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Harry nailing solos is my kryptonite, and this one has me weak. 

Ready To Run, OTRA Kansas City, 7/28/15

Oi listen up, Liam Payne’s vocal run in Santa Clara will blow your minds.
When we look at Liam Payne's gorgeous face we think how could such perfection exist? Too much to handle right? Well we are about to BLOW YOUR MIND! That is a promise. If you weren't in Santa Clara, then you didn't hear this amazeballs vocal run from Liam at the end of 'Through The Dark.'…

Huge thanks to Maximum Pop for featuring one of our posts in their article about Liam’s vocals in Santa Clara! 

You can listen to the audio here


Paramore - Ain’t It Fun

One of my favorite songs of the last year.

Great video concept.


“Nathan Sykes’s Vocal Run”

The Wanted @ Irving Plaza, NYC


This made me melt…. <3 Must Watch!!

So you’re lying on your bed just chilling out while Luke showers and all you can hear is him singing Lego House at the top of his lungs and his voice rebounds against the tiles in the bathroom which then proceeds to echo through the hallway to your bedroom. just imagine that.

Watch on ohshedead.tumblr.com

beyonce killin it per usual


I know I’ve shared this before, but I’m sharing it again. If you think it’s good, like it and share it please!! I’m having some self-esteem issues tonight… #fishing #forgiveme


[HD] Christina Aguilera vs. Beyoncé: Studio Vocal Runs, Riffs & Phrases (by MimiDahhling30)

Christina shows everyone why she’s the centerfold & star of NBC’s “The Voice.” I love how people like to dissect people’s voices & if it isn’t perfectly technical, “it sucks.” This is why so many singers fail to make it in the industry, “Oh you can hit this & that note, perfect execution”, but… I’m not convinced, you don’t give me anything. Learn!

all I want is to be hanging out backstage while the boys run their vocal warm ups so I can just sit and listen to Luke sing all his favorite Ed Sheeran songs and hearing Michael singing teenagers by mcr cause it’s been stuck in his head all day and watching calum dance around to get pumped up while he sings and hearing Ashton tapping on literally everything ugh

rowyso - irvine: a summary
  • hey violet shattering any negative expectations and rocking the house and being adorable
  • anticipation for 5sos because they are always late but it’s cool cuz we love them anyway
  • more anticipation as the dj plays the final fantasy theme, the rocky song, and eye of the tiger (this is when everyone started standing)
  • trying to resist fainting when ashton appears above the stage to kick off a rockin intro riff
  • ashton sweating it up in a man bun and tank and hitting those drums HARD
  • starting the party off right with end up here and everyone dancing
  • following it immediately with a pleaser for long-time fans in outta my limit
  • calum being adorable in voodoo doll and really holding his musical phrases well
  • calum’s neck veins
  • different sections of the crowd competing for most participation in permanent vacation
  • michael killing it in permanent vacation 
  • ashton looking like he’s in the middle of P90x but sitting down
  • disconnected and long way home played back to back
  • luke showing excellent vocal control with his little vocal runs and changing it up and making disconnected live even better than the studio version
  • being able to feel the bass in disconnected
  • luke going it alone on stage with an acoustic guitar to introduce long way home and having the crowd sing it back
  • luke rocking the beginnings of a beard
  • calum singing the bridge in long way home and slaying the entire crowd
  • camera zooming in on calum’s neck veins good job cameraman
  • stopping in the middle of rejects and getting the madden brothers on stage
  • singing boys and girls with good charlotte
  • luke walking around stage with a hand mic and no guitar
  • the boys fangirling over good charlotte
  • going right back to playing rejects like nothing happened
  • brief pause while dimming the lights and slowing it down for wrapped around your finger
  • michael in wrapped around your finger :o
  • sliding guitar
  • bringing out the phone flashlights for amnesia
  • the bass in beside you unf
  • calum coming out alone center stage and looking super serious while introducing the bass riff in everything i didn’t say
  • calum getting really into it and singing the opening verse of everything i didn’t say beautifully
  • calum’s vocals in everything i didn’t say being especially beautiful and him not sounding tired at all
  • calum in everything i didn’t say
  • the hot dog song - a new single?
  • getting hard and grungy in american idiot
  • guitar neck cam following mikey’s fingers
  • instrumental features in american idiot
  • ashton still going hard af behind the drumset
  • celebrating a great show with kiss me kiss me
  • playing she’s kinda hot! and everyone knowing the lyrics!
  • !!!
  • bitchin
  • ashton dropping the drumsticks and grabbing the mic to sing his solo
  • slsp
  • dancing during the encore - good girls and what i like about you
  • the final bow
  • looking hella turnt after the show
  • needing mom to bring the prius to the arena and pick me up because i can no longer walk

“Beyoncé is overrated” but where? #beyonce #runs #vocals #dangerouslyinlove

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I dont listen to 5h but back in 2013 xfactor their vocals werent that good as lm. But its just my opinion and as i said i never really listened to them

they are great vocalists, as every group they have weak and strong points like some members can do pretty good low notes, others can do high ones. they evolved a lot since 2013.