( music related vocabulary 1 / 2 ) ft. Of Monsters and Men

söngvari (m) - singer

söngkona (f) - female singer

bassaleikari (m) - bass player

gítarleikari (m) - guitar player

trommuleikari (m) - drummer

píanóleikari (m) - piano player

trompet leikari (m) - trumpet player

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( music related vocabulary 1 / 2 )

bassi (m) - bass (guitar)

fiðla (f) - violin, fiddle 

gítar (m) - guitar

hljóðnemi (m) - microphone

hljómborð (n) - keyboard

píanó (n) - piano

trommur (f) - drums

trompet / lúður (m) - trumpet / horn


“Ég spila á…” I play the…

Ways of speaking

*The difference between many of these verbs is very slight, as it is in English - for example, on what basis do we make the distinction between ‘he grumbled’ and ‘he grunted’? For this reason, giving a one-word translation has been hard, and many overlap.

chuchoter - to whisper

murmurer - to murmur 

marmonner - to mumble

grommeler - to mutter

bafouiller - to stammer 

bredouiller - to babble

bégayer - to stutter (speech disorder)

hurler - to yell, scream

crier - to shout, scream

aboyer - to bark

dire d'une voix rauque - to croak

bougonner, grommeler - to grumble

grogner - to growl, grunt

siffler - to hiss

gazouiller - to chirp, babble (baby noise)

pousser un cri strident / un hurlement - to screech, shriek

beugler, gueuler, brailler - to bellow 

éclater de rire - to burst out laughing

hurler de rire - to shriek with laughter

pouffer de rire - to giggle

glousser - to chuckle

ricaner - to snicker 

soupirer - to sigh

pousser un soupir - to heave a sigh

haleter - to pant, gasp (out of breath)

avoir le souffle coupé - to gasp (surprise) 

100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know- Printable

*I don’t claim ownership of this list and give full credit to it’s proper owners*

I found this list on Houghton Mifflin Books and thought it was extremely interesting, so I made a printable with definitions!

First, let me say, this is not just for high school graduates! I’m still in high school and am marveled at how many words I didn’t know. There are no age restrictions for learning!

The document is 7 pages long. On the first 3 pages I have included the definitions of the words, and they are in a table format so you can easily cover up one side of the paper and quiz yourself.

I also included, on the last 3 pages, a list of the definitions in a random order so you can quiz yourself by reading the definition and trying to identify the word.

You can find the printable here

I think this would be a fun way to spend your free time, be it before bed or on a long car ride! 

Let me know if you enjoyed this, and how many words you already knew from the list :) x

Legit Word of the Day


(n.) a destructive whirlpool which rapidly sucks in objects 

In her anger, the sea witch conjured a maelstrom to trap the sailors. Her horrible laugh echoed over the waves as the calm ocean surface broke, ripping the ship apart board by board until it vanished into the dark chasm of the water.