A moment of thought..

I am sitting here watching a replay of the VMA’s since I didn’t have power Sunday night to watch them. I knew from seeing some clips online that Gaga decided to show up to the VMA’s as her alter-ego Jo Calderone. However, I was not prepared for how bad ass his performance would be.

I know quite a few people think she is a nut case and needs to be locked up in a mental institute, but people don’t understand how much of a genius she is. Who else is going to be brave enough to wear a meat dress, don horns, or openly dress as a guy? Who else has the creativity to make out-of-the-box music videos that make you have to actually *get* the message instead of the message/theme being clear? To those people who doubt this mastermind, you are insecure to your own genius. You don’t like her because she isn’t normal, but you close-minded people should realize there is no such thing as normality. We are all different and unique and have different tastes when it comes to fashion. To me, I could find you strange for not liking peanut butter but does it make me a freak show for liking it? No, it doesn’t. It’s called preference.

What I am trying to say is, most of the musicians that are out are all cookie-cutter manufactured pop stars. Here is a woman who can clearly perform and sing without auto-tune, who is a talented pianist, who goes above and beyond anything Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera have done in the past 10 years. How about you stop criticizing her and think outside of your limited bubble, and see the talent that oozes out of her. You are only limiting your own imagination.

VMA 2011 Reaction.

Lady Gaga is a fucking mess and is not funny, and needed to stfu and let Britney talk. she killed it.

Bruno Mars fucking rocked it with the cover of Valarie, did Amy justice.

Its a shame the wires didnt snap as Chris Brown was flying through the air like a cheap Peter fucking Pan.

Adele nailed it, brilliant voice and a brilliant performance.

Lil Wayne .. the fuck? 

WTF Was on Katy Perrys head, looked like a lump of cheese, Katy .. dont ever try and pull off a lump of cheese.

Beyonce still got it. 

So yeah … if im honest, was abit disappointing.


Congrats Bey and Jay!


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I’m not an extreme Bey fan but you have to respect the heights this woman has reached. Congrats to Beyonce and Jay-Z on their new addition! Five thumbs up for Jay-Z’s reaction to Bey’s belly rub. That had to be the most priceless moment of the VMAs. It was a beautiful look into their relationship– Jay-Z  looked like he was the proudest man in the world.