comic con panel for veronica mars!

  • We had a little surprise for our fans who waited in line at 6 am (!) for wristbands to tonight’s official The Veronica Mars Movie fan event…Percy & Francis (Wallace & Weevil) dropped off some donuts! We hope that’s cool? (x)
  • Passing out donuts to the fans. Thanks for waking up early, everyone!(x)
  • Years later and you still can’t take the cool out of Percy. (x)
'Veronica Mars' Comic-Con panel: Trailer and plot points revealed

Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell reveals plenty of “Veronica Mars” movie details, along with the film’s first trailer, at the Comic-Con 2013 panel.

The panel began with a first look at footage from the new “Veronica Mars” movie. “A long time ago, we used to be friends,” the trailer says. “And then it ended. You’ve waited years. You even said you’d pay for it. It’s finally happening.” Fans cheered as the footage began. “I need your help, Veronica,” a voice said. It turns out the title character has given up being a detective, though obviously she gets back to her old tricks quickly. The video also includes behind-the-scenes shots and interviews with the actors, plus shots of Bell and others watching the Kickstarter campaign as it reached and surpassed its funding goal within hours. Fans seemed elated to see the cast in action again, even for such a brief time. 


Kristen Bell gets a BIG present on her 33rd birthday.



Hey there marshmallows! Okay, so I was looking up stuff about VM at SDCC (with our newsest admin team member Jenny’s help, bless her heart and soul). You know, useful info for those of us unfortunate enough to not be able to attend the events - whether there are going to be livestreams, how we can submit questions, who to follow on twitter, where to search for pictures etc. So Jenny and I decided to make a masterpost with all the details we were able to find that we feel you need to know.

First of all - what, where and when? The events, locations and times.

The VMars cast is going to be at SDCC this Friday (July 19th) and the official schedule is as follows:

  1. 11:15 AM PST - Comic-Con Panel - Hall H
  2. 4:00 PM PST - Autograph Signings - WB Booth
  3. 7:30 PM - Official Fan Event - Regal Cinema @ Horton Plaza

*PST stands for Pacific Standard time. You can convert that into your own timezone right here.

 Now for the details:


Along with Kristen, Enrico, Ryan, Jason, Tina, Chris, Percy and Francis, Rob will be talking with Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen about the movie we made possible. They’ll be discussing the production, the amazing fans, showing the first-ever footage — straight from the set — and taking our questions.


Along with Enrico, Ryan, Jason, Tina, Chris, Percy and Francis, Rob will be at the Warner Bros. booth signing autographs and meeting fans. Please be aware that Kristen is unable to attend this signing.


There will be another event in the evening. The cast’ll all be sitting down for a longer chat with E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, and they’ll have a lot more time for our questions. They’ll also show some more first-look footage that wasn’t screened at the morning panel. There might be a few surprises and some giveaways.


That’s all sweet and great but how do we, the fans sitting at home scouring the internet for pics and clips fit into the equation? Do we get to do /anything/?

Sending in your questions.

Like we already mentioned, Kristin Dos Santos and Jeff Jensen are moderating the events and they both tweeted encouraging us to send in our questions. Now, Kristin unfortunately deleted her tweet already (which probably means she isn’t taking any more Qs from us) but you can see Jeff’s tweet and submit your question(s) for the cast here.

(By the way, our questions from twitter - from Loona, Kavya and Sandy - won the contest and will be asked at the panel! Thanks guys!) 

Videos, livestreams, photos and other visual media.

According to Rob the entire VM panel will be recorded and put online some time after the event. Unfortunately we don’t know if there is going to be an actual livestream, but it’s frankly really doubtful there’ll be one anyway. We suspect EW might be doing an interview with the cast on their comic-con stream here, so keep your eyes peeled for that. There’s also an MTV based coverage and something might pop up there, though no actual interview is scheduled.

We might have to make peace with the fact that actual live videos aren’t really going to happen much, but there’s still pictures and vines and instagram videos and oh what else will the kids come up with these days. Fret not, the VMMU team is on it. We’ll do our absolute best to keep you updated with fresh and current photos and videos that we might stumble upon. In case you don’t trust us much, in his most recent update Rob also told us that they will be covering the event live on their official twitter and instagram under the hashtag #VERONICAMARS and he wants you all to use that too if you tweet/post pics live from the event!

Speaking of which… even though we might not be let in on the live action per se, plenty of fans will actually have the opportunity to be there. Many of them will livetweet/liveblog their experience. Now here’s the deal, if you are one of them, send us a message with your tweet handle, instagram username, tumblr url, blog url, pigeon carrier address, instructions on where to direct our smoke signals to...basically tell us where we can find your updates and we’ll add you to a special lil list of people we should follow during this time (link below)

We will also keep our submit box open if you feel like sharing photos and stories, anectodes and stuff like that. Alternatively, you can tag your posts on here with #vmsdcc and we’ll try to reblog some.

We’re also in the process of adding a tag and a page dedicated to the VM at comic con experience. You might wanna check our brand new #vmsdcc tag and who to follow sdcc edition page here. Like I said, these are both still being updated so bear with us please.

If you have any further questions/suggestions/groundbreaking ideas/information we missed, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll let everyone else know.