Recently, I was driving my daughter to school and she said to me, out of the blue, Mama? I said, Yes, baby? She said, I’m the ugliest girl I know. And I said, Huh??? And she was like, Yeah, I look like a boy with long hair. And my brain went to “Oh my god, you’re 6. Why? Where is this coming from? Who said this? Can I kick a 6-year-old’s ass, like what?“

to the people mad as fuck about the ‘camila shade’

listen. a group who is literally called FIFTH harmony lost a member at the top of this year. for them to take the most iconic stage they have ever taken in their careers and not address that somehow would’ve made them look like damn fools.

and i don’t see it as petty as the rest of y'all do?? no one pushed the 'camila’ off stage, no one made her look bad, homegirl jumped ship on her OWN (just like she did irl) and fifth harmony continued on WITHOUT HER. it wasn’t shade. it was a statement. and i’m here for it so fuck all y'all