vocaloid mv


Why are you trembling in front of me like a scared little mouse? ( )


Ah, It’s a Wonderful Cat Life !!! It’s out !!! Have fun watching it !!

I haven’t drawn anything in around 2 months lol idk how to draw anymore but mY FEELS for the new song Hachi made “Suna no Wakusei” was off the roof- plus it was covered by another one of my fave utaites Eve  which kicked me back into drawing something for it AAAAAA


anonymous asked:

do you remember any weird things from the sp fandom (like i remember yandere clyde even though there was no reason for that)

uuuuuhhhhhh weird/funny fandom things im aware of/have witnessed/was a part of (rip)

  • yandere clyde
  • tentadick craig
  • vocaloid kenny 
  • when everyone was makin vocaloid mvs actually (apparently im like the last one still doing it lol)
  • weeb craig
  • when peruvian craig gained traction around 2014 and there was a BOOM in art and it was beautiful (this is a good thing)
  • long leg craig (my disastrous beautiful monster)
  • craig’s on tumblr via season 18
  • clyde’s dead meme between SOT and s18
  • actually a ton of dumb memes like butters speedy run (s18), craigs knife (s20)

uhhhhhhhh probably more but im super tired and i cant think of them rn