some hp physical description details


  • harry’s scar is IN THE CENTER OF HIS FOREHEAD. it is not slightly to one side. it is not. it is in the middle of his forehead.
  • i dont know about later but in first year at least his hair usually covers his scar. before hogwarts, petunia tried to keep the scar as hidden as possible.
  • his glasses are round and “charcoal” colored. the first time they are mentioned to have been repaired is by arthur weasley at the beginning of the chamber of secrets, after harry has his floo mishap.
  • he has bright green, almond shaped eyes.
  • harry’s “i must not tell lies” scar is on the back of his right hand. if he makes a fist they show up white on his skin.
  • HIS SCAR IS A SCAR. SCARS ARE NOT BRIGHT RED!!!  and IDK MAYBE A CURSE SCAR IS DIFFERENT FROM MUGGLE SCARS??? but harry’s scar is. a scar. it is not a cut, as the movie people would have u believe.
  • he also has an oval shaped scar on his chest from the horcrux
  • his hair is JET BLACK and UNTIDY, always. his hair sticks up at the back. in DH his hair grows out past his shoulders.
  • in the book years his clothes are dudley or vernon hand-me-downs, or weasley sweaters, or hogwarts robes. or weird lumpy hats, scarves, and other knitted Creations made by hermione.

ron details:

  • ron is tall and gangly with a long nose. it is not described as thin or pointed or anything, just long. 
  • he has blue eyes and red hair and enough freckles to look like he has a skin condition. he has prominent ears.
  • after ootp ron has scars on his arms from his brain attack at the ministry. 
  • his clothes are almost all hand-me-downs from his elder brothers, and during his hogwarts years they are often several inches above his ankles. (hogwarts regulation robes are floor length)
  • ron is missing part of his upper arm from splinching in DH. it is described in the book as: “a great chunk of flesh was missing, scooped cleanly away as though by a knife.” hermione is able to close the wound and it is never specified if he scars from it (hermione uses dittany right away and according to snape in HBP the use of dittany immediately can prevent scarring)

hermione facts!

  • hermione has bushy brown hair and, until late in the fall of 1994 she has overlarge front teeth. 
  • her eyes are brown!
  • according to rons aunt muriel she has skinny ankles. 
  • the only description of her parents is that they look anxious and are muggles. there is no actual physical description. the only time we “see” her parents they are anxious and at gringotts and holding some muggle money, and then later they are more anxious after mr weasley gets into a brawl with lucius malfoy at the book store.
  • hermione does not suffer any visible injury from bellatrix torturing her in DH, contrary to the movie portrayal. she is threatened with a knife (by bellatrix) during the last moments at malfoy manor. she is also hit by the falling crystal chandelier, though she is unconscious at the time. 

all three of them suffer serious burns during their robbery of gringotts, and presumably multiple injuries during the battle of hogwarts. 

let’s cut it out with auror harry. consider harry teaching defense against the dark arts at Hogwarts. harry working with hermione for wizard law reforms.. harry being the equivalent of a wizarding social worker, taking care of wizarding orphans. harry as a spell inventor, harry writing for the quibbler, harry doing literally anything other than reliving his childhood obligation and trauma of fighting dark wizards

wizards could play mapcrunch for real. apparate somewhere u saw in a magazine. where is it. you have no idea. talk to a local? what language is that??? no idea? ok. lets try following this truck. international apparition laws are rewritten because someone splinched themself between korea and canada and it was a huge pain to clean up.

ok no… no wait. earlier i saw a post w/ a bunch of lesser known hp facts and one of them was 

Only one non-magical person has ever managed to get as far as the Hogwarts Sorting Hat before being exposed as a Squib.

and i have been thinking about this for hours… because like, this is a “funny fact” until you remember that some eleven year old got a letter saying they were magic. they got taken to diagon alley, they bought robes and a cauldron and their class books and a wand, maybe with their magic parents or, worse, with their muggle parents, and they waited through the rest of summer, thinking i’m special, i’m magic, and then they have this long, nerve-wracking ride to hogwarts on this magic train—maybe they even made a friend or two on the ride to school! and they go across the lake, and can you imagine how nervous you would be, at eleven? theyre thinking about what house they’re going to be in, about what subjects they’re excited to learn, about finally being able to use their wand,

and they get to the sorting, and they put on the hat, and someone says, “i’m sorry, there’s been a mistake—you don’t belong here”

and if you dont think thats some ice cold bullshit idk what to tell you