vmprsm cosplays


OMG EXILES. I’m so happy I got to fix up my PM cosplay since I last wore it at Megacon 20…11? Probably. I am stupid proud of it. Luckily, my friend said she would go as AR, and we took some shots! Yeah, we ship it.

PM: me! (vmprsm)

AR: xotixa

Random WV we found: please message me or tag yourself!

Photographer: irategeologist

Please do not remove credits.


So, last photoset from Shadocon, and this one I’m most proud of. Fantrolls!!! We got an unexpected amount of positive response, I think people were impressed we were brave enough to wear them! Despite the weight of my horns almost crushing my skull, this was a really fun cosplay and we three hope to do our other fantrolls in the future, and I hope we inspired others to do theirs.


Yellowblood (Rykian): Me! (vmprsm)

Rustblood (Mawgzi): saterema

Violetblood: (Eldrid): heirofhonk

Photographer: irategeologist

Please do not remove the credits.


True Form Bloody Mary (The Wolf Among Us) Makeup Test!

All I need to add is the glass shards (in production) and the wig (being shipped). I’m not going to lie, I’ve always wanted to dress up in a Telltale design since I saw that Tiny Tina at Megacon. Those lines are just so cool.

Catch me at Shadocon on Sunday! (Or maybe I’ll catch you…?)


Hey all! These are my cosplays from MomoCon! Friday was Sailor Bubblegum Saturday was Lewis (purple skull face) Sunday was Merlin I had a blast at this con, honestly. Me and spoopyvaporeon finally got to wear our Sailor Scouts, after so much work, and they were recieved so well, thank you all. This was the first con in a while where I got to not be stressed over anything. We met Mystery Ben, oh my gods! My Lewis tie has now been signed by both mystery skulls and mystery ben, my life is a bit more complete. The dealers room was awesome, I got an alpaca finally! And I hit my three-people recognition for Merlin! Seriously, when I return from Peace Corps I am going to MomoCon again. If you took a picture of me in these cosplays, please tag me and shoot me an ask! Thanks!


Swampcon was…well…Swampcon. Helped @spoopyvaporeon with her artists table, saw a bunch of people (whether I wanted to or not) and wandered around the new Reitz. These are like, the only pics I took. I was Zacharie (lol that 2013 aesthetic) and Youji. All the throwbacks this weekend. It was alright.

Also the spoopy girl won second place in the cosplay contest and got a free ticket to Florida Anime Experience so I guess Im going to that on my birthday. Wee?

New Cosplay!

Out of love and excitement for JJBA Pt 4 becoming an anime, I’ve picked my next cosplay for Jojo: Part 4 Jotaro!!

He has, surprisingly, several outfits throughout the part, so I’ve picked this one:

So, to address a couple things: I am definitely not a 6 foot 3 inch bara man. So my cosplay will be a fem version. I really am getting tired of doing fem versions, but I can’t change my body and there clearly aren’t enough great female characters if this is still a problem. Nothing I can do.

That said, I don’t plan to change this outfit much other than to make the outfit more form fitting and making the hair a tiny bit longer and spikier, i.e. more like pt 3 than that later parts where he’s all an adult with an adult person haircut. And having a female body, therefore being less ripped and less sharply cut in the facial features. lol

This cosplay is slated to debut for METROCON 2016. He is firmly in the ‘order’ category for this year’s theme, haha. I’m very excited. (And also excited to do a cosplay that doesn’t need a million years of makeup).

My other cosplays for METROCON 2016 aren’t yet decided, I assume one will definitely be whatever character I get for the chess match (if I get accepted…). But that still leaves like, two outfits! I’ll keep everyone updated.