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If/when you get sick, what do you do if your voice isn't in its "optimal place" (like it sounds gravel-y or coughing occurs when speaking in a higher register, etc.) but you landed voice-acting work that needs to be done?

There have legitimately been times when I just suck it up, try to get it as clear as possible, and record the work; if I need to hit a register with more bass, this is usually doable.

However, if the vocal quality difference is just super obvious (to me), I always make sure to reach out to the client and inform them of the situation, and offer to let them decide if it’s good to go anyway. “Hey, I am so sorry for any inconvenience, but right now I’m battling a small illness and I think it’s affecting the tone of my voice. Can you please check this sample for me and let me know if it still sounds OK, or if we should hold off on this for a day or two so I can recover?”

Only on a few occasions have clients said that it was passable (usually if quality wasn’t a major issue in the first place), but the overwhelming majority of the time they were more than happy to just give me a deadline extension, partially because I’d often work on this stuff before the deadline was even a concern. Part of my online/freelance marketing and branding includes providing super-fast turnarounds as often as possible (I can’t begin to count the number of times clients have replied to my submission with “Holy crap, that was fast”), and as a result when those periods of unavoidable illness do occur, there’s an extremely good chance my clients will be empathetic and happy to accommodate my needs.


So, in light of this recent development by Crunchyroll, I wanted to take the opportunity to share the backstory behind this rather remarkable English dub.  From the TV Tropes page on Ghost Stories:

Despite being based on a popular series of light novels and having a fairly high-quality vocal cast, the anime’s bland script and below-average production values caused the show to completely bomb, and it ended after only twenty episodes. Facing bankruptcy and desperate for money, the animation company sold the rights to ADV Films for dubbing in 2005.

When asked what restrictions they had, the dubbing team was told to do whatever they wanted with it, as long as they bought the license and could make it sell. As such, director Steven Foster opted to rework the show into a pure Gag Dub, throwing out nearly all of the original script and keeping only the names of major characters and ghosts, as well as the most basic of plot – everything else was improvised to fit the lip flaps. When the actors were called in to record scenes, whoever got there first got to set the tone and subject for the scene, and the rest of them had to follow in those set footsteps. This produced a dub that is full of random characterization, fourth-wall-breaking jokes, as much silliness as the VAs could manage, and is utterly hilarious.

Naturally, this was an extremely polarizing move, and when it was released, the dub was not very well received by much of the anime community, despite the (nonexistent) quality of the original show. Time and changing standards in anime dubbing have led to a shift in opinion, with many finding the gag dub to be the best part of the series. The odds of something like this officially happening again are extremely low, and so Ghost Stories is seen as a unique product of a strange time.

A lot of the humor is colorless and crass, but it’s still absolutely remarkable to watch.  It’s entirely unique, and as TV Tropes says, will probably remain one of a kind.

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One insecurity: my unusual body shape 

Two fears: I HAVE AN ANXIETY DISORDER I HAVE ALL THE FEARS drowning and burning (also hanging, see potential past life explanations)

Three turn ons: all-night conversations, firm hands, a rough vocal quality

Four life goals: succeed as a writer, move out of Utah, stay on my meds, visit Europe

Five things I like: movies, teaching myself new skills, cities, smoothies, being awake while the world is asleep

Six weaknesses: eye contact, setting/plot in my writing, sustaining communication with people over time, finishing projects I start, crazy-picky food issues, four distinct mental disorders colliding in my brain to create drama

Seven things I love: musicals, coffee, baby animals, television shows, french fries, puzzles of all kinds, and my family (because people individually aren’t things but maybe “family” as a noun can be a loophole?)

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ToppDogg has blessed us with another cover.

Thought it would be helpful, for those not musically trained, to see their ranges presented visually. Interesting that Niall, Harry and Zayn all start at A2 and Liam’s range is only half a step short of Zayn’s.  Having a big range is helpful, but by no means is it the only measure of a good singer/performer.  You can see how the lads are a bit stuck trying to reach Zayn’s highest notes, but they all have unique vocal qualities and they all sound great.  These lads can have long, successful careers in music with the voices they have.  Click on the graph to see it bigger and clearer.

Just some rambling about the tracklist

1. Odd Eye
Lyrics by Kim Jonghyun; Composed & Arranged by Kim Jonghyun / Jonathan Yip / Jeremy Reeves / Ray Romulus (The Stereotypes Team) / Ray McCullough
The stereotypes are a rnb/hip hop/dance Grammy winning production team, for kpop they recently produced SNSD’s “XYZ”, Boa’s “Kiss my lips”, EXO’s “Transformer” The song is said be written to highlight each SHINee member’s vocal qualities so I exect some dance/pop with rnb elements (or viceversa).

2. Love Sick
Lyrics by Kenzie; Composed & Arranged by Kenzie / The Underdogs / Mike Dailey / Dewain Whitmore
According to many fans Love Sick could be a reference to Love Pain and a revisitation of it, I think it’s not farfetched considering that Kenzie composed a few slow-tempo songs for SHINee such as Graze, Life and The Underdogs producedSymptoms and Mono-drama.

3. View
Lyrics by Kim Jonghyun; Composed & Arranged by LDN Noise / Ryan S. Jhun / Adrian McKinnon
Not much to speculate since it’s been already said that the song will be deep/euro house with rnb vocals.

4. Romance
Lyrics by Kim In Hyeom (Jam Factory); Composed & Arranged by Andreas Oberg / Maria Marcus / Gustav Karistom
Another fandom’s speculation is that this could be the revisitation of Romantic, there aren’t many informations about the producers other than Oberg working on Breaking News and some japanese tracks. I doubt this will be an upbeat song because of the title, but we’ll see.

5. Trigger
Lyrics by Kenzie; Composed by Kenzie / Deez / Rodnae “Chikk” Bell, Arranged by Deez
I think Trigger is going to be an upbeat song. Kenzie composed for Stranger, Evil, WSS and with Bell on EXO’s “Overdose”. Deez has also worked with Jjong for Neon, but at the same time, they all did their fair share of mid-tempo, rnb tracks, so I’m not sure lol.

6. Road to Farewell (Farewell My Love)
Korean Lyrics by January 8th (Jam Factory); Composed by Steven Lee, Jimmy Richard, G'harah “PK” Degeddingseze; Arranged by G'harah “PK” Degeddingseze
Lee and Richard already worked together for SHINee and they composed 1000years and Better, so I’m pretty sure this is going to be a ballad, especially given the title.

7. An Ode To You
Lyrics by Kim Hyun Woo (CLEF CREW); Composed by Kim Hyun Woo, Gong Duhyung; Arranged by Park Hang Hyun
Not much stuff for these producers as well, I don’t think they ever worked with SHINee. CLEF CREW does mostly acoustic, soft music, so maybe this will be something soft similar to Taemin’s Play Me.

8. Alive
Korean Lyrics by Kim In Ha, MC META; Composed & Arranged by The Underdogs / Darius Logan / Dominique Logan
Second Underdogs track. Probably rnb since it’s what they’re specialized, but mostly due to the title, I wouldn’t exclude something with dancepop and hip hop elements. (MC Meta is a huge name in the hip hop korean community and it’s been freaking out some fans lol)

9. Woof Woof
Korean Lyrics by Kim In Hyeong (Jam Factory); Composed & Arranged by Will Simms / DWB
The song everyone is worried about lol. Yes, dude worked on Wolf, but he also worked on Hitchhiking and f(x)’s “Rainbow” so I’m not ready to write it off as terrible despite the title yet.

10 Black Hole
Korean Lyrics by Kim Min Jung; Composed & Arranged by Albi Albertsson / Andreas Oberg / Andreas Carisson
I think this is going to be a power upbeat track, mostly due the title, but also because the same producers also worked together on VIXX’s “B.O.D.Y”

11 Replay (An Encore)
Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by Kim Jin Han
Not much info about Kim Jin Han either. Looks like an ending/bonus track so maybe something mid/down-tempo.

Overall the tracklist is missing many familiar names such as Thomas Troelsen, Ylva Dimberg, Teddy Riley, DOM and Hitchhiker, so I think this album is going to have a different feel compared to MoU and I consider fans’ speculations about the parallels between “old” and “new” SHINee quite likley.

I thought SM could mismanage groups until my friend got me into 2ne1. What the heck happened? The songs and line distribution are well chosen and show the best sides of them, but losing Minzy is a massive blow. My singing teacher thought Minzy not Bom was the main vocal when I showed her CBH and ILY both in terms of line distribution and vocal quality and it’s no secret CL and Minzy get most of the lines. YG should have promoted Minzy as much as CL, not stuck her in his dungeon.

am sorry am just having a proud moment remembering when GD hurt his ankle and yet he didn’t postpone any show and did all his concerts on a cane and barely dancing but serving vocals and quality performance and everybody came to see him


he was literally using a cane

and got his men with him who came to support him

and he gave his all and did his choreography sitting…

and oh yes, all his concerts were totally sold out with a huge success

i hope to have even a bit of the success and respect he has in my career.

Its really a proud feeling to watch over INFINITE and how they grow in the past 5 years. They debuted really strong already actually, but they keep improving, its crazy. Their vocal distribution is getting more even as time grows, and they keep improving their vocal and musical quality. I feel immensely proud as a fan. :)

“My dream is to be a singer, and I’ve been studying classical voice for the past 8 years. However I have a really fast vibrato, which has always made me feel self-conscious about my voice. I look to Snow White for inspiration because her vibrato is like mine, and it makes me feel better knowing that I share such a distinct vocal quality as one of the princesses. But whenever people say anything negative about it, it makes me feel bad about my own voice.”

i feel like britney can get away with lip syncing because no one actually goes to a britney show looking to hear some quality live vocal ability, they come for the crazy theatrics and dancing she and her team put on so well. but I feel like mariah should sing live because she’s basically known for her killer vocals and her shows are just her walking around singing so when she doesn’t do it live it’s like why are you even there