vm talks

vax’s oldest is a kid he accidentally adopted at one point and honestly vax is the last person to realize he’s collected a kiddo

lindzar replied to your post “#DON’T GET ME STARTED ON PEOPLE SAYING CHIHIRO’S A TRANS GIRL i love you”

whispers trans!mute!abused!depressed!genderbent!trickster!dave sensually in your ear

but what about troll!poor!godtier!trans!mute!abused!depressed!genderbent!trickster!dave who hides his troubled past behind his cold shades and never smiles

Vox Machina Sense8 AU

after watching ep 35 with the Vax/Keyleth and the sun tree scene, and seeing everyone else trying so hard to not laugh, i think vox machina would be perfect sensates. 

sensates are emotionally and mentally bonded, kind of like telepathy. they can appear in each other’s minds as physical entities (can be touched by each other) but cannot be seen by people who aren’t sensates. 

Now imagine: 

-vax never being able to sneak up on someone in VM cos everyone knows whens hes going to surprise them

-everyone able to go see pike when she’s at the temple of saraerae (no need for scrying poop! but scanlan does it anyway)

-various people of VM going to check on percy by appearing mentally into his workshop to see if he’s alright. 

-everyone getting really strong sleeping drugs when scanlan or grog go to a brothel

-vex appearing before the others to mentally yell at them when they don’t hassle (how does she know they’re spending money? she just knows)

-everyone trying to keep really quiet when vax goes to talk to keyleth for a ~deep conversation~ (and fails)

-the members of VM without periods randomly bursting into tears when its that time of the month while the rest carry on as usual.

-being to able to give each other hugs even if they’re far away. 

-instantly knowing when one of them is having a bad day

-the slayer’s take trials being That Much Better because vex and vax can communicate and aren’t totally separated, and they can also relay info to each other

-all members of VM bursting out into tears when one of them is critically injured

-everyone being there in the arena with grog when The Rematch occurs

-everyone feeling the presence of saraenrae in their minds when pike talks to them

-a resounding ‘SCANLAN NO’ echoing through everyone’s minds when scanlan does something even remotely dubious (and a SCANLAN YES from grog)

-no one doubts that trees talk to keyleth

-grog might be in a frenzied rage but simultaneously never loses his nerve as can feel the calmness from pike and keyleth

-a wave of relief and surprise echoes through everyone as Percy sees his sister alive

-everyone being able to hear (and feel) vax’s conversations with gilmore (it’s weird). vm appearing before vax to egg him on, him yelling at them, gilmore being very very confused at vax yelling at nothing


It’s incredibly disrespectful to repost anyone else’s work without their permission, especially considering that the vast majority of Homestuck fanwork has originally been posted on Tumblr by its creators in the first place. In addition, there are many tools available to reverse search an image to find its original source. 

Artists have spoken out on Tumblr against others reposting their art because “they just didn’t have a source,” and many people have listened to their side of the issue. Please extend the same courtesy to cosplayers and photographers. Even if it’s just a silly gif of Dreamers dancing in an elevator, people have put time and effort into producing that content.