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Speak Your Truth Review

Season 3 Premier!!

Finally, right?! Let’s get into it.

I LOVE that they weren’t in the hospital all day long. They shot scenes outside, in the courtroom, Connor’s home. I hope this is a regular occurrence unlike last season when they claimed to leave the hospital more but only did for like two episodes.

They say right off the bat that it’s been a few months and I think they are going to unpack the issues Dr. Charles faces from the fallout of the shooting throughout the season which I think is a really great idea. (If that’s what they intend to do).

You know for as erased as Sarah was throughout the promos, she had the most interactions with the staff. Stohl, Goodwin, Noah, Connor, Robin; she’s a lot more confident (finally) in her residency. Noah bringing her food makes me think that they have or have had lunch together more than once, but it’s been superficial at best. Sarah does reveal that she hasn’t seen her father since she was six when Noah brings up the comparison of Daniel to a dad; I can hear the dialogue now “You’re more than a father to me.”

The one thing I think they could’ve done differently is highlighted the difference between mental illness and personality disorders. I think that huge but often grey area could have been the dispute between he and Sarah instead of his guilt over supposedly not seeing what Kellogg was…I mean a malignant narcissist is not a light diagnosis even if said in the heat of a moment as he (Daniel) did in season two.

I didn’t need THREE different scenes to tell us that Robin and Connor wanted to, were going to, and did have sex…like we get it. This was a little team try too hard; this isn’t Grey’s or Saving Hope; they never had that kind of heat anyway; in my opinion.

Connor’s apartment looked different to me…Maybe new furnishings after the night Robin had a breakdown on the balcony?

I don’t really feel the rivalry between Connor and Ava yet…just annoyance; she is competing with him and he is just going to work and being annoyed. I hope that picks up. (lol to Robin calling her Cruella)

How did Doris find out? If April tells Ethan “good night” is that code for I’ll be over later? Like, who knows, and April LIED straight to her face. The dialogue written for them was…meh. Hopefully next week is better.

I think that Natalie and Will’s kiss shouldn’t have been in the promo pictures or had a sneak peek clip. The marketing team could’ve used the meatier dialogue given to Sarah to promote the first episode; seeing the clip beforehand kind of took the wind out of the sails of Natalie kissing Will. I can admit it was a nice kiss.

Maggie’s story with the kid was kind of weird and little out of place but since Stohl is the head of the ED it’s nice to see more of him.

All in all this episode was okay and I’ll probably watch it again; I like what they are trying to accomplish this season.

Since I started working for a new publishing house, it became always difficult to draw something new about SVTFOE’s fan art for me. Especially now that Starco is so weak ;___; and yes, I appreciate also Tom but isn’t the same now!
Seeing the season three, maybe it does not make much sense to think about Broken continue.
After Marco, the all-seeing spell and the magic wand I thought “it would be okay to think of something about Marco’s mind change”. After the bitterness and disparity of his life he start to approach to the dark magic.

A sort of reverse broken. :)

What do you think about it?