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today has been dedicated entirely apart from my starbucks-in-a-storm-lunch-break to finishing off the dialogue script for my game prototype because i said i’d share it in a lab meeting on Tuesday 

A+ motivation tactic but also it’s been hours and i’ve only added 50 lines it is a very slow process


So episode 5 came and went, and took some of our hearts with it, unfortunately. Was it because there were not enough Pricefield kisses? Or did you wish there was more Chasefield snark, or Marshfield hugs? 

Have no fear, because our team has been hard at work for the past month, working on a very happy, very gay Visual Novel, appropriately titled Love is Strange. We’ll be releasing a demo in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out! 

quilleth  asked:

For the apprentice asks 5, 9, 19!

Apprentice Asks

For 9 I’ve already answered here (summary: she’s a Slytherin) 

5. What animal best represents them?

Oh gosh. This is a hard question. Um, I think she’d have a deer or stag :)) 

They’re a protective animal – which she is – but also known to be symbols of grace and intuition (things that Rowan grows into) and more importantly, it’s a sign of rebirth and regeneration. Which I feel runs very similar to some of Rowan’s central themes of change and metamorphosis :p 

Also in Chinese traditional medicine certain deer parts are used for healing purposes (and some not so healing)

19. How do they deal with conflict?

Tries to avoid it if she can, but if she can’t she won’t shy away from it. As the immortal Peggy Carter says: Compromise, but if you can’t, don’t. 

Having said that though, conflict is highly stressful for her and if she can stay away from situations that involve trouble, she would. She has her own ambitions to be sure but she usually operates on the axis of guard what you have and don’t raise too much suspicion or alarm

Unfortunately for her, Asra is trouble and Julian even more so. This forces her to re-evaluate what things she’d go to hell and back for and what things she’d sit out on

And fortunately for she has little qualms of fighting the good fight at this point :))