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do you have any headcanons you're super attached to about the inner-workings of slytherin house?

I’ve been accused on here before of having no imagination, because I don’t generally find interest in or hold any personal headcanons. I do, however, have some ‘sociological’ curiosities about how Slytherin house would function after the fall of Voldemort – particularly regarding different views of blood purity.

We know that half-bloods and muggle borns have since been more accepted in Slytherin house, but surely there are still tensions among them. How do some Slytherins claim full-blood superiority over other Slytherins while being part of a house that values fraternity and protecting their own?
Furthermore, how vocal are blood purists able to be about this disparity while Slytherins are also known for being prideful, likely preferring not to draw attention to the conflicts within their own house?
And as for the muggle-borns and half-bloods who are struggling with purist beliefs: do they admit to oppression or instead use it as more fuel to prove their place in Slytherin house?

-Justin (Slytherin)

The Boyz

12 Member group 

Debut date: -

Stage Name: Hyunjae

Birth Name: Lee Jaehyun

Position: Vocal

DOB: 970913 

Blood Type: B 

Hobby: Watching superhero movies and sports 

Specialty: Sports 

Stage Name: Ju Haknyeon 

Birth Name: Ju Haknyeon 

Position: Dance 

DOB: 990309 

Blood Type: B 

Hobby: Skiing and Paying Badminton 

Specialty: bboying 

Hometown: Jeju

Height: 175cm

Weight: 58kg

Former Produce 101 contestant

Hanlim student 

Stage name: Sunwoo

Birth Name: Kim Sunwoo

Position: Rap

DOB: 000412

Blood Type: B

Hobby: Watching movies 

Specialty: rap-! 

Former High School Rapper contestant

Hanlim student 

Stage Name: Younghoon 영훈

Birth Name: Kim Younghoon 김영훈

Position: Vocal

DOB: 970808

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Watching movies

Speciality: Ski

LOEN Ent’s Trainee

Appeared in IOI’s Whatta Man MV

Stage Name: Hwall 활

Birth Name: Hyunjoon

Position: Dance

DOB: 000309

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Horseback riding and eating jelly

Specialty: Acrobatic, Contemporary Dance and Facial Expression

Stage Name: Kevin

Birth Name: Kevin Moon/ Moon Hyungseo

Position: Vocal

DOB: 980223

Blood Type: AB

Hobby: Doodling, Watching Movies, Reading

Specialty: Piano, Vocal

Former Kpop Star 6 contestant

Stage Name: Sangyeon

Birth Name: Lee Sangyeon

Position: Vocal

DOB: 961104

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Snowboardning, Driving

Specialty: Vocal, Song Writing

Stage Name: Juyeon

Birth Name: Lee Juyeon


DOB: 980115

Blood Type: AB

Hobby: Playing Basketball

Specialty: Dance

Stage Name: New

Birth Name: Choi Chanhee

Position: Vocal

DOB: 980426

Blood Type: B

Hobby:Listening to music

Specialty: Abacus Calculation

Stage Name: Q/Kyu

Birth Name: Ji Chanmin

Position: Dance

DOB: 981105

Blood Type: AB

Hobby: Horror Movies, Watching Spongebob

Specialty: Dance

Stage Name: Jacob

Birth Name: Jacob Bae

Position: Vocal


Blood Type: ?

Hobby: Watching and Playing

Specialty: Guitar and Eating Cereal

Stage Name: Eric

Birth Name Eric Sohn/ Sohn Youngjae

Position: Dance

DOB: 001222

Blood Type: B

Hobby: Sports, Movies, Dancing, Skate

Specialty: Baseball, Rubik’s cube

Vampire AU. Joining a Kpop idol survival show has been a great way for them to feel both alive and dead at the same time.

Long post below. Just posting some AU ideas and listing the top 20 as vampire/human/half, but feel free to ask what the other trainees would have been. Or change/add whatever your imagination/heart desires.

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George Harrison during a Beatles rehearsal at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, 22 August 1962

Photo: Bill Connell/Les Chadwick

The following is an attempt to list all songs featuring George on lead vocal (as well as of course, lead guitar) during The Beatles’ early years; with audio where available. A few notable instrumentals are included also. Thanks go to The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions for reference, as well as various albums.

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Jackie Ballard (b. 1953) is a journalist and charity senior manager in the UK. She is best known as the Director General of the RSPCA, the oldest and largest organization for animal welfare in the world.

She was a Member of Parliament with the Liberal Democrats, and was a vocal campaigner against blood sports such as fox and stag hunting, at one point needing police protection because of it. In addition to her work with RSPCA, she was also the Chief Executive of Womankind Worldwide between 2012 and 2013.

[TRANS] Hanako Vol. 1106 - B.A.P Interview

An interview to the 6 who have returned with the best album

Because of the members, I was able to overcome the hard times

YG: We went on a hiatus from the Autumn of 2014 for around a year, but what I realised from the restart of our activities was that standing in front of our fans on stage was a very blessed thing. It strongly made me want to continue standing on the stage in the future too.
DH: During the hiatus, the ones that supported us were our family of course, friends and finally the members. Because the members were always there with me, I was able to not feel lonely even during mentally painful times.
JU: Releasing a new album in Korea as our comeback, and starting a world tour in Seoul this February. We prepared a lot and I think it contains the performances that we really want to do.
DH: It’s been decided that there’ll be concerts in Nagoya and Osaka in June, and Tokyo in July. Compared to other countries, the Japan concerts are of a larger scale and I think we can show more in terms of performance. Please look forward to the solo stages that we’ve thought up too.

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5 really cool musical moments on 1989 

  1. the use of taylor’s own fucking heartbeat in wildest dreams
  2. the bridge of I wish you would 
  3. the final chorus with all the high notes and layered vocals in bad blood 
  4. the “STAY"s in all you had to do was stay 
  5. the fucking BASS! DROP! in wonderland
A little review of each Smoke + Mirrors song by @_dragon_fruit_

Sarah attended the listening party for Imagine Dragons’ new album “Smoke + Mirrors” and she wrote a little bit about each S+M song, giving us preview of what’s coming.

1. Shots- different than I expected. It’s lighter, a bit more pop. Lots of falsetto vocals. The hook is something along the lines of “I took a shot through everything I loved/Wanna take a shot through everything I’ve done.”

2. Gold- You know Gold. :)

3. Smoke and Mirrors- Soft song, dark lyrics. Hook was “Is it real…or is it just smoke and mirrors?”

4. I’m So Sorry- Very heavy, lots of heavy guitar riffs and screaming vocals. Think Royal Blood. This was my favorite.

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Hi I am new to B1A4, do you think you could describe these boys please? I gotsta know!

oh why hello anon!! you have come to the right place (but really you couldnt have gone to the wrong place cause all banas love b1a4 to death XD)
oh and just a disclaimer anon im so sorry you were probably hoping for something short and sweet but this is pretty long XD

short version: b1a4 is amazing
long version…


so lets just do the member break down shall we?

THIS is JINYOUNG he (like the other members) come in many forms but this is the jist of his beautiful face

Basic Facts:
-full name: Jung Jin Young
-leader of the group/lead vocal
-A blood type (trust me with this group its important)
-second oldest
-known for his fucking amazing ability to write and compose a LOT of b1a4′s songs (please note: tried to walk, what’s going on, solo day, baby good night, and many many more)
-also an actor, making his name in movies and dramas
-currently 23, will be 24 on November 18
-1991 liner with CNU

Good to Know
-often referred to as “halbae” because of his grandpa like manner (this kid is a fucking grandpa you dont even need to question it)
-in animal form, he is a fox
-makes this face…

…A LOT (when hes satisfied with himself or whatever else is going on near him)
-is a complete and utter dork
-dances…like a grandpa
-has visuals that will slayyyyyy you
-goes from looking like this…

…to this…

…to this…

…faster than you can say his name
-his voice is the one thats pretty unique (but seriously all of them have unique voices) but its like a bit higher but still really strong
-plays the guitar like a boss and an idiot at the same time
-basically the dad of b1a4

My Opinion
one of my favorite people on this planet XD jinyoung is very kind and compassionate especially when it comes to his members. hes really concsious of all of them and does a great job as the leader. hes not the loudest but hes a total idiot like seriously look at his face. but hes very keen on always recognizing the group as a whole and not just himself when it comes to writing songs. he’ll say WE wrote this album even tho most of it was him. hes just a goofball and trust me you’ll probably fall in love with him first cause of his visuals (everyone does its fine dont worry dont feel bad ;)) but seriously he is just so wonderful and such a gift like i just wanna hold him


my personal favorite in the whole wide world XD CNU!
also looks like this

so glasses or no glasses

Basic Facts
-full name: Shin Dong Woo
-CNU is pronounced Shinwoo (sheenoo)
-vocalist/lead rapper (but seriously hes a lot more than just a vocalist)
-A blood type
-oldest in b1a4
-also writes and composes songs (please note: seoul, drive, and drunk with music as well as his raps in wonderful tonight and beautiful target)
-also acts (not as much) and just participated in his first musical recently
-tallest member (whopping 6 feet tall)
-currently 24 years old
-birthday is June 16, 1991

Good to Know
-famous for his glasses and long hair but recently has been seen with glasses less and shorter hair (still looks freakin fabulous)
-always gets the female role if the group ever needs a girl
-walks around pretty much naked at the dorm
-looks up to usher
-pretty much the main dancer of the group even tho they dont really have a main dancer
-is a complete and utter dork
-goes from this…

…to this…

…to this…

…so fast its petrifying
-considered the mom of the group
-sleeps a lot
-in animal form (you guessed it), he’s a bear

My Opinion
this boy is my ultimate bias so obviously im biased here. but this boy is so sweet and so tender and so loving. this one is also not that loud except he is. like he fucking screams all the damn time. his vocal capability is beyond anything, like seriously his voice is magical and makes me want to melt and then his fucking rapping is downright amazing. like what the hell is this kid where did he come from why is he so talented all around. this one is definitely branching out more, i can totally see it these days. hes less shy and hes more awake i guess XD hes just having a blast living his dream and he works so hard to keep improving. his heart is so pure and his love for us banas and the rest of b1a4 is so fucking strong like i cant even. this kid right here XD

NEXT!! ok sorry this is really long so here just keep reading please XD

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