você não sabe o que é ataque cardíaco até seus pais chegarem e você não ter lavado a louça

blackdagger456  asked:

Why do people constantly hate on yu?

I love myself and others love me too much, there has to be a balance. Otherwise a wormhole will open spontaneously and will kill us all, we gotta be grateful

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Wait, Betty is 300 years old? I thought they were, like, 2000, since the monsters, as brought up by Catty, have been in there for "millenia." (wait did I spell that right? It's not important xD)

judging by the game’s intro I don’t want to say 2000 years lol that sounds like just too much. then again 300 years does seem like little time, but I wanted to play around with the medieval age and stuff.

Since I haven’t given a specific date I can probably move it to 500 years. But then again dates aren’t really important :P

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this isn't really a fuck customers so much as a general annoyance. I'm the carousel worker that sends stuff in every so often, and I've noticed that apparently no one knows the difference between a carousel and a merry-go-round, which is understandable. the difference is that the carousel goes counterclockwise and the mgr goes clockwise. what I don't get is people calling it a ferris wheel. that always boggles my mind.

Netflix and chill.

So at my school for Halloween all of the teachers dressed up. We have teams at our school, so each teams teachers chose a certain theme to be. (one hallway was crayons, the other was cartoon characters, etc.) Well for some reason, our assistant principals decided it would be a good idea to dress up as “Netflix and chill”. They had no idea what it meant. The entire day they were dressed up and it was the funniest thing. Nobody told them till the end of the day what it meant.

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me: ah yes, I'm out of retail hell, I'm working security at a rehabilitation center this is great-- visitors: what do you mean I can't bring my friend/family homemade cigarettes? Why can't you discharge them for a few hours so we can go drink even though that's what they're in here to get help for in the first place? Oh I was just going to give them a few pills, it won't hurt right? Stupidity. Stupidity everywhere.