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Some disjointed thoughts about going forward from here

The most important thing right now is to be as vocal and educated and empathetic an ally as you can for everyone with more to fear than you.

Don’t judge people for enjoying the little things, they are more important than ever. Be patient with each other.

Take care of yourselves, this is going to be exhausting on so many levels, but sitting idly by is not an option and we’re going to need each other. Seek out peace, joy, laughter, and comfort where you can, provide it when you have the energy to, and take courage. You are not alone. We are in this together.

By reblogging this post, you are signing a petition to make “Flesh-Winds” the new official term for vocalists.

Example 1: The composer’s greatest work combined the use of Woodwinds, Brass-winds, and Fleshwinds in the final movement.

Example 2: The fleshwind ensemble performed works by P. D. Q. Bach and Derick Blackacre.

Theres those who want to use their experience to be vocal about it and educate

And then there’s those who want to hide all signs that they may be suffering

There’s also those who want to pretend to be like everyone else due to the comfort of fitting in

And then there’s those who want their suffering to come off as casual, so others know its there but won’t make a big deal of it

And then there’s those who want their suffering to be serious and to only be treated as a serious thing.

Whichever you are, it’s valid and I hope your coping becomes easier !

I know not everyone is on the same page in ideologies but this is something that I believe most classical musicians share

I just had a moment of mental weakness and it came out of nowhere. Intrusive thoughts and crushing self loathing came out of nowhere (like I’m currently in the car with fam and I wanted to cry but couldn’t).
I wanted to drown out the world for a bit and I almost played MCR (b/c I’ve gotten into them all over again this week) but I decided to play my choral/orchestra piece playlist.
I’m so glad I did.
I remembered how healing music can be. I’ve always known, but it never fails to amaze me. It played the TMEA 2015 Women’s Choir performance of Erik Esenvalds’ Northern Lights and made myself meditate to it. Now I’m trying not to cry b/c this inexplicable emotion came over me. One of the many feelings that choral pieces can make me feel, but I can never pin point what they are. I however can describe it as this yearning for the amazing in the world, I felt wonder seep back into my body with every chord and passing phrase those girls sang. This yearning to continue living and continue to experience this feeling with music keeps me going to say the least. This was followed by the Baylor A Capella choir’s TMEA 2014 performance of Serenity (O Magnum Mysterium) by Ola Gjielo. Every new composition and setting of this universally known sacred text has never let me down but this is one of the stand outs and especially this performance of it. (Some background: I’m loosing touch with my catholic faith but I am fighting for my relationship with God and music has been an amazing medium for that) and this piece reinstated how music, and the moments of emotional climactic ecstasy it can create within me, are the closest I’ve ever felt to this sense of grace and release and mental/emotional freedom. And music has always been the thing to allow this. And I kinda thank God for that. So thankful.

If you read this I know it was long but I just needed to write this down. Tell me if I resonated with you in any way!

Bbcan in 3 seasons: a finale where a woman wins over a man, numerous women of color who are masterminds and comp beasts, a non-queerbait-y gay cuddlemance, an openly queer female houseguest who is extremely educated and vocal on social justice

bbus in 16 seasons: ???? um… i liked nicole last season???

The Knee Bone's Connected to the Thyroarytenoid...?

In order to be able to offer comprehensive vocal instruction, one needs a comprehensive understanding of the vocal mechanism. While it may be enough to be able to offer exercises and advice which create a beautiful voice, to be a fully effective instructor, one needs to be able to understand what happens physiologically to the larynx during phonation.

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