Where do I begin??

We met in 8th grade because of a simple compliment on your fosters imaginary friends’ bag and our love-ationship began from there…

From The Vivianas, to the Joni, to Ninny, to Greta drama, to ant, to sexy men you meet over vacation, to delusional sleepovers, to changing styles, to changing HAIR styles and your many colors (all which look fantabulous btw you should model so yeah), to weirdo pool pictures, to harry potter tattoos and movies, to falling asleep in Moulin rough, and weirdo lingerie planning for a lady marmalade video?? (that sounds horrifying now that I write it), to photo shoots in your room as the Vivianas and much more, to One in the Same videos along with NO CHANCE NO WAY I WONT SAY IM IN LOVE, then  you changed your hair again and then we met some people together and had some experiences which have taught us A LOT… we kind of even lost touch at that point and were friends from afarLand thank god we are smart and will never make the same mistakes again, no more Hispanic men? Done? Done.…. AAAAANYWEISSSSS  then our love rekindled after a mini break and we became tighter than ever with weirdo jokes and new boyfriends/ boy dramas, and bad decisions (mostly on my part :S) and then finally graduation and college separation anxiety L you don’t know how badly I wish we were at the same college but maybe it’s supposed to be this way so we keep in touch constantly and prove that we are BFF 5 EVAAA. And then of course came another one of my stupid obsessions and my infiltration of your mind and now we sit in the same situation… far away and in love with people don’t know we exist and yet WE LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT. Brother Lady you are the only person that I’ve ever felt so similar to and can have an amazing and loud-laughing hilarious time EVERY FUCKING TIME we meet up. You are literally my LOUIS to my ZAYN, my BLUE to my CHEESE, my SELENA to my DEMI (let’s leave out the part that they don’t talk anymore?) AND EVERY OTHER COMPARISION WE HAVE, basically we are BEST FUCKING FRIENDS. You are me, I am you, and yet not because we complete each other LOL YIN AND YANG BABY. This 20 birthday even though I’m not with you I feel closer to you than EVER! You are an amazing hilarious nice friendly and beautiful person and I hope you never forget that no matter if we lose touch, if you’re having a bad day, if we have no men or a surplus of them, if we are on opposite sides of the hemisphere, I FUCKING LOVE YOU YOU SHOWER OF CUNTS OI OI I WISH I COULD DO IT AS WELL AS YOU. SO I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER, WITH THE BEST PEOPLE SURROUNDING YOU, THAT YOU GET LOTS OF PRESENTS AND CAKE AND PUPPIES AND RAINBOWS AND SWEETS AND ALL THAT STUFF YOU LOVE, ESPECIALLY LOUIS.  So have a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and that all your dreams come true and I cant wait to get home and give you all your Europe presents!! And we shall celebrate your birthday when I get back!! I LOVE YOU BROTHER LADY!! Now here are some Louis / zouis gifs just for you <3


 us through the years <3

 savage hugs

remember that handshake we made in your office instead of writing that english paper?

i dont even know its just cute

this is what we look like when we talk… ATTRACTIVE

you are fucking adorable.

and so is your boyfriend. BOOM.

summary of our sexy friendship. except we are missing weird video footage.

oh wait here it is.

when we laugh <3


happy:) birthday :) to :) the :) coolest :) best :) fwend :) evar