vocaloid edits

  • Homestuck fandom: Hiveswap will come! Eventually! Right?
  • Hetalia fandom: Slowly dying. Slowly.
  • Vocaloid fandom: where the fuck are the cosplayers going?
  • Fnaf fandom: ....movie?
  • OFF fandom: one day we'll be relevant again, I swear.
  • Yume Nikki fandom: Undertale was my only glimpse at the light.
  • Bully fandom: you are like a little baby. Watch this.
  • Bully fandom: *gets forgotten about entirely for eight years*

                                 ❝ You and I, having a rendezvous? A rendezvous?
                                          Or maybe a unimaginable adventure?
                                  Yuta as Gumi (Matryoshka); Cherry Bomb teasers 

i wanted to redraw an old pearlapis drawing i did bc i feel like i have a better understanding of how to draw the gems now, but i didnt like how the whole thing was coming out lol

so here’s pearl and lapis just tenderly staring at each other