Fruit Names in Spanish

apple — la manzana
apricot — el damasco, el albericoque
avocado — el aguacate
banana — el plátano, la banana
blackberry — la mora, la zarzamora
blueberry — el arándano
camu camu — el camu camu
cantaloupe — el cantalupo
cherimoya — la chirimoya
cherry — la cereza
coconut — el coco
cranberry — el arándano
date — el dátil
fig — el higo
galia — el melón galia
gooseberry — la grosella espinosa
grape — la uva
grapefruit — el pomelo, la toronja
guarana — la fruta de guaraná
huckleberry — el arándano
kiwi — el kiwi
kumquat — el kinoto
lemon — el limón
lime — la lima
loganberry — la zarza, la frambuesa
mandarin — la mandarina
mango — el mango
melón — el melón
mulberry — la mora
naranjilla — la naranjilla, el lulo
nectarine — la nectarina
orange — la naranja
papaya — la papaya
peach — el durazno, el melocotón
pear — la pera
persimmon — el caqui
pineapple — la piña, el ananá
plantain — el plátano
plum — la ciruela
pomegranate — la granada
prickly pear — la tuna, el higo chumbo
raspberry — la frambuesa
strawberry — la fresa, la frutilla
tangerine — la mandarina
tomatillo — el tomatillo
tomato — el tomate
watermelon — la sandía

Note: Many fruits have local or regional names that may not be understood outside the area. Also, the English and Spanish words for particular fruits may not always be an exact match. For example, what is known as un arándano in Spanish goes by several different names in English.

gaikokubro asked:

こんにちは!I just wanted to let you know that Japanese people don't really use their word for "confusing," they usually just say "hard" or something like that. For example: "I find Japanese grammar confusing" = 私は日本語の文法が難しいです。→(literal translation:) For me, Japanese grammar is hard. A more simple sentence would be 日本語の文法は難しいです。→ Japanese grammar is hard. Happy studying! :D

That is interesting to know, as we would refer to things that are hard as things which are very difficult; rather than things that we don’t understand fully. I appreciate that you shared this.



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