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Dark Hook Comes to Storybrooke - Chapter 5

A Captain Swan, Season 1 Canon Divergence Collaboration by: @hollyethecurious, and @winterbaby89

Beta’d by: @ilovemesomekillianjones

Amazing Artwork by: @xhookswenchx

Rated M for language and dark themes (and maybe (probably) some sexy times… later ;o)

Summary: Moments before the Evil Queen’s Dark Curse whisks our beloved fairytale characters to Storybrooke, Captain Hook finally gets his revenge on the Crocodile. Twenty-eight years later, Killian Jones awakes in Storybrooke expecting just another ordinary day, that is until a number of abnormal occurrences disrupts his otherwise scheduled life. The greatest of which is a new face in town. A young woman by the name of Emma. Emma. What a lovely name…

Disclaimer: Canon dialogue and scenes from various episodes will appear within this fic. To Adam, Eddie, and the OUAT writers goes all the credit.

Line breaks indicate change in POV or Scene.

Also available on ao3, my fic page, and Hollye′s fic page And if you want to catch up on the last chapter. This work is no longer available on FF.net. Unfortunately the site does not allow authors to co-publish collaborative works.

Chapter Five

The weather was mild for late October. Only a slight chill remained in the air from the night before, and Killian took comfort in the thought that if Swan hadn’t taken his suggestion to seek shelter in the pawn shop, at least it hadn’t been too terribly cold for her in that metal contraption of hers. Hopefully she’d been able to get some measure of sleep over the long night, unlike him.

He’d spent many long hours trying to ascertain just how it was that The Dark One’s memory had come to unfold in his mind the night before. The only answer he could come up with was that it had to have something to do with Emma. She seemed to be the answer to many things related to the Dark Curse, a product of being The Saviour no doubt. Just as her name had awoken him and unlocked his personal memories, his continued interaction and time spent in her presence seemed to have gained him access to The Dark One’s memories as well. In limited amounts, at least, for he did not have all of the Crocodile’s memories, just those that seemed to relate to the fact that Emma, the product of True Love, was The Saviour.


A title in sharp contrast to any of his, and one that had him once again re-evaluating his thoughts about how to manage the secret of the curse, his identity, and his relationships with both Henry and the Swan girl. Warring with himself over his own self-preservation versus aiding them in fulfilling her destiny, and ultimately losing both her and Henry once they realized the truth of his villainy, Killian had found himself no closer to a clear path of decision as dawn crested the horizon.

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Day in Fandom History: November 19…

The Bears, being an urban bunch, hadn’t ever heard of the idea of hibernation until Chloe tells them about it. Grizz, loving the idea of eating a ton and then just sleeping to his heart’s content, goes for it with reckless abandon. But Grizz is so excited for hibernating… that he can’t fall asleep. “Hibernation” premiered on this day, 2 Years Ago.