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Am I the only one here who thinks that camren is seriously having a super secret relationship rn? That they have to do alot of things to distract CS bc it's management's instruction? Like resiously after we've got from the vma, no only cs but alot of people thinks that they are so real and doing fine, and since management style is to create drama inside the fandom, they instructed camren so hard to make distractions and not act on their feelings,kinda make sense coz after the vma Lucy exist and+

cont. we created a trend #camilaloveslauren then in just 1 or 2 days we’ve seen lauren crying on stage for those “mysterious” lyrics of being in a relationship that you need to hide, you can’t fight for the feelings, and being who you are. Sorry guys but I really believe have something to do with this, maybe they instructed them to not even interact on anything at all. Lauren really needs Lucy as her beard and as a comforter for the situation. And when we are going to based it on tumblr, lauren obviously agreed to what management wants while Camila doesn’t. So when Lauren throw indirects on tumblr that she’s learning, (maybe Camila gave her an ultimatum to choose their relationship and interact/not be in a relationship at all) and so she rb something about healing/letting go of someone who hurt you, coz she just cant do it? And Camila just allowed Lauren to whatever decision she has even if it hurts her? Coz Lauren just gave up on their chances to be together? And so she run she run again to Lucy as her crying shoulder, and Camila’s tweet that Rihanna’s song. She still sants her but you know that she cant have her coz the girl just gave up/have no strength to fight for whatever they have? So she’s trying so hard too and her circles to divert attention so they are more interacting to Shawn. So when everybody thinks that camren shippers are so quiet now, they can be free again. CS is playing a nig part on management’s decision for Camren guys.

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I think Ariana Grande knows something about Camren because she just recently slammed an interviewer for asking if 5h had boyfriends at the moment. She seemed pretty protective over them and we've all seen that small exchange between Camren and her at the VMAS. What do you think?

Yeah I think so too. She knows what’s up.


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