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redacted-metallum  asked:

Spark merging headcanons for tfp Shockwave? Im love my boy...


  • He’s reluctant for a long time before you two spark merge. Emotions are difficult for him and part of him is afraid one day he’ll just… wake up not loving you anymore.
  • It’s overwhelming for both of you the first time, but especially for Shockwave. He jolts and his vocalizer glitches while his optic flashes. You nearly have to stop.
  • It’s a torrent of emotions, and he clutches you close and repeats “I love you, I love you” over and over in a staticy voice.
  • He buries his helm into the crook of your neck. You swear you feel something wet fall on your shoulder.
  • Afterwards he cuddles you close, rubbing your back. 
  • For a while his EM field is a mess of emotions and he’s shaking; he doesn’t know what to do with all these feelings. 
  • You notice subtle changes in his behavior. He spends more time out of his lab, brushes your servo in passing, and comes to berth on time.