you know what the most fucked up thing is about hp? i’ll tell u. the worst thing about hp is that in-canon barely ANY of the really troubling shit that children go through gets addressed as A Problem or Abusive. Like, ha ha, harry lived in a cupboard! that sure makes ron feel better about being poor. but u know like. he lived in a cupboard??? when visiting the zoo he felt bad for the snakes bc at least HE got to visit the rest of the house sometimes!

so when kids read harry potter and when this coincides with their own potential mistreatment, be it neglect or emotional abuse/manipulation, being made to feel worthless or only as valuable as their accomplishments, having affection withheld by guardians or authority until requirements are met (usually academic), 

there is nothing textually in those books to say to those kids: “this behavior is wrong. you are being abused and/or mistreated.” 

survivors of abuse: we are allowed to be angry, we are allowed to not forgive those who mistreated us. not accepting our own mistreatment does not make us bad people or unloving or cowardly. maybe if i had read a book as a child that had been like “hey this shit is unacceptable” it wouldnt have taken me 20 years to realize i was more than an emotional punching bag for the people around me.

anyway *links this post into the doc of reasons i Have to fight jk rowling in the street*

ok no… no wait. earlier i saw a post w/ a bunch of lesser known hp facts and one of them was 

Only one non-magical person has ever managed to get as far as the Hogwarts Sorting Hat before being exposed as a Squib.

and i have been thinking about this for hours… because like, this is a “funny fact” until you remember that some eleven year old got a letter saying they were magic. they got taken to diagon alley, they bought robes and a cauldron and their class books and a wand, maybe with their magic parents or, worse, with their muggle parents, and they waited through the rest of summer, thinking i’m special, i’m magic, and then they have this long, nerve-wracking ride to hogwarts on this magic train—maybe they even made a friend or two on the ride to school! and they go across the lake, and can you imagine how nervous you would be, at eleven? theyre thinking about what house they’re going to be in, about what subjects they’re excited to learn, about finally being able to use their wand,

and they get to the sorting, and they put on the hat, and someone says, “i’m sorry, there’s been a mistake—you don’t belong here”

and if you dont think thats some ice cold bullshit idk what to tell you 

re: draco malfoy is a werewolf theory

a few ppl have mentioned this theory to me the past few days, and my honest response is, i don’t enjoy the theory, but if you do, it isn’t totally IMPOSSIBLE! However, looking at the way werewolves are treated by wizarding society and specifically by death eaters, looking at how the Black & Malfoy families operate regarding blood purity, and looking at draco malfoy’s character thru all 7 books, i think its Very improbable. 

points to look at & consider specifically, in book-chronological order!

  • werewolves are at the VERY EDGES of wizarding society! fenrir greyback is used, barely tolerated as a death eater. he’s a boogeyman for voldemort’s inner circle to Use as a tool. 
  • given that bellatrix thinks draco has been given a “great honor” (she says so when she and narcissa visit snape in ch2 of hbp) and the fact that narcissa SUSPECTS that draco’s mission is to punish lucius. if he had been turned into a werewolf i super highly doubt that there would be ANY doubt! also, his aunt bella would absolutely have no fondness for him. she wants to kill tonks for marrying a werewolf! would she have any desire to be around draco? to encourage him? i doubt this!!!
  • narcissa asking snape to kill dumbledore in draco’s place would NOT have been her priority. i believe she would have asked him first to help draco with his condition, to brew the wolfsbane potion for him etc. 
  • draco showing borgin something is one of the key reasons i think he has a dark mark! it’s left open to interpretation, but i doubt borgin would think much of dealing with a werewolf, which is why draco uses one as a threat? it would be redundant and seems like more of a sympathy-invoking thing to be like “i’m a werewolf now and this could happen to you if you dont help me,” (becomedog​: “i am on the edge of society! call me sir though!”)
  • when harry eavesdrops on draco on the hogwarts express, draco either absolutely believes that voldemort trusts and needs him OR he is a very, very convincing actor (& i really doubt he is the latter). draco is irritable with his friends’ insinuations that voldemort wouldnt trust a 16 year old. i find it very hard to believe he’d feel trusted and important if voldemort had allowed him to be bit. he gets into the mess he’s in because he’s been made to feel competent and important. 
  • draco refuses snapes help throughout hbp—his stress is related to his failing confidence & the threat on his family’s safety. he’s skipping homework and quidditch to work on the vanishing cabinet, sick from stress. i get the impression that wolfsbane is a complicated potion, so i DOUBT he could operate this way and also brew himself wolfsbane.  
  • the “you can babysit the cubs” is another thing that makes me think draco ISNT a werewolf. fenrir isn’t afforded a place at that table. why would draco be??? wormtail is relegated to the task of servitude. i feel like if draco was not a death eater he would be tasked with, at the very least, staying out of the way. also later, in the malfoy manor, bellatrix is still treating draco with preference, in her own way. i doubt she’d want be near him, judging by the way fenrir is treated, if he was a werewolf. the black family would rather obliterate their blood relatives than allow blood impurity, and bellatrix follows that ideology to a T.

ANYWAY i dont mean to poop on the party but this is my take on it!! a lot of these theories have been floated based on throwaway lines—i think there’s a lot more character-specific evidence against this one than there is against, say, remus/sirius, and i think the “Snape is a Vampire” theory has a lot more to do with jk rowlings unchecked antisemitic snape coding than anything else. 

it’s been a few months since ive had my nose in these books so pardon my paraphrasing. if you want citations for anything hmu and i can try to dig them up. also if u choose to read that draco is a werewolf like!!! have fun!! i don’t personally think it checks out with the text and the characters, but it was interesting to look into.

i WANT to propose a panel titled “what’s not the matter with harry potter?” which will obviously be an abbreviated version of my harry potter tag

  • how about all those abused children in harry potter! how about how that dumbledore guy left an infant with a family he KNEW would at the very least be neglectful and knew, consistently throughout harry’s childhood, was abusive to him? how about how harry potter’s self worth at age eleven and forward was defined by his ability to stand up to lord voldemort, and how that was tailored by the adults in his life. howwww about that,
  • how about that dumbledore guy and how all the growth we see w/ harry rejecting his manipulation gets trussed up and thrown in the lake by the end of DH
  • how about that EPILOGUE? how about WHAT epilogue? there is no epilogue
  • love those female characters being “subtly” pitted against each other. hermione vs lavender, cho vs ginny, molly vs fleur, narcissa vs bellatrix, petunia vs lily??? like ?????????? chill the fuck out jkr. multiple archetypes of woman can exist in a world and still be valuable and important humans, regardless of whether you think theyre Mum Material
  • squibs? the longbottoms? muggleborns? where is the community, where is the support system for wizards with disabilities? how many of these loved characters are neurodivergent or mentally ill? 
  • who else did jkr fail to mention wasn’t heterosexual? did she also fail to mention some characters weren’t white? weren’t cis? of course she did! lets exploit this default white cis-het gap in her writing forever.
  • do wizards wear pants? do prisoners of azkaban REALLY wear long black and white striped robes? are we to take it from archie aymslowe of ‘Fresh Air Refreshes Totally’ (F.A.R.T.) that TRADITIONAL wizards do not wear pants? 

this and many more compelling discussions led by yours truly

in case its baffling and a complete mystery to you why i think dumbledore is a piece of shit, please consider the entire part of half-blood prince where dumbledore pressures harry into doing a thing dumbledore himself could not do, and obtaining a memory from horace slughorn. and not only is this an unreasonable request, whether or not harry possesses the ability to do this, it is just. bad. harry is 16, he is a child, he is a child in dumbledore’s care, and each time harry fails to bring him the stupid shitty vial of guilty memory, instead of responding with, i dont know, suggestions and support, since dumbledore is such a GREAT THINKER and obviously knows more than harry could ever hope to, dumbledore responds by telling harry he’s disappointed. he expected harry to do better. he expected more from harry!!! harry feels like trash!!! it is one of the most explicit moments in the books of dumbledore being overt garbage to harry. he’s selfish and unrelenting and yeah, his plans do eventually bring down the dark lord, but at what cost??? what of harry potter’s childhood, what of his self worth, what of his mental health? albus dumbledore may have grown a conscience by the end of Order of the Phoenix but that doesn’t see an improvement in the way he treats and manipulates Harry. 

if you are at my blog for harry potter things and you are new here, these are some helpful facts to prepare u for your experience:

  1. “19 years later” is a farce, terrible writing, and i ripped it out of my book long before i shipped anything in hp
  2. the harry potter movies are awful, but especially order of the phoenix and the deathly hallows pt 2. the rest are just awful but those are horrendous and unwatchable.
  3. the potters are desi; harry potter is mixed race. hermione is black. 
  4. jkr is misogynist, heterosexist, and horrendously, unbelievably ableist, and while i obviously love harry potter, i am full of animosity for jk rowling. 
  5. harry potter is grey-ace

enjoy ur stay! if you want art w/out opinions my art blog is crowry.