vma mess

What MTV did was messed up. For starters the audience didn’t even want to stand up and pay respect to Chester Bennington*well that’s how I see it*. Jared Leto had to ask them to stand up not once but twice. Then MTV pay tribute to Chester Bennington by showing Linkin Park performance from 2010 Vmas. The tribute didn’t even last a whole min before it was cut to commercial. All I have to say is a hot mess. A got damn hot mess.

What went down at the VMAS (just in case you missed it)

Well, where do I begin? We started off with a performance from Ariana Grande, which was cute, and right when that ended it went straight into Nicki Minaj’s performance. At first we saw Nicki with her two dancers showing off their stuff, as usual, but then Nicki starts dancing very provocatively. She walks to another part of the stage, and then she starts twerking on a tree stump. Everyone was shocked, in the beginning of the performance she points at JLO and JLO’s face is mute, and behind JLO sits Five Seconds Of Summer and all their faces are HILARIOUS! Michael was confused but amazed, Ashton was just laughing a fit, Calum was laughing but when he saw Nicki look his way his smile left instantly, and Luke was just looking around trying to not be seen.

Here are some of the best reactions to Nicki’s performance:

After that mess, when you think it can’t get any worse, after Nicki is done singing her new single “Anaconda” the show goes straight into Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj’s song, “BANG BANG”. First you see Jessie J on a stage by herself singing her voice, then she is joined by Ariana. After Ariana’s verse it’s Nicki’s rap, and we are suddenly revealed to a tired, and running Nicki trying to rap as she runs to the stage. Once Nicki turns to the camera we notice she is holding herself. Is that for the show? No! Her dress wouldn’t zip in the dressing room! So now we have a good song gone bad since Nicki is holding her dress to her body, Ariana is panicking on her face, and Jessie is mad with a fake smile on her face.

The show basicly gets a little boring until Taylor Swift takes the stage to perform. Taylor performs her new single “Shake It Off”. It begins as the usual Taylor Swift performance, her trying to dance like Beyonce and failing miserably, and then she got to the bridge. Right when she starts singing the bridge:

“My ex-man brought his new girlfriend
She’s like "Oh, my god, I’m just gonna shake.”
And to the fella over there with the hella good hair
Won’t you come on over, baby? We can shake, shake, shake"

Kendall Jenner’s face was priceless. Kendall dated Harry Styles, Taylor’s ex just this year and there is embarrassment written all over her face.

I think the one face that looks better than Kendall’s is Kylie’s who is basicly biting half of her lip right off her own face! Then, if you think Taylor is done burning people, you are certainly wrong! Taylor climbs up onto a huge sign that says 1980 [The name of her new album] and acts like she’s about to jump off of the sign. Then she hesitates and stops herself and explains she doesn’t care if it’s the VMA’s, that’s dangerous and people are getting bitten by snakes and everything, which was a complete burn to Nicki Minaj who’s dancer actually did get bitten by a snake in rehearsal for her crazy Anaconda performance.

Rawr Taylor, rawr. It seems like every year someone gets burned by Taylor, you watch the backstage cam you could just see her talking up a storm with Jordin Sparks and Lorde, and it seems like she’s gossiping! Anywho, after that it gets unbearably boring until Beyonce performs and claims her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award, and we have a sweet moment with her, Jay-Z and Blue… aww….

And then the show finally ends, and you just sit back and think wow: that was such a ghetto hot mess show.