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So episode 5 came and went, and took some of our hearts with it, unfortunately. Was it because there were not enough Pricefield kisses? Or did you wish there was more Chasefield snark, or Marshfield hugs? 

Have no fear, because our team has been hard at work for the past month, working on a very happy, very gay Visual Novel, appropriately titled Love is Strange. We’ll be releasing a demo in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out! 

teamrocketgo  asked:

Hello! I currently run a visual novel review page and I just felt compelled to send you all a message regarding Cinderella Phenomenon. I've played a lot of VNs in my life, but never have I played one so sophisticated, creative, and beautiful as CP. Lucette breaks the boundaries of standard main characters and each one of the characters is well thought out and crafted along with an amazing story. This game is truly a work of art. Thank you so much for it's creation! <3

Oh my. Thank you so much for taking the time to write us a wonderful comment. We really appreciate it and we’re glad that you enjoyed the game!

junkieofdata  asked:

What is Love & Labyrinths and why can I not find anything about it on the Penguin King site?

(With reference to this post here.)

In a nutshell, Love & Labyrinths is a forthcoming tabletop RPG about teenage drama and dungeon crawling. It aims to integrate old school logistics driven dungeon diving - think OD&D - with VN style “life sim” play in a single package. Play is divided into Life and Dungeon phases, with events and resources gained on each side contributing to the other.

It’s still very early in development, so we’re not quite at the point where we’re ready to put out any set-in-stone information about it. However, you can see several past teasers by checking the relevant tag on our blog, and there’s also some basic information - including an overview of the game’s planned high-level structure - in a Q&A thread on

How I interact with people IRL after MM ruined my life

Mom : You don’t look so good. Try and go to bed earlier today, okay? I haven’t seen you sleeping properly in a while.
Me : Ahaha… Ha… Yeah, sure, mom.
Mom : And lay off your phone, that might help.
Me : *logging into MM and taking out earbuds* And that’s when you start asking for impossible.

BFF : Im sorryyyyy, I won’t make it on time, but I’m on my way, please don’t murder meeeh
BFF : Lynn?
BFF : Lyyynn?
BFF : Are you that mad??
BFF : It was really urgent.
*fifteen minutes and hundreds of apologies later*
Me : Sure, take your time :3
BFF : …
BFF : Were you on Mystic Messenger again
Me : Yup

Boss : LYNN!
Me : *jumps up on her seat turning off the phone* Wh-Wh- Yes?
Boss : Don’t space out too much. Did you finish that report that was due yesterday? I need it asap.
Me : Y-ya, of course I did. I’ll check it once again and then will send it your way.
Boss : *smirking* You seem to be on your phone a lot. Is he hot?
Me : *blushing and stroking image of Zen on the lockscreen* You can’t even begin to imagine…



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