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but what if Vax’s whole Fate Touched gig isn’t directly related to his own actions but rather how he holds his family together

seriously though i feel so bad for vex. i think she was starting to bond with kaylie a little bit - talking about absent fathers, saying ‘thank you’ when she left the room so vm could talk alone. she wasn’t involved in the pudding prank + she went through hell waiting alone in that inn for news. and then for scanlan to go after her like that, specifically the comment about ‘daddy issues’. poor girl. laura is such an amazing role-player. i think both she and her character were most hurt by what happened and i hope they both get a chance to work through that.


qisse hamari nazdeekyon ke
kam toh nahin hai…

(cr. Elvs)

Critical Rewatch, Ep 45 - Kimallura

God, every scene with Kima in it in this episode is just fraught with emotion. She thought she’d be going pr. much straight to Allura by going with Vox Machina to Whitestone, only to find out Allura’s gone on a mission without her to a city apparently overrun by a fucking dragon?!?

  • Matt in the opening: “….getting Kima on loan from -”
    • Me: ALLURA!
    • Matt: “-from the Temple of Bahamut”
    • Me:….seems fake, but ok.
  • The moment Kima realises Allura is not actually in Whitestone she freaks the fuck out, only agreeing to stay in town for a max of 24 hours after VM manages to talk her down a little. 
  • “There’s a dragon, Kima.” “So? I have a much bigger dragon backing me up.”
  • On Ally: “Oh, that prideful woman!”
  • Uggggghhhhh, and then she heads off on her own to spend the rest of that day drinking :( Not just because they’ve come out of a hectic fight in the last episode, but also because the world is falling down around her, she’s constantly reminded of what she and Ally went through all those years ago vs. Thordak, and now she needs to see Allura w/her own eyes, but Allura isn’t there.
  • Keyleth offers to check in on Allura via scry, Kima skulls her drink in like -5 seconds. 
  • Also, interesting point, at this time Kima had never met Gilmore?!? SHAME. FOR SHAME. Like, it makes sense, but you know they probs spent a fair amount of time together in Whitestone over the CC arc. It’s weird thinking that’s actually how they met.

we always talk about keith missing shiro during that year when shiro was captured by the galra but imagine shiro fighting through every day, trying to survive, so then he could have the chance of returning home and reuniting with keith. sometimes shiro doubts he’ll even make it and it hurts thinking that he might never see keith again (and there is not a day that goes by where he is not thinking about him)

anonymous asked:

VM are basically in the same position as DW were back in 2012/13 to 2013/14. Even the dynamic between VM/DW and VM/PC is the same except VM have switched roles to the winners lol. PC have said they tried something different this season (it is less audience friendly) - kinda like Carmen was - and that they plan to go back to their little niche for Olympics (like what VM did in 2014) - but VM couldn't fully recover after losing momentum in '13 and I don't think PC can either.

lmao HOW THE TURNTABLES HAVE TURNED. idt marie france will sabotage pc with a program thats’s as much of a dreck of seasons was tho. cuz she has like….morals and stuff u know

i kinda thought vm talking about changing their skating and completely rehauling their technique was just a pr line……but they got all lvl 4s here and no one else did so im buying it lol. esp cuz dostani was TOUGH on them in the past when they competed against dw


veronica mars + weevil

“You know, I always knew you had a thing for me but I never thought you wanted me for my brain.”

Percy’s Long Sighs

@CriticalMole asked: Is there a Percy “Big Sigh” count running anywhere?

Number of Percy’s Long Sighs: 94

Thanks to @BabbaForrest, @c_diercks, @ChrisVLinden, cyberwulf, Danupert, David and Sierra T., Dom W., @dutchcritter, Genny S., Greg V., i-encourage-peace, icecream-s-coops, @InvictusRob, @JacobSBrowning, @jeritchie3, jm4ny, @Ju_Draakje, Mel25200, @_miss_maria, @MysticalSpider, @mrsgoodreaver, @OmrJeuss, Rae M., Ro, Rosie-Lostbetweenthepages, Rowena Highlander, @sarabowdridge, @SaulOrmiston, @Silv3rsing3r, sonataofsilence, wallflowerwaitlist, wouldlike2rage, @ytoti_, zahra-hana, and other critters for their work compiling this list!

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Scanlan’s Magnificent Mansion

Anonymous asked: Scanlan’s mansion provides some of the funniest role play from the cast, as well as some of the best moments in the series. Could you list in which episodes Scanlan has cast his glorious mansion?

Scanlan’s house is a very, very, very fine house! It’s got all the chicken you could ever want (and then more chicken beyond that), a spa that can handle an explosion of raw sodium, a kitchen ripe for destroying, a deranged family photo hanging above the fireplace…who could ask for anything more?

Times the mansion has been used: 10

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Vox Machina Sense8 AU

after watching ep 35 with the Vax/Keyleth and the sun tree scene, and seeing everyone else trying so hard to not laugh, i think vox machina would be perfect sensates. 

sensates are emotionally and mentally bonded, kind of like telepathy. they can appear in each other’s minds as physical entities (can be touched by each other) but cannot be seen by people who aren’t sensates. 

Now imagine: 

-vax never being able to sneak up on someone in VM cos everyone knows whens hes going to surprise them

-everyone able to go see pike when she’s at the temple of saraerae (no need for scrying poop! but scanlan does it anyway)

-various people of VM going to check on percy by appearing mentally into his workshop to see if he’s alright. 

-everyone getting really strong sleeping drugs when scanlan or grog go to a brothel

-vex appearing before the others to mentally yell at them when they don’t hassle (how does she know they’re spending money? she just knows)

-everyone trying to keep really quiet when vax goes to talk to keyleth for a ~deep conversation~ (and fails)

-the members of VM without periods randomly bursting into tears when its that time of the month while the rest carry on as usual.

-being to able to give each other hugs even if they’re far away. 

-instantly knowing when one of them is having a bad day

-the slayer’s take trials being That Much Better because vex and vax can communicate and aren’t totally separated, and they can also relay info to each other

-all members of VM bursting out into tears when one of them is critically injured

-everyone being there in the arena with grog when The Rematch occurs

-everyone feeling the presence of saraenrae in their minds when pike talks to them

-a resounding ‘SCANLAN NO’ echoing through everyone’s minds when scanlan does something even remotely dubious (and a SCANLAN YES from grog)

-no one doubts that trees talk to keyleth

-grog might be in a frenzied rage but simultaneously never loses his nerve as can feel the calmness from pike and keyleth

-a wave of relief and surprise echoes through everyone as Percy sees his sister alive

-everyone being able to hear (and feel) vax’s conversations with gilmore (it’s weird). vm appearing before vax to egg him on, him yelling at them, gilmore being very very confused at vax yelling at nothing

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