VOCALOID4 Ruby’s Intended Final Design

Earlier today, Ruby’s head developer Syo posted this image of what Ruby was supposed to look like before the company, PowerFX, created their own white-washed design without consulting or even notifying Syo.

If PowerFX does not give in and get rid of their design like fans are calling for, here’s what I advise: buy Ruby anyway to support Syo and his team, but don’t use or draw PowerFX’s design. Pretend it doesn’t exist, pretend this design is still the official one.

It wouldn’t hurt to yell at them some more though, so here’s PowerFX’s contact page.

PowerFX, can you NOT?

Can you NOT disrespect the people who put all the time, effort and work into this?

TLDR Misha and Syo made Ruby, they got Natasha Allegri, freaking NATASHA ALLEGRI to help with design and art. They’ve done all the programming and development of this Vocaloid to this point, and at the LAST SECOND, PowerFX decides to rip the rug right out from underneath them and introduce a bullshit design. Are you fucking kidding me?

Natasha Allegri’s concepts:

PowerFX’s design:

Meant to “appeal to a wider EDM audience.” You mean a whiter EDM audience?

Please let them know this is NOT okay



The competition is heating up in Good Smile Racing and Piapro’s Racing Miku 2016 design contest! There are currently about 100 competitors introducing many, different styles! 

July 21st at 9:00 JST is the last day to enter the contest! Visit my post for more info! (Credits are in the captions)





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