GAME TIME!  Veronica Mars, Where Are You?

You know we’ve got a mystery to solve… 

That’s right marshmallows, someone is haunting the Neptune Grand and the gang needs your help. 

Over the next five days (Monday, October 24th through Friday the 28th) we will give you excerpts from the mystery story at 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm EST. There will be a key item missing from the story and you need to use the hint provided to identify said item.

And if you come through you’re gonna have yourself a Scooby Snack. Yep, an entire box of tasty cinnamon, graham cracker snacks will be delivered right to your door!

So if you’re ready and you’re willing… hop on board the mystery machine:

If we can count on you, I know we’ll catch that villain!


Corvid: a vax playlist

spotify | 8tracks

simon and garfunkel | my little town

In my little town I never meant nothing I was just my father’s son
Saving my money, dreaming of glory
Twitching like a finger on a trigger of a gun

the runaways | dead end justice

Long hot summers make you wanna fight
The roar of the city lasts all night
You like drugs, you like brew
You won’t believe what I can do to you

the hold steady | boys and girls in america

Kissing boys and getting wasted
Hot and soft and generally complacent

goldenhorse | wake up brother

You cool blue yellow with lips and face like mine
We are like stone
Like stone we are, we stand together

rosy tin teacaddy | bucketful of bones

We’re a murder of crows, and everybody knows
Sky is falling on our heads, soon we’ll all be dead
Leave us a bucketful of bones

the national | start a war

Walk away now
And you’re gonna start a war

jimi hendrix | little wing

That’s all she ever thinks about.
Riding with the wind. 

bond street bridge | birds

And they can see for miles up there but we can see forever
If we’re going nowhere let’s at least go down together
we’ll keep each other company, we’ll keep the wolves and crows at bay
I can watch your back and you can watch my back
we won’t touch the earth

rilo kiley | accidntel deth

There’s blood spilled on the floor
Everyone’s staring at you, what for?
Till you realize the blood is probably yours

the mountain goats | love love love

Some things you do for money, and some you do for fun
But the things you do for love are gonna come back to you one by one

regina spektor | two birds

Two birds of a feather
Say that they’re always gonna stay together
But one’s never going to let go of that wire
He says that he will but he’s just a liar

Just One Good Scare

Halloween one-shot. Takes place after S2, October of the following year I think. If you’d like to be tagged, please let me know. Hope you lovely people enjoy!

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I’m about to post a new fic, and just wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful feedback on my little mostly fluffy story from last week.

Sincere thanks to @kneekeyta @lilaviolet @jellytotsies @tinakegg @borntosik @rhi3915 @likeashootingstarfades @my-mad-fatuation @arathewallflower @look-how-they-shine-love @lau-vm @ch1darkcy  @thatfunnygirllauren @mirandasmadeofstone @hohumi @bitchy-broken @adaftmyriad @carpe-libris for all your sweet comments and reactions, and to everyone else who reblogged or liked or read it! xoxo

Thanks ALSO to everyone who found some good in my rambly, ranty post about series 3 and why I write fanfiction! There were some great additions and reactions (but those are a lot harder to track, since I a little bit hijacked someone else’s post … ) 

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