So rosining and I went to It'Sugar to shoot Trickster gals down in Atlantic City last Friday! (Major thanks to the store employees who let us shoot there and even encouraged us to use some of the oversized candy as props!) We ended up getting stopped for photos by a lot of kids and a couple of boardwalk security guards who shared our fluorescent pain. 

One boy wasn’t so eager, though. His parents wanted him to take a picture with us, but instead the boy assertively shouted, “MOM, I AM NERVOUS,” and walked away. Though, given that he was like four, he didn’t get very far. 

I’m going to try out drawing a shitty tutorial on lined paper this time instead of shitty MSPaint tutorials and see if that works out any better.

(Roommate was still asleep; sorry for the dark pictures)

Recommended Materials: STRETCHY STUFF! I used miliskin spandex, but anything with a good amount of stretch that doesn’t unravel easily will work. (aka: if you stretch a fabric along the cut edge, it won’t show any signs of change.) Materials with no stretch will NOT WORK. and will be uncomfortable. probably like shitty jeggings. just don’t do it. 

(Steps are labeled in the squares)

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