Before tonight's stream, an incomplete list of absolutely perfect VM quotes from EP86

“You’ve never played boulder, parchment, shears!?”

“Is it drugs?”
“YES IT’S DRUGS! Let’s talk about this in front of everyone I’m training!”

“Taryon Gary Garrington.”
“Wow, he really is an asshole.”

“Man, you should have led with daddy issues.”

“Hey! Now we know he’s an ugly crier!”

“Then she’ll be a made maid Marion!
…. I may be drunk.”

*Dodie writing down the entire script of the ugly crying scene*


“So then, after taxes, eleven thousand.”
“She’s tax exempt!”
“How is she tax exempt?!”
“She’s a baroness.”
“Make it sixteen.”


“Is she your girlfriend?”

“Are you a pirate?”
“She meant that as a compliment.”
“Where do you get your clothes?”


Hogayi shaadi? Bann gayi ye meri patni? Ab ye mera maamla hai. Aur mere maamle mein bolne ka tum logo ko koi haq nahin.

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DaneilleEarlPhotography said about VM that part of their mystery and branding is why they will never publicly say they are dating or not dating do you think that's true?

Do I think T&S will ever publicly state that they’re dating? No, that’s not who they are and they’ve never done that in the past with their relationships (SO’s not included). Do I think that’s them wanting to keep mystery and their brand alive…not so much. Of course there is a part of it that is strictly about their brand. When Tessa posts photo’s of them she knows that the majority of her target audience is going to love it because its what we all want to see. We want to see them together. The #virtuemoir is a pretty good indicator of that. That’s also the reason any pics of them she posts are usually from after competitions and are generally professional photograpy shots. Every once and a while we get an elusive selfie and then well…the gloves come off lol

Do I think when they look deeply into each others eyes before a competition, or when they do their pre-performance hug or when Scott caresses Tessa’s face or arm in the midst of a program its because its all for branding? no. There is a certain aspect of their relationship that is real, that exists outside of skating. That’s the 20 years of skating together, that’s their friendship, that’s all the other personal aspects of their relationship that we don’t know - the stuff that isn’t for public consumption.

But its complicated and not as clean cut as I’m trying to explain it. But this is how I see it. Its a complicated relationship but I think the core of it isn’t that complicated. 

KTERA | March 2nd Patch Preview

Brief summary (credit to Loriri (Idi0ticGenius) for translating):

Harrowhold Re-opens

  • Reduced to a 20-man raid instead of 30-man
  • New mechanics have been added
  • New loot has been added, including: VM 9.5 retool items, royal ghost/diamond dragons and superior innerwear (the one with better stat).
  • The dungeon will remain as weekly based dungeon, which resets every week.

Dual Option System

  • It will only be available for Tier 11 gear or higher.
  • To enable this feature, press Shift + Right-click on your gear. You will have to pay a one-time fee using gold. The amount of gold will vary by item type.
  • After activation, pressing Ctrl on your gear will allow you to check the equipment’s Alternate Options but not save the stats.
  • To switch to Alternative Option stats, press Shift + Right-click on your gear again when viewing your profile or inventory.
  • Re-rolling an equipment is no different from before. The only difference is that there will be Button 1 and 2 to select the alternative option for the selected equipment.
  • You can utilize Save Outfit feature on Profile (P) to quickly switch between dual options.

High Tier Dungeon Rotation

  • The current season’s high-tier dungeons “Demokron Factory Hard Mode” and “Timescape Normal Mode” will be replaced by “Bathysmal Rise Hard Mode” and “Akeron’s Inferno Hard Mode”.

Check out the link for pictures which better explain the Dual Option System.

Even after a character swap, Sam is still the only Arcane caster in VM.

(Keyleth is a Primal caster, I assume the same is true of Vex, and I’m guessing Vax is a Divine caster because Paladin?)

Edit: And Pike is also a Divine caster, but that goes without saying (plus she’s not with the party at the moment, so).

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So I'm curious - why are you annoyed with Charlie? :)

I’m always annoyed at DW lol 

Their icenetwork interview made me ??? on certain points. 

You know how VM all season have been saying stuff since the beginning of their comeback like: ‘’I’m not sure we deserve to be in the conversation rn’’ ‘’We’ll have to see if we’re able to qualify for 4CC or Worlds’’ ‘’We still have a lot of work to do to be back on top with the best’’

I’m paraphrasing here, but they weren’t cocky enough to assume they would win everything from the start. Which lbr at some point during Nationals when they were saying things like that was annoying to me.

DW’s speech is the complete opposite.

Do you think you can still compete with the best? ‘’One hundred percent. If anything, I feel we’ve improved. Our skating has improved…’’ ‘‘So it’s definitely not a question of if we can do it, and I think that’s a nice thing to be able say.’’

Lbr for a sec. You don’t improve your skating skills by show touring and that applies to VM who used to say the same. DW are basically saying ‘we could’ve comeback and beat everyone but meh we didn’t feel like it’. 

I don’t know to me I’m feeling some arrogance coming from Charlie’s answers or maybe he’s just trying to hard to convince himself? Anyway my interpretation of this might only be bc of my general dislike towards DW, but that’s my take on it.

I will never get over the irony of constantly being lectured by some VM fans about accepting results and placements. Short memories. 2013/2014 wasn’t that long ago.

Can’t we all just accept that these two fandoms have a heck of a lot in common? And have been and are going through some very similar experiences?