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“JJ- ahhhh I wuv you simon
Simon- hahaha I love you too bro
Vikk to josh *whispers*- He just got friendzoned
JJ- *looks up* Come on Simon were leaving *takes Simons hand*
Simon- HAHAH what the f*ck is happening hahaha *Get’s dragged away*”

Reasons to Love AmazingPhil

#136: “If you are currently sad, don’t worry as things are more likely to get better than worse! School doesn’t last forever and circumstances can change in an incredible way over the course of a year. Don’t trust squirrels. Drink lots of water. Ask lots of questions. Keep good friends close.”

Women. Don’t. Like. It. So. Don’t. Fucking. Do. It. If you’re trying to get a woman’s attention, do something they actually like. I don’t see how you haven’t figured that out???
—  GoingCoen talking about cat calling, 2014
If everybody speaks out against it and uses positive peer pressure
to say, ‘that’s just not acceptable’, it will help. And you’re already doing it. I think you have better advice than everybody.
Because you experienced it, and you felt it.
—  barackobama, to Bethany Mota on cyberbullying #YoutubeAsksObama
These awards… it’s not really me and Phil that won it because we didn’t do anything. You literally won it by voting, so whilst me and Phil get to keep this giant green circle … you won it by voting. So any of you  who did that, just feel free to put that in your bio: Winner of the Best Vlogger Teen Award - ‘cause let’s be real. You did, didn’t you?

@danisnotonfire during his live show on 25th of October 2016

Quotes from Dan (9/?)

Vikk in his head- OMG I’M GOING TO GET THE BALL
The ball- bitch you thought hehe
Vikk- …….
The ball goes in the goal- Boi
Vikk- I-I, f you
Simon- Vikk are you legit talking to the ball?
*Vikk starts cheering*- SORRY I CAN’T HEAR YOU! *Kicks ball off pitch*