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Ok let's get away from shippy and talk skating. What is your dream Team Canada team vs the actual team. So far Men are our weakest link.

Um do u mean dream team for the olys?

Cause I’d say:

Men: chiddy, kevin reynolds : only krey bc he’s more consistent than nam, altho in a perfect world nic nadeau gets his 4Lo consistent and he goes instead of krey

Women: kaetlyn, gabby and alaine : i like veronik mallet more than alaine tho, but idt she’s making the team next yr

Ice dance: vm, weapo, g/p: what else do we got?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pairs: seguin/bilodeau, lubov/dylan and d/r: i’m only putting d/r there cause i need them to perform for the team event, also i’d be soooo pissed if mtm2 gets the spot and not s/b