vocal runs


wow ladies she really did that didn’t she

I’m so down for any kind of musical

you know those ppl who are soooooo averse to cheesy old fashioned big production musicals?? I don’t get it!! I get so caught up in shows with sweeping harmonies and elaborate choreography and overly romantic relationships

but I also love newer, different, smaller musicals don’t get me wrong!! they’re great too!!

give me unnecessary soliloquys and vocal runs I am DOWN, tired of the snootiness against typical showtuney shows

Wrench FBI Audio Logs *spoilers below*

So, I replayed through the game to get to the FBI section of the game to be able to note down all the info about the audio logs regarding Wrench. So, for those who wanted to know, below you will be able to read all of them! :D They are not perfectly transcribed but I did my best! 

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sad gay staircase ballet

The staircase ballet song isn’t entirely instrumental: they kept the hymn-like vocals from the original song, and they play during the part where the two staircases meet and the two boys look at each other lost and hopeful or whatever it is that the script says.

Well @accio-hogwarts-a-history is a genius and pointed out that those aren’t just random breathy “aaa"s and "eee"s but actual lyrics that say "hold me” and “darling please” (I’m talking about the part that starts at 2:11 here, though the lyrics might be easier to make out from the live version) and we were wondering if they kept any of this for the play.

Left channel is from the studio album version and right channel is the play version. I still think all of it sounds like assorted “aaa"s and "eee"s in both the original and the play version but who am I to argue with the lyrics so “hold me darling” it is.

Sugar Daddy (May 29th)
Darren Criss
Sugar Daddy (May 29th)

Here’s Sugar Daddy from May 29th! Hedwig added some extra vocal runs in the middle! And from where I was sitting, you can hear Yitzhak’s vocals really well. And you can hear Hedwig say “my goodness” on her way to the car wash seat because the mic cord got caught on something. It was an amazing show!! (album artwork by Nora andersub)

dark hair….dark hair guys u don’t understand….like when will god end by suffering everyone with dark hair and dark eyes can just….💕💕💕 wOW