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Hey hey! Would you mind recommending some good Silver Millenium SenShi fiction? :) Kinda bored and would make good use of them!

I can try!

There are a couple by VO1 that I recommend: Helping Hands, Just You, and Moonshine.

Shaken in My Faith by Apsara. ALSO The Stars Were Watching Them, which is dark and gritty with Neph and Jade and it’s magnificent and I’ve been looking for the right to time rec so I’m going to say it’s now. 

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by LovelyLytton 

We Are Fated, Thunder Doesn’t Always Roar, and this untitled R/J fic. by CharlieChaplin2. OH! and The Kunzite Palace because reasons. 

The World Ends in Light by Eme

Finds of a Lifetime by Melinda Sandy Halliwell (this isn’t strictly SilMil, it blends modern and SilMil)

Rules are Meant to be Broken by Warrior of Ice (just read everything she posts. Just do it, you won’t regret it).

Saveol by Jessica Pendragon 

The Silver Age by Firefly-Shy and Memento Mori (posted under A. Cullen). Also several one-shots: The Golden Touch, Moon Gazing, Beyond the Veil.

Gold Gun Girls by Satine86, as well as Foul & Fair (features Fem!Zoi) and The Shield and the Sword (they both blend the end of SilMil and modern times).

The Darkness Between Stars by Blue Jeans

Also a while ago we rec’d some epic, sprawling stories, they’re not all exactly SilMil, but it’s a good place to look as well.

Now go forth and read the wonderful fics! 

- Mod K

Favourite Fanfictions

1.Changing skies  By: flowerslut SasuSaku- Complete-rated T

2.Dark Paradise By:Tsugi no mai hakuren SasuSaku Complete-rated T

3.Ayurnamat Theorem By sasukes SasSaku Complete -rated T

4.Apathy By:Valerianna SasuSaku Incomplete- rated M

5.Heart’s Desire By: K-chu SasSaku Incomplete- rated M

6.Eien No Kessoku: Gouka By: IAmNotANut SasuSaku Complete-rated T

7. stop breathing By: ohwhatsherface SasuSaku Complete-rated K+

8. Aru By: ethereal infernia  SasuSaku Incomplete-rated T

9. A Fresh Snowfall By: The Detective Prince MadaraOC Incomplete-rated M

10. In the Palm of My Hands By: Sweet.Crazy-DramaQueen SasuSaku Complete-rated M

11. Variance By: dances.with.sunflowers SasuSaku Complete-rated T

12. Wake Up, Darling By: viviannnnn SasuSaku Complete-rated T

13. Amidst a War By: Saezuri Nohito SasuSaku Complete-rated T

14. Return&Rehash By: Le Requiem SasuSaku Incomplete-rated M

15. Trust By: chickypeg SasuSaku Incomplete- rated M

16. What Comes After the Ever After By: Azura Songstress SasuSaku Incomplete -rated M

17. Divorce or not Divorce By: zoikoiroi SasuSaku Complete-rated M

18. Arrested By: Saucysasusaku SasuSaku Complete-rated T

19.Aftereffect By: GreenRoseRegalia SasuSaku Incomplete-rated T

20. Say Cheese By: ProfessionallyCrazedNarutoFan SasuSaku/Team7 Incomplete-rated T

21. Tightrope By: snowrabbit2012 SasuSaku Complete-rated M

22. Empire By: pastel daisies SasuSaku Complete-rated M

23. Mysterious Found By: Unknownred SasuSaku Incomplete-rated T

24. Say When By: Surmise SasuSaku Incomplete-rated M

25. Surrogacy By: charliedee SasuSaku Completed-rated T

26. Love, Rain, and Frozen Tears By: Sangami Gruvia Incomplete-rated T

27.Ice cracks By: Summer Eclair Gruvia Incomplete rated K+

28. The Promise By: majinbuu00 Gruvia Incomplete-rated T

29.Droplet By: Summer Eclair Gruvia Incomplete rated K

30.swimming in the frozen sky By: randomteenager Gruvia Incomplete-ratred M

31. Exhausted By: Quilliariya Gruvia Complete- rated T

32, Serendipity By: BonneyQ Gruvia Incomplete-rated T

33. The Burial By: thirdorigin Gruvia Complete -rated K+

34. Much Stronger Than Forever  By: BonneyQ Gruvia -rated T

35. Punishment By: xloudxloud Gruvia Complete-rated T

36. Fading Colors By: Sauri Gruvia Incomplete -rated T

37. Blue tears By: XXinsidemymindXX Gruvia Complete-rated M

38. Third Wheel By: StoryQuipster Gruvia Complete-rated T

39. End of Silence By: Saya Moonshadow Gruvia Incomplete-rated M

40.To Love, Protect, and Sacrifice By: Ississ-Perok Gruvia Complete-rated T

41.The Runes Master By: TeaGirlDays Gruvia Complete-rated K+

42.Blame It On the Alcohol By: MildlyMoonstruck Gruvia Complete-rated T

43.A Measure of Time By: MildlyMoonstruck Gruvia Complete-rated T

44.Serenity By: astudyofmemory Gruvia Completed -rated T

45.Gray, please stop the rain By: Tinxies Gruvia Complete-rated K

46. Place Beneath the Thunder By: 4thFromTheFurnace Gruvia Compleated-rated K+

47. The Baby Problem By: BonneyQ Gruvia Gruvia Complete-rated T

48. The Changing Waters By: The Crafty Cracker Gruvia Incomplete-rated M

49. From Gray to Silver By: BonneyQ Gruvia Complete-rated K

50.Heartaches & Devotion By: Ladie Fuyuki Gruvia  Incomplete-rated M

51.Changing ways By: Shadowsofsouls Gruvia Complete-rated K+

52. Change By: Lady of the Round Table Gruvia Complete-rated K+

53.The times Soujirou cried By: Sheen Shan SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated K+ 

54.More Text, Less Scared By: bluewitch143 SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

55.Weakness By: Little Minamino SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

56. Eye of the Beholder By: tempestquill SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated M

57.In the Rough By: tempestquill  SoujirouXYuuki- CompletedCompleted Hana Yori Dango -rated T

58.Gravity By: tempestquill SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

59. Scared of Love By: tempestquill SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

60.Insights By: Gravity SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

61. Changes in Friendship By: FrenchieLeigh Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Incomplete-rated M

62. Close Encounters of the Combustible Kind By: Gumi Reloaded Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated M

63.Hajime and Tokio By: Angrybee Rurouni Kenshin HajimeXTokio Complete-rated M

64. Saitou Tokio A life By: Mara-Amber  Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated M

65.Through Your Eyes By: Stealiana Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated T

66. Hajime By: Chiharu Kamoshiro Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated T

67. Monthly Curse By: Scarred Sword Heart Rurouni Kenshin KenshinXKaoru Complete -rated K+

68. Romancing the Artist By: Shin Sankai Rurouni Kenshin AoshiXMisao Complete-rated M

69. Adventures at Uwajimaya’s and Afterward By: Gumi Reloaded /Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated M

70.Unending Winter By: Clorinda Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Incomplete-rated K+

71. A Tolerance to Alcohol By: Kaiyako Kagami Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Complete-rated T

72. Finding By: neon-elixir Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Incomplete-rated T

73. Deities, Demons and Disaster By: littlepinkwolf  Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Complete-rated K+

74.Seed of Emotion By: Shawny Wong Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Complete-rated K+

75. After the Fall By: blue-eyed-shuichi Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Complete-rated T

76.Going Gently By: Port Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Incomplete-rated T

77. PopTart Prediction By: VO1 Sailor Moon Rei Hino X Jadeite Complete, rated T

78.Twilight Bastille By: apsara Sailor Moon Rei Hino X Jadeite Complete, rated M

79. Fighting Gravity By: Flutterby Ashes Sailor Moon Senshi/Shittenou. Incomplete, rated M

80. Comfort Object By: VO1 Sailor Moon Rei Hino X Jadeite Complete, rated T

81.Diamonds in Wine By: moonlit.nocturne D.Gray-Man Kanda Yuu, Tyki Mikk, OC, Complete-rated T

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Hello, could you please recommend some really good Mina/Kunzite fiction? :3 very romantic ones are pretty much welcome!

Yes, of course! I’ve actually been meaning to do this so thank you for the kick in the behind. ;D

Three long fics I will always rec, no matter what, and they just happen to be mainly V/K are 

Economics by VO1, it’s sexy, hilarious, and full of great characterizations. It’s completely AU so no magic.  

Airmail by LovelyLytton, sprawling.. dramatic and so very well written, it’s an absolute must read in my book. Also her Beauty and the Beast 

Magnolias In Bloom by verisimilitude9, another AU.. this time highschool age. But come on, who doesn’t love a forthright Mina climbing through a clueless Kunzite’s bedroom window in the middle of the night?

What is Not by Ocianne

Sticky Situations by Merry Faerie

Jealous by goldnheart

We Are Fated and The Sleeping Princess: A Modern Sleeping Beauty by CharlieChaplin2

In His Eyes by ms. commas and ampersands

Desire by Apsaraqueen – this is DARK and gritty and violent and sexy, I recommend reading with caution. But it’s worth it.

Dutchesscourtney is really spot on her with V/K interpretations, I enjoy both her drabble series (which features all couples but is heavy on V/K) ShitennouxSenshi Shorts, Cowboy, Take Me Away