Fourth time attending, but this is only because I am 24 and was too broke to sneak in with a fake ID before turning 21. Got room and event ticket, have started Viva diet and training for my next half-marathon, but I still need 7 outfits and a new pair of wedges. Far from ready! Rest assured I will be altering a few garments hours before my flight. Haha! Watch out Viva, the Whistlebaits are a-comin’! Little Richard! Little Richard! Little Richard!


UPDATE! (but I know you don't care.)
  • In two weeks I’ll leave for Vegas. We’ll be staying there the whole week. Eeee!
  • I got my suit for the Viva Las Vegas Pool Party! It is so AMAZING! I can’t stop staring at myself in the mirror.
  • I got more clients. Sailor Charlie Photography is slowing coming up. Woot woot!
  • I started a volunteer position for the Superior Court. Yay for cute vintage inspired business clothes. Boo for 30hr/wk with no pay!
  • I have a buttload of photos of my vintage inspired Disneybound outfits, but my memory card reader broke. So I can’t upload them. :(