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you know what why have i not seen any more fanart of the vm boys in cute skirts and dresses and stuff like @cr fandom you have been blessed with grog “thicc thighs save lives” strongjaw and yet have i seen any fanart of him in thigh highs, no,

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Hey! Sorry to bother but I'm curious, I follow you long time ago, your otp: tags are from the series right? So, your tag for tododeku #otp: the two of us where does it came from? I read the manga but I don't remember in there? My english is bad sorry! >.<

hey hey hey!!! oh!! thanks, and yes, my “#otp:” tags are from the series itself! either anime or manga!! (you’re so great for noticing this ouo) and “otp: the two of us” is from the manga tho my friend! maybe you just forgot!! it’s from chapter 53 ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

Grog's Character Arc

I have to say, Grog’s story arc coming full swing with the Earthbreaker Groon appearance has so much depth to it when you think about it.

Earthbreaker Groon is a **Monk and (likely)** Cleric of Kord, the (chaotic good) God of strength (athletics, courage, sports). Kord, who resides in Ysgard, is hugely muscular with a red beard and long red hair. He adorns gauntlets made from hide of an ancient white dragon, boots from an ancient blue dragon, and a fighting girdle made from an ancient red dragon. He carries an intelligent adamantine greatsword known as Kelmar (it can talk normally and communicate telepathically as well). While the sword carries a bane against all dragons, both Kord and Kelmar despise Lawful Evil dragons (blue, green). It is told that Kord can strike down a lawful evil dragon in a single hit with Kelmar.

To get the attention of clerics of Kord, the main route is to display great strength. The attention of Kord himself can be drawn with incredible feats of strength such as climbing a great mountain or slaying a lawful evil dragon, to name a few. Since clerics of Kord are expected to be leaders, they must value strength, but not domination. Kord believes that the strong should lead the weak and that bravery is the greatest trait anyone can possess.

So let’s look at Grog Strongjaw. There is much to say about the goliath barbarian, who was thrown from his wandering herd for not killing an elderly gnome. In his adventures with Vox Machina, Grog has obviously shown his strength. (Pre-stream) VM encountered the first of the chroma conclave (though they didn’t know it at the time) when they investigated the home of General Krieg, a respected Taldorei councilmen. They ended up walking into a lair full of a massive treasure hoard and triggered Krieg when they touched one of four orbs lining the wall. They ended up facing and slaying the blue dragon Brimscythe, the Iron Storm, a lawful evil dragon using Krieg as a cover to do his deeds.

You could argue that this is when Kord would have first taken stronger notice of Grog, having used his strength to take down a vile, LE dragon. Kord might be keeping an eye on him, but grog still had much to prove as he was reckless.

The next encounter would be in the crucible in Vasselheim. Grog faced against the great champion Kern and in an epic battle, took down half-orc. This is where Grog first gains the attention of Groon, as he watched the match. Grog offered VM’s service to Groon in his first discussion and Groon foretold of dark times coming (foreshadowing the rest of the chroma conclave).

Fast-forwarding to after the conclave attacked Emon, Grog once again returned to the Trial Forge, this time wielding a strange, dark blade known as Craven Edge. Grog was asked where he finds his strength for the first time and responds with his rage. After a short 3v1 battle with Groon (feat. Vax and Scanlan), Groon makes the point that he should place more trust in his friends and not on a dark blade like CE. Grog is told to leave again and to truly find his strength. This is likely the upswing in Grog’s outlook on life.

It is serving that, given the strike of the chroma conclave, that Kord would start to mix paths with Grog. VM sets out to gather the vestiges of divergence, powerful magical relics, and take down the CC once and for all. It proved to be a grueling sequence. Shortly after leaving the Trial Forge and Vasselheim, another test of strength and mind came in the encounter with Kevdak and his former herd. Here, Grog gets the first realization that his strength alone wouldn’t be enough to defeat such a powerful goliath. He calls on VM to fuck shit up and together, as a family, they slay Kevdak.

You can keep counting off occurrences of Grog’s strength being tested. Each subsequent dragon they faced was stronger than the last. They faced Umbrasyl, the Hope Devourer, an ancient black dragon (Chaotic Evil) and Vorugal, the Frigid Doom (also CE). Then Raishan, the Diseased Deceiver, an ancient green dragon (Lawful Evil), shows up as a supposed ally and they tentatively make way to take down the leader of the CC - the swolen, ancient red dragon (also CE) Thordak, the Cinder King.

Grog began to display wisdom, helping Keyleth control her own rage when negotiating with the slippery green dragon. He knows that, as a family, their combined strength can take down any dragon, but he sees the futility in letting hubris cloud the mind. They had all traveled the world, taking down increasingly difficult foes and collecting immensely powerful items after all.

Following the battle with Thordak and narrowly escaping death from Raishan, the group was uneasy. His buddy, Scanlan, had fallen for the first time and he was unsure of things. VM end up tracking Raishan through the use of spells and travel an unrelenting cave of the necromancer Opash. At the end, they faced Raishan and they took down the deceitful and highly intelligent dragon in a final stand, but this time it was different.

This time, after the dust had settled, his close buddy Scanlan was down for good. He screamed out for someone to fix him and punched down a wall in fury. After escaping the necromancers island (one that tried it’s best to keep VM in place), the time began to try and bring back the charming gnome he knew so well.

He sulked outside the raven queen temple, thinking he couldn’t do anything to help his buddy - he had no magical powers after all, but through the help of his friends he reluctantly went in to help. Here, he showed just how far he had come. In a heart wrenching speech, he told how his friends and family were the source of his strength and how even though he had these amazing weapons, he would be useless without the very people who stood behind him all these years. As fate would have it, it wasn’t the final song for Scanlan, as he was revived in an epic hour long ritual.

Finally, VM return to Vasselheim to pay a debt they owed to Cenokier and bury the ashes of his wife. Grog convinced VM to return to the Trial Forge, hoping to get his buddy pike some 1v1 action. Here, he met with Earthbreaker Groon again. He met after taking down the chroma conclave, sworn enemies of Kord and and last of which to fall was an evil ancient green dragon set to abuse the world. Earthbreaker Groon, asks Grog once more where his strength comes from and Grog firmly responds that his strength comes from his family and his friends, without whom he would be nothing. We leave off with Groon ready to give Grog his finally test of strength.

The whole story arc here is fucking incredible and I can’t wait to see this showdown.

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so...you're basically implying that svt plagiarized exo? i mean we could say there are a lot of similitudes but now it looks like their recent teasers got heavily influenced by the pathcodes

lmao literally everyone’s been saying that the teasers remind them of the pathcodes since the very 1st teaser came out (hansol’s teaser). and they most likely were influenced by the pathcodes bc they’re both made by vm project? i haven’t seen anyone having a problem with it so i don’t think it’s a big deal. i made the gifset for fun and bc i’m an exo and svt stan. that’s all. 


a YEAR? a YEARRR!?!?!!!!?!?1 i”m so bad with timeskips friends, i don’t think i can make it. help me. 

@ all the shippers who have sent me no less than twenty messages in the last 36 hours about vm finally dating: idk why so many of you need my validation and need ME to believe they’re dating too. and i’m not disbelieving because i want to be a ‘bummer’ or want to ‘rain on everyone’s parade’ - i’m disbelieving because THIS HAS ALL HAPPENED BEFORE AND WILL ALL HAPPEN AGAIN. the difference between me and most of you guys is that i didnt just start watching figure skating on feb 16 2014 and i know how vm work, i know how their fandom works and i know this cycle will CONTINUE INTO INFINITUM UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

The Cycle:

vm do something cute -> “omg do you guys think they’re finally dating??” -> vm do one more thing cute -> “omg guys i really do think they’re dating now” -> egged on by completely unreliable fan sightings/reports of them kissing/making out somewhere -> “they’re definitely dating now and their friends are just saying they’re not because they want to protect them” -> vm deny they’re dating -> “they’re just lying bc they want to keep things private” -> vm show up with some other person that looks like a gf/bf -> “CALM DOWN GUYS, its prob just a friend, girls and guys can have friends of the opposite sex!” -> vm are definitely dating someone that is not each other -> “i just dont know how they can treat each other this way and be with someone else, it all feels like a lie” -> vm fans are despondent until vm break up with their s/o -> vm do something cute

most of tumblr has been through one cycle of this since 2014 - i’ve been through at least 5 since 2007

“but chelsea,” you protest, “aren’t things DIFFERENT this time? don’t things feel DIFFERENT this time?”

sis it feels different every time thats how you guys get sucked in

“but they’re both single now…and for so long!”

maybe they want to focus on a teeny tiny thing called the olympics coming up in 9 months… idk im just spitballin here

“but they seem so much happier now!”

yes it is amazing what having two years off and not having a coach actively trying to sabotage you will do for ur morale

“but they keep slipping up. scott accidentally almost said they were in love yesterday. tessa paused for 0.03 seconds before answering if they were dating! what does that mean?”

absolutely nothing. i have a laundry list of 5000 other moments in the past ten yrs that have also amounted to absolutely nothing

“but weren’t tatiana and max just like this before they announced they were engaged? why cant that be vm?”

because they’re two different teams and two entirely different dynamics?? if The Cycle hadnt existed, the v/t theory might fly. in any case v/t were constantly photographed on vacation together, whereas the only evidence vm even spend time outside the rink together is one random anon on someone’s blog who you are all so willing and eager to believe over vm’s 100 other friends/coaches/acquaintances who say they’re not dating

“but chelsea if i want to believe they’re together, why cant i?”

ummm feel free, no one is stopping you. just stop harassing me in MY inbox about it and then accuse ME of bullying people. i mean for gods sake

“ok but chelsea if it comes out they are finally dating, are you willing to admit you’re wrong and eat crow?”

look if i’m wrong i will eat crow, peacock, flamingo and any other damn bird you put in front of me

(…….but i’m not)

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dude i totally get you with gen vm vs poly vm. i just freaking love good strong friendships.

I think the deal is I ship so many things within VM but not at the same time and the idea of throwing them into one basket and labeling it poly//machina is just, like, I don’t get it

Obviously there are a number of plot threads currently left unresolved, which the players have either consistently brought up themselves (the anti-magic sphere, Raishan) or been forcibly reminded of (Hotis, Ripley).  I’ve been taking note, however, during my latest rewatch, of the number that seem to have dropped off of VM’s radar and are thus mostly left dangling like Damocles’s freaking armory.  I am therefore taking a short break from losing my shit over the latest episode to make a list of the ones currently making me sweat nervously while I wait for Mercer to drop the other shoe on them.

Mindflayers: There is, presumably, still a colony of majorly pissed-off mindflayers lurking in the Underdark.

  • Potential threat level: 2/10.  Probably too far in the past to work into the story flow as it stands, but would be a terrifyingly massive problem if I’m wrong about that.

Kynan Leore: butcher’s son and VM fanboy sent off to train up and theoretically return one day to be mentored by Vax.  Vax was keeping an eye out at his father’s shop for a while, but then dragons attacked and he was understandably distracted.  Kynan hasn’t been mentioned since. 

  • Potential threat level: 2/10. Honestly only that high because I feel like writing him off as nothing is just tempting fate, and Matt will bring him back as Thordak’s right-hand man or some shit, IDK YOU GUYS I’VE GOT SOME TRUST ISSUES AT THIS POINT.

Rakshasa contract: clearly Hotis himself is … an issue for our heroes, but there’s something potentially ominous about the initial Slayer’s Take contract on him being taken out simply by “Anonymous”.

  • Potential threat level: 3/10. Pretty good odds of me just being paranoid.  Probably nothing, but could very easily tie into some later threat.

and hey, speaking of…

The Slayer’s Take: revealed last time VM visited that they had a contract out on a bronze dragon.  While there’s no way to know exactly what house rules Matt has in place regarding alignment, metallic dragons are canonically always good-aligned.  While a willingness to hunt good-aligned sentient creatures doesn’t necessarily mean they’re evil (probably), the Take is at the very least a neutral organization (which I assume we were all on the same page about anyway).

  • Potential threat level: 5/10.  Likely only to become an issue if VM makes it one and/or someone takes out a contract on one of them.  If it does become an issue, though, it will be a fucking huge one.

Timing of the Chroma Conclave’s attack: brought up at the time but then never discussed again.  The timing is unquestionably suspicious, with the attack hitting when the entire political-elite of Emon was not only in one place, but out in the open and vulnerable.

  • Potential threat level: 7/10.  Odds of a spy/traitor are astronomically high, and the fact that this possibility seems to have slipped pretty much everyone’s minds leaves them dangerously open to betrayal by trusting the wrong person.  Again.  Again again.

The Wishing Skull: Y’ALL THERE IS STILL AN EVIL FUCKING SKULL OUT THERE SOMEWHERE, LIKE, ?????  I’m 99.999% sure that Vex handed it off to Allura before she left with Drake, but after that we have no idea what happened to it, and outside of one pointed comment by Grog in the very next episode, no one’s brought it up again.

  • Potential threat level: 8/10.  It needs someone to break it first, but FUCKING HELL YOU GUYS, IT’S AN EVIL SKULL THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE THE POWER TO GRANT A WISH, if the wrong person gets their hands on that VM is totally boned.

Vex’s stalker: at some point pre-stream (I’m presuming this was a secret bit of Vax’s backstory, much like Vex’s story of how she got Trinket, so probably pre-pre-stream), someone paid The Clasp in Westrun to capture Vex and hand her over to them.  That person/group of people/who the fuck ever is presumably still out there somewhere, and quite likely still eager to get their hands on her should they learn she’s still at large.

  • Potential threat level: 10/10.  If Matt doesn’t bring this up eventually I will be … honestly, there won’t be words to convey the full magnitude of my surprise.  This is WAY too juicy a plot thread to do nothing with it.  This is absolutely going to come up at some point, and it’s going to be awful, and I am starting to preemptively curse his name right now.  No offense, Matt, you’re the fucking best at what you do, and I totally understand.  But seriously.


THERE’S SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO GOT FUCKING MAGICKED TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE VEX: As part of his deal to save his sister, Vax snatched a pedophile off the street who was then enchanted to look like Vex so that he could be sold to her stalker instead.

  • Potential threat level: 1 million/10.  Presuming that a) the magic was permanent, and b) this person is still alive, there is a fucking pedophile with Vex’s face out there somewhere, who has likely gone through a fair bit of trauma and is most likely desperate for revenge.  Maybe they’re dead already.  I so hope they’re dead already.  They’re probably not dead already.  If you were a DM, would you pass on the opportunity to make your players deal with a monster wearing the face of one of their own?  You know you wouldn’t.  Oh god we’re all so screwed.

I’ve rolled around in the mud for so long. Wash me clean and I don’t recognise myself. So, how about I just accept the mud and the tendency I have to find myself rolling in it.