I like how y'all have a fair amount of Engloids among you.  And the fact that you guyses have a bunch of UTAUs is something I can respect too <3

Tolomer do you know how badass you are for owning Gachapoid of all Vocaloids?  That’s just… amazing :D

Gelatinthespacegiraffe, you probably will end up deleting them once you get something that eats up a lot of memory on your computer, like a new software or something.  Maybe you’ll end up using them again though *shrug*

Sketchydoodle, oh geez, sorry about that. D:

Aquapainter, did you get Leon when he came out or later on?  Just curious. :)

Sorry about that Saiyan, at least you got a lot of company in the fandom ;w;

One Last Question Before I Review Lily: What's Your Least Liked Vocaloid Song?

Don’t be shy, we’re all friends here. Unless you say drive to the moon you monster

For mine, I can’t say that it would be any of the songs I’ve reviewed already.  I’d say Spice!, but it’s defiantly not the worst song ever, nor a major offender of anything other than implied incest rape, and this fandub makes it hilarious too.

Nah, I think this would be my least favorite vocaloid song (at the moment).  I won’t say why just yet since I want to make a review of popular creepy songs, but I’ll just say this:

why does this exist

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According to the video description, this is what the song is about:

Author’s Comments: “The android SF-A2 Miki, who was left in the abandoned city in the wilderness of Siberia during the confusion after the Cold War, was asleep for 20 years, inactive, until today. During this slumber, SF-A2, who was supposed to have deteriorated, a sudden meteor burst assisted it in receiving signals, and it became active upon intercepted radio waves from Japan. In accordance with its programming, it aims for the sender of the launch command, and Miki heads to the east along Siberia’s railroad…”

….which is honestly one of the most badass premises I’ve heard for a song in a long while. 

To me, it’s not the most stand out or best song ever, but it’s defiantly worth a few listens.  The beat & tune may be homogenous, but Miki’s singing is solid (a bit high for my taste, but still enjoyable) and the lyrics are quiet descriptive & nicely done.  The tempo is fast paced, & it’s not too repetitive to the point of boredom.  Very interesting song, go ahead and check it out if you have the time~

Who's your favorite & least favorite Vocaloid(s)?

Don’t be shy, I won’t hate you if you say Miku or Gachapoid for either. c:  You can even say an UTAU if you like <3

Currently, I’m fond of Gumi, Miki, & Meiko as my top 3.  While I don’t hate ‘em at all, I find that Kiyoteru’s voice gets on my nerves at times. Oh well, I just haven’t heard his voice used well yet *shrug*

anonymous asked:

How many languages do you speak?

External image

(+1000 points to whoever understands that)

Technically, I can speak only one language, English. 

But I can read two: English & Latin and weeaboo

In Latin class, we’re not taught how to speak Latin as it is a dead language, so I can only decline & translate if I have a Latin textbook with me. ;w;  I have been in the anime/manga/vocaloid fandom long enough to pick up on select words & names in romaji, but nothing more. >w<

Maybe one day if I get good enough I’ll translate a Vocaloid song into Latin pfft

Super Star SF-A2 Miki Shines Bright
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LAST TIME ON VOCALOID REVIEW: We covered one of SF-A2 Miki’s more well known songs, iNSaNiTY, and I whined like a puppy left out in the rain.   I left a sequel hook for me showcasing Miss Miki’s more stellar songs, and will proceed to do that right now as planned.


As I have said before, SF-A2 was the most popular Vocaloid out of the original 3 AH-loids to be released on the same day of December 4th, 2009.  This means that while being obscure, she’s the most NON-obscure and has a good amount of awesome songs to back her up.

External image

Like, I think she would be the John Lenon of the group if I had to put it in Beatles terms. …If the Beatles were really *#*ing obscure.

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Planeter: A duet

You know, I’ve been listening to Lily music this past week, and something odd about it just struck me now.  Most of her songs are endless looping techno music.

Stare at this for fifteen minutes & tell me you’re eyes aren’t sore.  Now transfer that to music: That’s techno.(to me, at least)

Now don’t get me wrong, part of being a really appreciative Vocaloid fan requires you to have an appreciation for these kinds of songs, or at least a well built tolerance (and I have both).  It’s just that… IT NEVER ENDS.  I tend to find most techno how I find most fanfiction that’s not really good or really bad: either is just too generic or too boring.

So instead, I bring you techno’s cousin, electronic, to your ears with a song called Planeter:

You know, I’d like to take the PV more seriously if at 1:53 they didn’t start floating around space as still pictures.  They look like they’re space core, just floating like that.


A simple song that only repeats it’s structure twice, Planeter is just this sweet, excited bubbly song that really does make you wanna reach for the stars.  Gumi & Luka both sound electronic, but since it fits the tone & theme of the song & doesn’t mess with their singing, it doesn’t actually interfere with the song at all.  The lyrics are beautiful, the fast pace is great when mixed with the slower chorus, and it’s just a song that makes you have sweet dreams if you listen to it before you go to bed at night, and is basically the song equivalent to dashing through the rings of various gas planets & racing up & around stars on your rocket boots through space as fast as they allow you to go. 

…to me, at least.  Stop looking at me like that.  I’m a writer I can’t help it. ;w;

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Does anyone here speak Japanese?

Ok, does anyone here speak non-weaboo Japanese? 

Yeah, me neither.  :/

WELL THAT DOESN’T MATTER, because this is one of the most beautiful & unique songs I’ve heard Meiko sing.  I never though techno could be unique, but well, sh#$, there you have it.  Sounds like something wonderful out of a Sonic game.  Unfortunately, I think it most reminds me of something out of 2006, which I hate to compare this song to because that game sucksHard.

Here’s the closest song I could come up with to compare it to, actually:


I don’t have much to say about this other than this is a nice, calm Miki song that just puts all your attention on her & makes you just go to your happy place.  Or a place with a lot of snow.  Either way.

External image

Brings back memories of the time I buried my friend under 6 feet of snow …and left him there.

That bass they have in the background really works well with the twinkling sounds the rest of the song brings.   Miki’s voice blends well into techno since, well, you know, she’s a robot.

External image

SF-A2 Miki just sets the mood, no?

Kaai Yuki: Elementary Singer
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One of 3 Vocaloids by AH-Software released on December 4th, 2009, Kaai Yuki is quiet the unique Vocaloid.  Namely, because she’s the first young child voice in Vocaloid, being a elementary school student.  She’s described as being 9 years old, “as tall as 10 big apples”, and “as heavy as 86 apples."  ….which, honestly, makes me & a few other people wonder if she’s actually a smurf in humanface.

External image

It’s not like we haven’t had a smurf voiced by a singer though.

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