Knowing and Not Knowing: An Awkward Love Story by Ames Hawkins and Lott Hill

  This is a story about explorations of love and self. It’ll make you smile, and it even includes a Billy Joel song. Ames Hawkins and Lott Hill read their collaborative story, “Knowing and Not Knowing”, that they performed together at a 2nd Story event called Awkward Love Stories: Let’s Make Out. 

Ames Hakwins is an Associate Professor of English at Columbia College Chicago, where Lott Hill also teaches in the Fiction Writing Department. To find out more about 2nd Story events go to 2ndstory.com/.

Last week Chicago Public Schools announced the largest list of school closings in the history of the country. This is big news that has left people with a lot of questions in terms of what will come next. WBEZ Education Reporter Linda Lutton joins Shantell in the studio to explain the reasoning behind these massive school closings and what the school districts are planning to do next.

The Onion Newspaper is known for it’s satire. You’ll see headlines like “240 Killed In Stampede After Bucketful of Oscars Just Dumped On Stage” or “Unsuspecting Movie Stars Follow Fake Red Carpet Into Back of Kidnappers’ Van.” But on Oscars night, The Onion put a not so funny tweet out about 9-year-old Oscar nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis, that caused a lot of backlash. It was taken down within an hour and the CEO of The Onion even issued a formal apology. Luis and Shantell talk about why this crossed the line and felt so inconsistent with The Onion’s form of satire. A listener calls in to share his thoughts.

Jennifer Carlson interviews Ames Hawkins about One Million Bones

Intern Jennifer Carlson interviewed Associate Professor of English at Columbia College Chicago, Ames Hawkins, about the art activist project, One Million Bones. One Million Bones seeks to connect people across the country and around the world in an effort to raise awareness about genocide and ongoing humanitarian crises.