vmas 09

Y'all I made dis

Why T Swift is the best:
* 10 Grammys
* Donated every dollar from Wildest Dreams MV to African Wildlife Fdn
* Visits children’s hospitals and sings to them
* Visited Cyrus- sick war veteran & Swiftie on Christmas Day
* Free M&Gs at EVERY show on tour
* Sent her fans Xmas presents to show them she values them- “Swiftmas”
* Ronan- Stand Up 2 Cancer- handwritten song for deceased 4yr old- raised awareness and funds
* NYC inner city schools donation
* Sends handwritten cards to fans for different occasions
* Did a M&G that lasted 13 hrs cuz her fans waited all day for her and she wanted to meet every single one
* Writes songs and gives them to other musical artists who then top charts: ex LBT, Calcium Harris
* Invites other artists to share her stage on tour for free- Mick Jagger, Nelly, MJ Blige- and they willingly show up
* Donated shit ton $ to Australian Wildlife preservation
* Freely promotes OTHER artists to boost their earnings on the charts- ex. HAIM, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Adams, BORNS, Troy Sivan, Kendrick Lamar
* Gave $1989 to help a student pay off semester loans BEFORE Nicki started doing it
* Doesn’t publicize her own philanthropy- we only find out about it cuz the people who receive donations post thank you notes
* Took all child actors in her Mine MV to Toys R Us after shooting the MV and bought them whatever they wanted
* Honorary Member of the National Songwriters Hall of Fame in Nashville
* Received a BMI Award named after her- only other artist to get that is MJ
* Wrote a forgiving song for Kanye called Innocent after 09 VMAs even though he doesn’t deserve it
* Her dad walks around audience giving out guitar picks and chats with them at shows
* Wrote a song for Para-Olympians called Change, held a 16-sec high note singing Hallelujah when performing it
* Has proven that she doesn’t lip-sync
* Showed up at a fan’s wedding and performed for them just cuz
* Her hand written lyrics aren’t cookie cutter pop trash
* Met with and Convinced a fan to stop cutting her wrists and she’s been clean ever since- I personally know this fan
* Plays guitar, electric guitar, piano, banjo, ukulele
* A study done by psychologists proved that Shake It Off improves emotional health of people who listen to it
* Invited 89 fans to each of her houses to listen to 1989 before it was released for free
* Invited a fan over to her NYC apartment to hang out on Valentine’s Day
* Her songs are lyrically intelligent and she credits all people who help her with anything
* Let Ariana borrow her jet to get home from Manchester- even when not everyone can help that situation, Tay still found a way to help.
* Donated shit ton $$ to Louisiana flood relief when people lost their homes
* Always thanks security on the red carpet thereby acknowledging the work put in to keep celebs safe
* Rented an entire island for her tour crew/dancers as a well earned vacay and treats them like family
Don’t bother asking about credibility, I have receipts for every single bullet point
@taylorswift love you.

anonymous asked:

BTD about Emily? I've never heard that one before, please elaborate! I haven't heard any actual theories about it since I've joined the Kaylor side, I actually believed it was about Taylor L. Or what about Liz? She has "tan skin and sweet smile" and she was at the '09 VMAs right?

Well, Emily apparently left in January, which means the December build up to her being fired must have been hellish. Taylor was ultimately forced to choose between her career and her relationship, and chose her career. (Just to stress, I don’t judge her for this choice. She was a teenager and I doubt any of the people she looked to for guidance - mom, management, etc - would have advocated for continuing the relationship.) We know from “Breathe” that Taylor feels guilty about how it all played out. We know she never saw Emily again after her firing (again, probably on other people’s advice) but the repeated “I’m sorry” line shows how she agonized over this.

“Back to December” is another song (like “All Too Well”) which is supposed to be about a relationship that dissolved fairly recently (Taylor Squared for BTD, Jake G for ATW) but which reads as if the relationship is longer ago. (“Do you remember it at all?” / “I go back to December all the time”.) Before the anger of “All Too Well”, there was the regret of “Back to December” - which may partly *explain* that anger, if Taylor was holding onto hope and guilt and regrets, and then suddenly received evidence to show Emily didn’t care at all. But I’m getting off topic. My point was that in addition to the “retrospective” feel it has in common with ATW, BTD has themes of guilt in common with Breathe.

“Maybe this is wishful thinking / probably mindless dreaming / but if we loved again I swear I’d do it right / I go back to December all the time”